Hero Project: Redemption Season News and Discussion


@Moondragon007 Maybe try uninstalling then reinstall it. Sounds like a bug, you shouldn't be getting kicked out of the story there.


Um...what? I'm pretty sure that's referring to the end of the game... O_o


I thought it was referring to the time Lola changes the deal and you have to get into the finalists? If it's where she does the ghost impersonation and tells you to win that would be the end. Not sure you may be right :slight_smile:


she dont tell you to actually win until the end of the game, the tasks you are set to do for your sister mentions nothing about winning THP, only to get to points in the competition


That's my whole point. There's still a bunch of story left - your char has to win the competition, the Voiceless have to be dealt with one way or another; and then there's Loa's prophesy. So why end the game there?


Because it's part 1 of a trilogy (I think trilogy, at least). It's not supposed to be the whole story on its own.

Think of it as the first part of The Lord of the Rings. Nothing got resolved in the first book/movie - they had to wait until the end.


as @OtherGrimm said it is part of a trilogy, the trilogy will focus on the Hero Project for the most part like the original Trilogy focused on the MC and their growth with Infini powers


I know this was supposed to be the start of a trilogy (or our seriesd of some length) but I have to agree with what some others have said it didn't feel finished.

I thought it was a very different, and at times interesting game, but to me each book of a trilogy (especially) the first one should stand on it's own a bit more than this one (and the first book of Versus) did.


I, as a player, always sided with Transfer and their alliance, and I did thought Griffin as a WASP asshat who doesn't know that not everyone is like him. I voted him out because he was someone who I would have disliked.


It would suck if the power sets weren't the thing MC needed to use every single time. Plus my favorite Teen Titans/ Young Justice character is Beast Boy. I came this close to adopting the code name of Beast Boy and the first name of Garfield. LOL


I have to ask, what who you vote have to do on what I wrote? It was a discussion about Miss Boss romance and how your vote affect it.

I, as a playerdon't, care about either Griffin or Transfer. I only voted on Transfer because MB asked me to do it and I don't want or need to keep reading how wrong I was on voting on the non-binary LGBT Disembodied Powered, who I should have totally bonded with and it's my fault that I felt nothing for him and because of that I should be punished.


I am in love with this game and already waiting for the next installment. oh my god we have to wait a year. but dammit son I want more. (hopefully versus second installment will come this year so I will have something to occupy myself). and null my love, so happy to see her again and she also appear to give my mc enlightenment.throw roses everywhere

also I voted griffin out because he just never. stop. monologuing! oh my god shut up. if this is actual reality show my mc will say this in confession camera.

also i hope you dont mind i put this here >.<


Emma? From Zombie Exodus? Where the MC could be the most malicious character in the cathedral yet still retain a soft spot for their sister (Emma)?


I still can't make myself play this a second time... Not even for Chicken.


agree tho, the animal power is exactly what makes this story work. and it's fascinating for me because I never thought of a power like this before. more of a curse then an advantage. the way that mc (depend on how u play it) still manage to help their friends and the other ani-gank despite all the disadvantage they have to face is what makes the story truly heroic for me.
I wouldn't want it to be the typical heroes story. I hope ZG didnt change the tune of the next installment.


I thought Transfer was non-binary? Personally, Miss Boss is one of my favourites simply because I live for the drama. Transfer comes at a close second.


Whatever gender type you pick for your MC to typically go for becomes Weaver's gender. I picked to like non-binaries and so Weaver was a non-binary.


Hey does anyone know what you need to do to get the "embracing the new you" achievement? I assume it's connected to loving yourself and your powers and have been choosing answers based on that, but I'm not having any luck getting the achievement.


I could not agree more. The first two or three chapters were interesting then it went from fun and exciting hero story to a dull slog through real world issues. The last series had a lot of LGBT issues in it but it wasn't literally every single page. I felt it was done tastefully before. My MC really had no particular interest in the betterment of his society. His only goal was to save his sister but halfway through the game the options to act like you're only there for her vanish and are replaced with one's all about bettering the lives of this discriminated minority. Not sure about the rest of you but when I was playing I was hoping for a super hero game, instead I got a social awareness game with a super hero backdrop.

Also why is it that when you find dead criminals that the MC has to be horrified? Maybe I just have a broken moral compass but I wasn't very concerned about them. My brother brought up an interesting point, maybe Batman is the one who wrote the hero rule book.


I'm sorry but I am still so mad about MC and Jury breaking up. I literally just played all the Heroes Rise games over the past week or so and I finished Redemption Season last night.

I played through the original trilogy three times, the first one was just to get a feel for the game and I stopped after the second game, then I replayed with another character of mine and stayed with Black Magic... Then I found out I could get into a relationship with Jury and, let me tell you, I could not replay it again fast enough.

So I was really invested in the MC and Jury romance, probably more than I should be, but I really love them together.

And then Redemption Season comes along and I just can't get into it. I don't really feel connected to my character like I did with any of the characters I made before. I didn't even really feel anything for the other characters besides StarSoar and JK.

I didn't even really try to romance anyone which is normally one of my favorite parts of these games, but thats besides the point.

I get to the part with Lyra and it made me so mad. At first I was like "what the hell, is he cheating on my character" and then its like "we broke up? When? What did I do wrong?" Like, if Jury getting with Lyra is so important why let me romance Jury at all?