Hero Project: Redemption Season News and Discussion


@Needy raises a good point however. While the MC's appearance may not matter to Weaver, it isn't just the MC's visual appearance that changes. So too does the MC's voice and smell. And on some days the MC's voice and smell are likely to be much less pleasant than others. In fact on some days the MC loses the ability to speak entirely. Those changes would have an effect on Weaver who would find the MC difficult to recognize at times and foul smelling at others.


Maybe he'll put it in the second one, since the second one will focus on the MC in the hero project and how they act physical and mental to the hero projects. Since the first one was to look at the life of the MC out of the hero project more so then inside. So Zack probably might but it in the next one ,since you will be around Weaver more and the other hero's. So it will probably have you screwing up and trying get a hold of your powers so you are more in control of your powers than the other way. And if you RO Weaver and Weaver starts not liking the MC because she can never predict his identy so she sometimes feels disattached. It could make the MC try to get his powers together so him and Weaver can be together more comfortable.


Aside from what @P_Tigras said, my problem with this statement is that as @poison_mara said to this point the game always is trying to guilt-trip us if we are jerks or don't care about others etc. but suddenly we can express very stereotypical opinion about visually impaired people and nothing happens.

I don't mind seeing racism/homophobia/stereotypical opinions in games as long as it's done properly and is consistent with main story


I finished Redemption Season when it initially released but I played through it again today and that was a bad idea, cos once it ended I felt that hollow feeling return again, that sort of feeling that has you thinking "Well...what do I do now?" (•—•)
Now I have to wait patiently until the sequel to my all time favourite CoG game is released in Versus... :sob:


what happens if you choose to vote griffin out?


He will be eliminated if you played your cards right, if you dont you will be eliminated.

And the game will tell you you did the right thing for helping the oppressed hero, instead of the normal looking hero.


How do you play your cards right? what choices did you have to make up to that point?


Stick with the personality that you have more points (like manipulator, loyal, hero).
For you to vote Griffin out, stick with Hero or Loyal to Transfer/Crystalline choices.


^My legit reaction after I bought, played, and found out that my ship went all Titanic on me. (mind the wording)

I read all the previous comments in this forum and I found out that majority of us felt the same way after finding out that the previous MC and flipping Jury broke up offcam.

That's enough I guess. Probably most of you are tired that the topic always fall down to this; but anyway, I'm curious. What are you guys' theory to the mysterious voice shazam thingy? It would be amusing at least if there are going to be outer space beings invading the Earth and us heroes have to unite regardless of 'classes' to protect the Earth. :grin:


i think redemption season is not as good as it can be,the character just seem like bunch of assholes too me :joy: or maybe i just too attached to the old games


i just hope that somehow they would let us play as our old character again :frowning: animal power suck :joy:


haha.. i just bought the game just to show support and never played it.. i like to be human in the games i play, kinda hard to RP with a beak and talons i never asked for.. haha..


I can't recommend this game, it lacks that hook with the characters, it forces you to be a certain type of hero or you will inevitably lose the game, I think this game lost its focus from the previous trilogy, this one shoves DISCRIMINATION and LGBT issues everywhere you go, this is not Hero project this is captain social awareness... the game.


Pro: There's an option to play an asexual character
Con: The game stops mid-story.


Help I can't get a consistent personality stat like true hero is there a guide like the previous ones?


Hey @Moondragon007. I didn't like any of the romance options but still got to the end without them. Where did you get stuck?


Well, I really enjoyed the game. It was refreshing to play as a character who is considered unattractive. Add the unpredictable power set and the MC feels like an underdog.

Seriously, who would want those powers? How do you have a relationship like that? I thought it raised some interesting questions.
Of course, to make things harder for the MC, I chose to romance the hunk who's obsessed with public opinion. That alone should keep the sequel interesting. Also, I quite like the fact that you can romance someone older.


I really like having odd powers, that can be more of a curse. I think it's fun. I like that about Community College Hero too (well everybody elses powers). And there's a webcomic I read and enjoy where everyone is cursed with weirdness.

I really wanted to be Chicken Boo!

Chicken Boo what's the matter with you?


You're not a man. You're a chicken Boo.


Just after Loa Shift says I have to win Hero Project cos I have to save the world. Then I get the screen saying Thanks for Playing.