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Well. When it comes to Redemption Season, I guess…
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The Jury is still out.


Question how can we romance (if at all) Crystalline?



I think you can try to start a romance in this book, but you get interrupted. :thinking: Maybe in the next book? I was under the impression she was one of the ROs. I know Transfer, Miss Boss, Griffin, and Weaver were at least. I also got some vibes that StarSoar might be an RO in the next? I’m kinda hoping, at least. I liked Griffin, but his stunt near the end still makes me want to smack him. :joy:


The only romances in this game are those 4 you listed.

Crystalline only has eyes fit her boyfriend Ignite. She might be an option in the next game.


Then explain why it says she is one on the Heroes rise Section on tv tropes


Someone made a mistake or was overzealous. TV Tropes is a wiki, full of user created and often incorrect information. It is not an official place for character information.


Understood then it was a moot question


I played the game after the trilogy was finished, so I was fine with this because I knew I’d get to continue my story. That being said, I kind of like how Prodigal was a little puppet master in the beginning; it added a sense of panic, like Prodigal was actually a force to be reckoned with. She was always one step ahead of me, and that made me genuinely “hate” her and want to take her down. It also piqued my interest, and it was kind of the reason as to why I kept playing the trilogy.

I can agree partly on this. You definitely HAVE to hate Prodigal in the first game, and unless you played it before, I highly doubt you like her much anyways. Everything you do with Jury seems to be just to spite his father. The only thing I disagree on in the Black Magic part; once I found out about her secret, I was given the choice to be disgusted or to be nonchalant. I felt like I was allowed to have my own opinion on her just fine.

What do you mean you didn’t see the point to the story? Tbh, the social issues part kinda flew over my head through my first playthrough, up until near the end of the Hero Project. Then it kinda slowly seeped into my mind, but I didn’t actually become aware of it until I read about it on here.

Another hundred run-throughs you mean. Tin Star isn’t really something you can just go through once at a time.


Also I don’t like Versus 2 as much as Versus 1. I really feel like 2 strayed from what 1 was built on. In the first Versus, I was less concerned about politics and more concerned about getting back home to my family (I was trying to be very family oriented). I don’t remember the choices too well, but I’m pretty sure Versus 2 forces you to get into politics. You can remain neutral the whole time, but I think everyone just ends up hating you then.


You know I’m thinking about writing a fanfiction story about my two character and an AU version of redemption season. Mainly because I’m planning on putting my infini hero into the veterans part of the hero project and rotate every chapter. At least that is my plan. Speaking off which is there any way for your infini hero to participate in the hero project redemption season at all? I’m just now gonna start on that story though. If you want to see it when it’s up you can look on fanfiction.net under Sheaon13.


I’m pretty sure that your old MC can be a guest judge in further games, mine joined the Millennial Group and it said that so idk.


This is an official game. You wont see any links until it is ready for final beta testing which is usually close to the release date. Have a look a the COG release list. If there is an ETA it will be there. If not you’ll have to hang out until the author knows themselves.


I think this game is a lot more enjoyable if you haven’t played the OT. I mean at least it was in my case. I loved this game and I didn’t really feel forced into anything. I guess I’m just a perfect fit for this MC lol. Because I didn’t know any information about the OT I guess I didn’t really expect or think about why this guy didn’t know anything either. Of course I think if you input a later save then the MC should know more information, so people who have read the OT aren’t so… negatively impacted by it.


Same, I just wanted to know if there was an alternate route I could take to do that


Finished the 1st run not long ago. Thought I should post. (I probably shouldn’t, but whatever).
I don’t quite get why so many players have such low opinion on “Redemption season”. It was unexpectedly (after all the negative reviews that I’ve seen) good.
Maybe I’m just still sore from replaying “The Hero Project”, with all the constant strain to stay on show and BM’s unreasonable behavior, the obvious favoritism towards the Populars and Jury, the conspiracy, the negativity my character kept receiving despite all his hard (and good) work, and thinly veiled threats, and unfairness of the final part of the game and how it all went to hell in the end…
What I liked about “the Redemption” is that… it was just a show. There was no secret agenda (within it, at least, not that I know of), no underhanded dealings and attemps to discredit the MC, like in the original “Project”. It somehow felt more… honest, maybe?
OK, maybe the story is not all that extraordinary, but I certainly enjoyed it more. I liked the sister, I liked the new characters and the way the returning heroes were portrayed, I liked the MC’s personality. I liked the plot twist. I loved the MeChip personality. It’s all in all a very likeable game. I only wish it was longer.
What I didn’t like about it was:

[spoiler]- the MC’s power set (’‘blessed with suck’’ is not exactly my kind of hero type at best of times, but this game takes it up to eleven in a rather uncomfortable way). I’m currently hoping that the MC will find a way to improve their condition at some point in the story. Because that’s what it feels like - a condition. :confused:

  • the way Transfer and Griffin felt as if they are new Lucky (everyone who matters loves them, and if you don’t stick with them, your own friends and family are pissed at you) and Black Magic (whom everyone except their little clique dislikes). They are not exact replicas, of course, and the cliques this time were much smaller, but I had pretty strong deja vu going on.
  • the fact that not supporting Transfer is punishable by the game making sure that you’ll definitely feel like a major jerk after the vote. Want to keep Griffin on the show? Well, here, have a drop in relationship with your handler and your sister, as well as Transfer’s friend, whom you hoped to befriend too, not to mention the poor guy you can vote for instead of Griffin, you rotten bastard!
  • and why is that? Why is your sister, of all people, pissed at you, exactly? Because Transfer is supposed to be a representation figure for certain types of powereds, just like you. They have much in common with you, so you are supposed to like them and support them. Whether you like them or not. No matter that the guy you’ll have to vote for in order to keep Transfer has done nothing bad to you. Great logic. Then again, the author always had a unique way of justifying seemingly ridiculous decisions (“blackmailing Fistfull and Monk as a soloist” decision, I’m looking at you!)…
    Also, getting rid of Griffin means that my character would only have Weaver left to romance. Who is not exactly the type I usually go for.[/spoiler]

Edit: The “summary” tag is not hiding anything for me, any idea why?


Well Weaver and your sister’s relationship stats drop since Weaver is Transfer’s handler too, and JK is obsessed with having the MC be all pro-change, so of course she isn’t going to like that. If you vote off Transfer, JK is probably thinking "Wow, now there is even less underrepresented power sets on this popular TV show."
I agree with you though on a lot of things. I really didn’t want to be stuck with just Weaver, so I picked Transfer pretty quickly.


That’s my problem with Transfer - the blatant favoritism the author shows them by making sure that refusing to vote Griffin off would be percieved as a bad decision. Weaver and JK are “your” people, the important people, and their interests (as well as interests of all underrepresented powereds, and, by association, MC’s) should take priority, so Transfer and Griffin do not feel as if they are equal.
Even people who supposedly support Griffin don’t look like they care. Tarsiero is on his own wave, floating, Miss Boss is keeping a low profile, secretly cringing at Griffin’s antics, and he is just looking out for himself. Nobody actually cares about him, and, to top it off, neither MB nor Tarsiero are written as appealing to the MC (except probably in a sexual way when it comes to MB, but even so), so the MC has no interest in keeping Griffin in order to please them, too.
Whereas Transfer has Crystalline, Weaver, JK (and the author, who almost always describes them in a favourable way), on their side.
I guess I just wish these 2 were more interchangeable.


A lot of people didn’t like this because of the same reasons a lot of people stopped buying Marvel comics. It stopped being a story about heroes with social issues being on the background and became a story about social issues with being a hero on the background.
Not only that, but if you go against the author’s agenda, you are heavily punished.
Did you vote for Transfer? Everyone hates you.
Don’t you are with the author’s agenda? Miss Boss dies.
You didn’t romance the minority representatives? Griffin hates you by the end and Miss Boss is either dead or in coma.


What do you have to do to keep Miss Boss from dying? I didn’t even know you could “save” her until I read about it on here.