Hero Project: Redemption Season News and Discussion


I thought it’s Bright Magic not White Magic…as a way to keep the acronym the same and all…


It’s Bright Magic, actually.
The babe changing is a way to show she is in a new path, to become a better person and heroine.
I liked it because it shows that her character still growing, even after the end of the trilogy, and it’s a decision she made for herself without any player input.


Oh… I think my mind tried to cope by changing it to White. The trauma of the name change was too much. :joy: Bright Magic is somehow worse to me. :mask:

I suppose I’m just a sucker for folks trying to reclaim their names rather than ditch them. Isn’t Jury also going under a new name? It’s been a while since I played and I haven’t really felt much incentive to replay it. :sweat_smile:


I’m not super found of the name Bright Magic either. Like, props to BM for wanting to be a better person and move past everything but Black Magic is just a way cooler name IMO.

Jury’s new name is cool tho. Verdict. That’s pretty bad-ass.


Yes, Verdict is the new name if I remember right.

Aw…ninja’d by @Mewsly

Just think about all the stupid jokes you can now make considering how bright BM is… or not is, depending on your sense of humor. All the bad puns…


If no one makes a “Jury has reached his Verdict” kind of joke in game I will be very disappointed. I want Pheonix Wright levels of bad legal puns here.

There is no such thing as too many bad puns.


…yeah and should we get indeed the option to control our old MC, I want them to deliver at least some of those puns… (No even better, everybody and their mom makes puns about the new names)

Now I made myself sad again :cry:


Speaking of our old MC, why the writer made out new MC so bad? Not only that, he keeps mentioning our old MC and I cannot not compare the two of them.

By the end of HeroFall, my old MC just got everything he ever wanted.
He became a rich hero, the first official Millennia City Hero of Tomorrow Resident Protector, worthy of his parent Legacy and reached 100 Legend.
He got his family back and the love of the woman he always dreamed.
And he became so powerful that he could destroy a warship and arrest the Meek leaders.

Now the new MC has lame powers, his romance with Miss Boss is over, and it had only started, because she is in a coma, his only family member is a insufferable and ungrateful brat, and his only option is to join a group that I hate because they were my enemies in the OT.


But where would you go with the old MC now? They’ve already got everything.


But those 2 games are very different Mara, the Heroes Rise was always about raising awareness of the minorities. The original trilogy was discreet (or at least tried to be) about it.
This new series (and it preachiness) is what the author wanted to write (he confirmed it on Twitter), and if his twitts are any indication of the preachiness of the sequels, I’m sure it will not be toned down

Versus is all about diversity, that is why it has a vast array of characters and sexuality. It is very focused on the characters, not on the social issues like the Heroes Rise series.


That’s really why they broke up. The whole “oh, MC was too busy and it made Jury sad” thing was a ruse for the press. MC just wouldn’t stop making puns about his new name and he got mad.


Honestly with that explanation I even could live happily.


But I don’t want to. The new protagonist is so bad, that the only thing that I want to know about this hand is what happening with my previous MC and his friend/family, because I still cares care about them and don’t give a s*** about those new characters.


Welp! From reading your and @poison_mara 's posts I’m glad I ddin’t take the plunge on this one. From now on I’ll let @ParrotWatcher set the standards of what I should expect from a good, interactive fiction, super-hero (or villain) game.
I was considering getting this one just now, but I think I’ll do another run of Totem Force and his other’s project’s limited demo to tide me over now instead.



The game advertising is ALL ABOUT BEING A SUPER HERO AND HAVE POWERS. Not about Social advocacy and BRUNTLY PROPAGANDA. I have no problem with sledgehammer advocacy If is selling me as what it is PREACHING PROPAGANDA. not selling it as a hero game.

I love the Versus diversity and Prince and All the diverse casting and that. It makes me think about those issues. It has help me to open my eyes. this games as making me hate everything and everyone and I END SLEEPING IN THE DAMN FIRST PLAYTHROUGH IN ONE OF THOSE BAD DESIGNED SOCIAL SCENES MOST ARE BUNTLY STEREOTYPES. Like Lira any SEXY MIDDLE-AGED BUSINESS GIRL HAS TO ROMANCE A YOUNGSTER TO BE DESIRABLE AND COOL. AND LIKE HE HAS TO BE HIS INFERIOR. Because no men of his level would want to romance a independent middle-aged women. WE ARE IN XXI not 1960.


If you don’t mind me giving you a suggestion, I think you would like the Versus 2 (I don’t know if you already played it it not).

Versus 2 is one of the best game CoG released. It has everything a good CoG game should have.

  • The MC is very customizable, there are several choices to define the MC. I doubt anyone have a MC exactly like mine, you can tailor him to be exactly how you want.
    Do you want to be a backstabber who only think of yourself? It is possible
    Do you want to be a caring person who wants to help your fellow versians? It is possible.
    Do you want to be completely neutral? It’s possible.

  • There are several minor branches and one big branch, the game has a lot of replay value.

  • The cast is diverse with well fleshed characters. The romance is good too, I think it’s impossible to not find someone. And I think you would like both Lockdown and lieutenant Gadget.


Please tell me I’m not the only one who finds the Lira Jury thing uncomfortable. Like, yeah, its consensual and blah blah blah but I can’t help but feel just… grossed out. The way she talks and thinks about him and everyone else talks about it.

And just… okay. Maybe he’s using her to try and him (and by extension the rest of the American Protectorate) out of the shadows but isn’t that her job? Like, the Hero’s Project purpose is to make the American Protectorate work. She’s using him for sex and he’s doing it so she does her job. I don’t see GG trying to get any sexual favors from anyone. Even Rexford didn’t do that.


I’ve already got that one, I currently have an Oli focused playthrough and indeed a Gadget one and I’m debating making an Airon one. But thanks for your suggestion, I was kind of in a superhero mood tho, fortunately, like I said, I’ve got other options, even if they’re not fully complete or released yet.


Exactly I felt deeply ANGER with this in my playthrough and I said here before.

SO MUCH FOR SOCIALPROPAGANDA. And What is happening is trying to sell us The Cougar bullshit machismo. Middle-aged women with big responsibility needs A men to determine their own life. Because a woman cant be successful within a male. So like no proper male would go with a more powerful women well she has to BUY a youngster that is under her in the job and almost Blackmail him and menacing with lost place in her group. To felt she is powerful.
MACHISMO and even worse is a copy of the 90s film Where Demi Moore use her power to rape Michael Douglas. Is nasty and totally against THE DAMN AVOCACY


What irked me the most, aside from the breakup being narrated by Lyra, was that we didn’t get the kind of quality of interactions that she did with Jury. I think he gets her coffee and hugs her from behind, she can ruffle his hair and they actually have frickin’ a conversation with each other. We get to (forcibly) kiss him, he winks at you… I guess that counts, a “Haha, fuck you dad” kiss and then you invite him to the family dinner. Basically. I think he slaps your leg before y’all get funky at the end too. Romance isn’t dead, guys. That’s what we got throughout a span of three games and that’s what Lyra got on a couple pages. I think I’d feel less of the need to whine if we had a conversation about the MC and him in the hospital and/or in the epilogue, at the very least.

The Jury “romance” is such a hot mess I’m not even sure what could help it. Bleach? I will give Mr. Sergei that the Jury path is probably a semi accurate representation of what happens if you hate someone for years, suddenly force them to make out with you and then invite them to fondue night with the folks. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect (or even want because it would make no sense) a schmoopy ending with him (…yet.) I chose the sleazy jerk for a reason and I understand Sergei probably wasn’t prepared for some of us to actually like him. I’m also totally onboard with him getting character development, god does he ever need it. @HomingPidgeon gave the perfect description of Jury by the way, a throwaway antagonist. The only reason I like him so much is that I made him into more than he was ever supposed to be.

I don’t blame Lyra either. I don’t care that she’s a bit sleazy too (I found that pro/con thing cringy though) but I also don’t give a shit about her at all. I don’t remember the majority of characters in Redemption or what even really happened, the only thing I remember enjoying about the game was getting to yell at JK at the end. A sweet release after choosing the “wrong” path by caring about the MC’s family. I still can’t believe saving Miss Boss was based on your activism status.

Anyway, the only way I could potentially be kind of slightly satisfied maybe (I’m petulant, okay) is if we get the old MC’s perspective for a bit, not so much it undermines the new MC’s story, but enough time that we get real, meaningful interaction(s) with Verdict. Don’t ask me how that would fit in the new story, I have no clue. That all being said, I have zero faith but being the weak man I am, I’ll pick up the next installment just to see this damn Jury thing through.

I still need to vent, apparently. I don’t know if I’ve been this salty about a game since ME3, lol.

@Mewsly I didn’t know about the YouPower story. Thanks for tempting the masochist in me! …Yay.