Hero Project: Redemption Season News and Discussion


Yeah… I don’t think the Jury break up was handled all too well. It strikes an incredibly similar chord to when Jacob from Mass Effect 2 decides to dump your character and go start a family with some random woman in the next installment seemingly out of nowhere. It’s a low blow, and I honestly have no idea how Zach intends to remedy the situation.

From what I’d gathered, he intends to allow for Jury and the original MC to get back together and that the whole purpose of the break up was to allow for Jury to have some character development… I don’t see how breaking up was the way to go about it, but it is what is at this point in development. What I’m curious about is how on earth getting back together with the MC from the original trilogy will even be possible. It’s not exactly a choice that can be presented to the new protagonist, and I myself would be mad if my MC just welcomes him in his arms just like that when he comes crawling back.

It’s quite a predicament.


My problem with that scene with Lira is triple. Not only what you saying about the romance and that. This game is about triumph against DISCRIMINATION . However, the scene is pure DISCRIMINATION AND DOUBLE STANDARDS. I like a woman felt mistreated for the scene. Lira is pointed like If you want to be a powerful woman, middle-aged you have to bang your youngster employee, not only that, she treats him like a bargain chip or a thing to possess . All this pro or cons or how she were thinking of him, it is gross and terrible. You don’t need banging a man or whoever to be successful or strong. The strength is in yourself…

And poor Jury is treated as a stupid baby who even can’t have a proper opinion or feelings. It’s treated as a man object . In a supposed game against Discrimination .
If they were in a healthy romance were you see love, I could understand well they falling in love it is ok. Not when Lira is treating him as a convenience object in bed.


So Lira is what Jury was in the first two Heroes Rise games? Seems appropriate.


Yeah, I actually kinda liked Lira at first. Seeing her interacting with Weaver, standing up to GG, and trying to right the wrongs from the original Hero Project and all that. She even seems to still want to do the right thing in the end but… Man… The whole Jury thing really sours her character for me.

Didn’t the first game call out Madam Vice for doing something similar to Black Magic? The part where she made them dance all sexy for her and it showed just how badly that impacted them. Hows is okay for Lira to pray on her younger employee but what Madam Vice did not okay?

After all, if memory serves, wasn’t Black Magic working for her at the time? I think I remember them mentioning that when I romanced them and they told me their backstory, but I could be misremembering.


It comes down to consent. Jury’s capable of giving his consent and does so. Is it sleazy? Yup, but he’s consenting to it.

If you romance Black Magic, it’s pretty clear that their participation was entirely non-consensual. Don’t forget Madame Vice’s powers are essentially mind control. Black Magic is, for all intents and purposes, a survivor of abuse. The exact extent of it isn’t revealed to us because BM is unwilling to share the details with us, but it’s pretty clear.


Ah, thats true.

Still, the whole thing just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. There was defiantly a better way to portray Lira. I honestly thought the part with her talking to Diva was really nicely done and told me much more about her (and Diva too) than the part with Jury told me about either of them.



I wish Black Magic had stayed true to her original presentation and we could have helped her move from non-consent drain to full-consent.

Especially with what happened after she was “exposed” and in the next series.

Black Magic may have things to overcome but she was a very deep and well developed true-to-life character. After her exposure I felt she was reduced to more of a trope and a morality lesson character common in the various “tragedies” throughout history,


What about Diva and Black Magic? That was actually another relationship I wondered about, and thought had a really uneven power dynamic, particularly with Black Magic’s history with Madam Vice. And that it seemed like Black Magic had had to sleep with Diva in order to get onto that Superhero team. Although I know they were also friends.

I haven’t played Redemption Season so I can’t comment on the Jury/Lira relationship.


Hey does anyone have any idea how to get Leaderboard Challenged? I’ve tried every possible outcome and it seems nearly impossible.


I have only played the demo so far,but I still feel the need to comment.The protagonist and their sister are both suffering because their powers do more harm than good, to the point where Jk’s “powers” are killing her.Herofall,wich takes place earlier in the same setting, has the police get equipment that can nullify powers…I cant be the only one who sees the obvious solution to the protagonists problems.It’s not as if such technology would just vanish into thin air.


I think the game wants to hint that using these machines is not possible for the MC and their sister because…well: money. They just don’t have enough for it, and the technology used to take someone’s powers isn’t researched anymore. MC’s and the sister’s problem seems to be similar to so called orphan/ rare diseases and funding for research in that area also isn’t comparable to disease that very many people end up suffering, like cancer or heart diseases.


The pc even says is a shame that those machines were banned and destroyed. Even if he she they understand the harming they could caused in people .


So these devices will most likely not show up in this new series? That’s a shame.From what I have read in this tread and a couple of other places it seems like the only possible evil path you can take is going full Magneto.It could be interesting if there was another evil path option where the protagonist decides that the ani-powered condition only causes suffering and sets out to “cure” as many as possible.


There is no evil path there is only one option BEING A PROPAGANDIST PRO ANIMAL MORPHO AND DISABLED POWERED PEOPLE there is no other path. YOU HAS TO BE A POLITICAL ADVOCACY FIGURE even if you choose not game forced you exactly same. All game is pure punishment of anyother choice until finally there is no choice at all. It is a shame because it is written like a damn master piece. Really Sergei writing skills are damn near perfect. Flow and descriptions are amazing you could see anything in your mind. The problem he put all his mastery in the wrong angle trying to hard selling Propaganda like a adventure heroes game. It has no Hero’s adventures it is political propaganda after political propaganda there is nothing more.


Season 2 turned out to be more or less what kind of game I thought it would be. I can understand how some people would be disappointed, especially if you didn’t play the original hero project, which is the most social agenda focused of the original trilogy. The next game however will probably deviate back towards a more hero focused game given the ending. That said, I enjoyed this game, including aspects others didn’t. Particularly that you can romance characters and have things go badly. There are honestly no ‘good’ romantic endings in part 1. Some satisfying ones, but given its possible to end the game with one sided affection, or a dead/coma love interest, the game is unique in offering pitfalls. Few choice games do that. Like it this way, given I hate instant ‘we’re a couple’ buttons.

I know many disliked the Miss Boss situation, and Jury breakup, but that’s not being punished by the story, so much as the direction the story is going in.


This game was released on my birthday


My one wish for this series is to somehow find a way to bring Prodigal back to life so my MC from the first three games can have a happy ending with her. Or you know, just have him get emotional over her MeChip form.


I got it after talking with Tarsiero at the end and telling him I primarily identified with Ani-Powereds, but idk what the specifics are


That’s kind of the reason why I got it, mixed with wanting to continue in the series. I haven’t gotten very far into Redemption Season, as I just got it recently, but I wish we got an interlude dedicated to our old MC about reuniting with prodigal, whether that be for better or for worse.

I really am disappointed with how the story is being told, though. I went in hoping to be like “i dont care about anything except JK” because I liked the idea of this character being the opposite of my other MC, someone who would give up everything for the sake of society. I guess not.

Too bad for me.


Well I did see that the MC would appear as a guest judge later on, so at the very least it’d be cool to have a nice chat and be like “oh yeah my mechip is your dead gf.” Either way, both of Prodigal’s chickens need to meet someday.

Also, not sure how it works with other endings to Herofall but I went with leading the Millennial Group and mechip Prodigal’s reaction to the MC speeching at the funeral/whatever made me make very unmanly squeeing noises. The author was very descriptive.