Hero Project: Redemption Season News and Discussion


Just that in my case MC wasn’t even Jenny’s friend anymore. So that the narrative focused on what Jenny might would think about it was pretty much unnecessary.


Prodigal killed a lot of people is a terrorist that could have been killed millions in the Fringe because the wave. And randsom Jen too. However It’s almost no damn problem from Jen romance The equivalent of Ben Laden.

Her reaction is over the top most if we aren’t friends anymore.


Yeah it makes sense, but the fact that she doesn’t get mad about Prodigal makes it seem more like Jenny just has a bias. Prodigal did way worse things both in general and directly to Jenny.

It just doesn’t seem fair that romancing Jury leads to that, and a legend lost… and then you can’t even stay with him.

Huh. For some reason I was under the impression that your relationship with Jenny was one of the factors that determined if she died or not. I always have crazy high relationship with her (like 97-98) and I think you lose about 20-25 relationship with her? It would’ve been nice to be able to get some of that back at least.


Yeah it does determine it, as far as I know. A character that selled Jeny out in Hero Project and didn’t reconcile the friendship with her certainly would get her killed (she still gets a extra mention of guilt tripping when Jury gets romanced), but playing a character that didn’t sell her out because of principles can’t get her relationship low enough to get her killed (as long as they act to save her), even when taking all the other mean options possible in the first two games (what are a whooping number of three oppertunities when we count MC not voting for the underdogs too - oh wait no you also can lose relationship with her when not helping her with her investigation totally forget that one, but yeah my MC helped out because of principles not because of Jenny). So you can end up with MC basically ending the friendship (no that’s wrong, Jenny is the character that actually decides that it’s the end of the friendship, not MC, because MC has control over atoms and molecules but not their life or relationships) and still have her bitch at you for making your own decisions, what is funny considering the only way to bitterly end the friendship is telling her what a horrible control freak (at least when it comes to MC) she is.

So yeah I still got this disconnected whining about how my MC could do this to Jenny, because I’m obviously not supposed to like Jury. Especially not when Jenny disapproves. Like MC can rarely do anything that Jenny disapproves of (at least not without the game reacting like you should feel terrible because of it). :rolling_eyes:


This game was so bad, that most people don’t even care about its plot and characters, they want the sequel to know what happens with their previous MC and the OT characters.


Well I have hope for next part because Versus 2 was fantastic except the veruna forced romance . What we should do is beta testing the next part trying to make the propaganda less BOOM IN YOUR FACE . And less railroad. You aren’t Propaganda enough everything dies and insult you in first game.

I was advertised like a HERO game Not PROPAGANDA game. I think Versus do a way way better job in including Everyone. Like the Prince they is the most cool nb I ever seen and is not preaching. Many people create a Nb for first time just for romance them.


I honestly wouldn’t even call it propaganda, that those topics get (in a respectful way) incorporated in the story is not the problem, but this tendency to punish readers onesited for certain choices.

That’s not how people will start to think differently/care about the topics. Why even give a choice then? Why not writing a static novel instead if there is an obviously “right” path? That’s my main problem. If an author wants me to take certain actions they should write it so that I feel conflicted by the choice and its consequences itself and not by the narrative berating me for choosing the “wrong” path.

Also more interactions with the NPCs so I care at least a little bit about them. This game was since a long time one of those games in which I felt absolutely not motivated play even one of the romance paths. (Okay that’s a little bit harsh, I care enough to give the next part at least a try.)


I call Propaganda What is the original Spanish meaning of Trying hard sell something without care to be logical or fair. Is hardcore preach an ideal even over the reality.

I share author vision of inclusivity. But THIS IS A GAME OF CHOICE…there is not choice. Even if you forget all the previous punishment and go totally Private care of you and sister… Games FORCES you to become a preaching ADVERTISING PC even if you don’t want to.

The miss boss Is bullshit. HOW COULD YOUR PREACHING propaganda LEVEL DETERMINE IF SHE LIVES OF DIE? IT HAS NO SENSE. You did exactly same with same powers However, magically Universe decide no you weren’t enough socialist The girl you trying to save dies …


I honestly had though that she would die no matter what you did when I first played, I was surprised to learn otherwise! Which stat is it that determines if she lives or not? I had assumed it was your relationship with her which would’ve made more sense to me

And, honestly, I wouldn’t call it BAD it’s just not as interesting. Yet. I’m sure the sequels would be better, this first game is just the dirt to make a good story grow. Of course the dirt is not going to be as interesting as the fully grown plant that is the orginal trilogy. The players not as invested in it yet.

This game probably isn’t really meant to stand alone like it has to for now.

Edit: though, thinking about it you could argue that is a problem. Even one single part of a series should be able to stand up for itself.


No is your Social stat over 80 she lives under She dies. It doesn’t matter your relationship or anything else. Only Your Preaching level.


Huh. Well, I guess that could make some sense in game? Maybe it’s meant to be if your social isn’t high enough you’re not really trying your hardest to save her because in the back of your mind you’re still more worried about JK? Maybe?


I WAS ROMANCING HER!!! lol Being a private person for my sister and my Gf who is she I think make me capable of save her… No sorry you didn’t vote for Obama your Gf dies.


Oh, well, yeah then that is pretty ridiculous. The game probably should’ve used both those factors, at least.


It’s the societal stat which was opposed to the personal stat and basically measures how invested MC is in their pursued for activism in contrast to their prioritising of JK. So no, it didn’t make any sense to begin with.


Social activism came with Special control our powers. This could have handled like way subtly than that. If he wants a player Social activist make her broke with me You aren’t an activist so I won’t romance you. Not Well your advocacy is below 80% so your power negates you save your gf you were so involved with.


The first Hero Rise game could stand on its own.
This game is bad, IMO. There are several mistakes, not only the preaching and the punishment for not agreeing with the author.


I’m interested in Black Magic’s fate.


Don’t forget their rebranding… :smirk: It’s no longer Black Magic.


My one main beef with the game is Black Magic (potentially) becoming WhiteBright Magic. :confused: Why couldn’t he stay as Black Magic and redeem the old name instead of making a new one? I shake my head at that. It also doesn’t roll off the tongue as well, and I kinda hate it. Kinda.


And that is the problem. I don’t care about what the actual plot out characters of this new game, I was not interested in knowing what happened with my previous MC and Black Magic.
The best part of the have, to me, was discovering they became engaged and Black Magic became a heroine again.