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Seconded, He did it beautifully in TLH


Bisexual is what I usually am in TLH so I can flirt with both Suno & Suna, whoever I get (Charm bonus). I then prefer men or women based on the character I play. I’ve done other sexual orientations for variety at times. I’ll probably continue the practice with this game.


Hmm, I’ll have to look at it.

Of course!

As was pointed out, of course you can play as you wish in Lost Heir. :slight_smile:

I advanced the main plot a little further today. I want to go a bit further yet before I share the next update. LOTS of stuff in it, so it’ll be riddled with errors. :slight_smile:

I’m holding off on any new classes or levels because I want to get this out. I’m tempted to take this update all the way to the end of Chapter Two, but we’ll see. :slight_smile:


Will you be able to have your own children eventually and not just adopt


I don’t think so. The timeframe doesn’t work well for that. The MC doesn’t have 9 months to be pregnant and then have a baby. :slight_smile: But, we can get around this by allowing adoption.


We could use magic to speed up the process


Maybe have a pregnancy at the end. That would work for me.


That could possibly work.


I mean, you could probably conceive no problem. He’s just saying you won’t actually get a kid running around your mountaintop lava death fortress until the epilogue


What about Monks for humans and half-elves, since they share a somewhat common blood?


(20 characters)


Do we have a choice on where to put our house/stronghold? And can we choose between different cities on where to put our stronghold?


I don’t see monks as being racially exclusive. I haven’t given a lot of thought to some racial classes, but dwarven defender, halfling outrider, gnome illusionist and a few others might be interesting. But those rarer classes are very far off. Just thoughts, at this time.

I also like the idea of some racial mounts, like dogs for halfling, wargs for half-orcs, maybe an elven steed for, well for elves. :slight_smile:

Maybe something like that. It’s just that 9x30=270 days is a long time to wait for a pregnancy. :slight_smile: And that’s if you conceive on day 1. :slight_smile: Children of the MC isn’t really where the story is going, although adoption may occur. Children of the MC after the story is finished (head canon and epilogue), sure, probably.’

I haven’t decided. It wouldn’t be hard to code, since the stronghold will sit in a gosub, but I have to decide what kind of stronghold and how I want it to fit into the story.

I’m leaning towards the stronghold being an estate and growing a small town around it. I like the idea of letting the MC become a lord/lady with taxation, civilian problems, and various buildings to be made. To do this well, I think it would be nice to NOT be in an existing town/city. But, I could still let you choose the location of the build. Outside Elmvale, Tornassa, Brightwater, Ludd, and Vernex all might be nice. Yes, I’m leaning in this direction, but strongholds will come much later.

I’ve managed to stay true to what I’m aiming for and I’ve added no new classes as I work on the plot and locational content, for now. :slight_smile: I want to get the story to the end of Chapter Two, then I’ll release an update. I’ll likely add a class or two after that.

I’m pretty certain that the next classes will be Monk and Ranger. Monk, because it’s interesting and a little easier, and ranger because I’m eager to get the animal companion into the code to see it working.

I’ve been thinking of that animal companion position as an Ally, since NPCs are companions. That Ally position can be a ranger’s animal companion (druid’s Animal companion too), but it will also be the same slot that the necromancer will eventually put their undead minions into, and the constructed golem will go here too.

I’m thinking that the wizard’s familiar will take a different spot altogether and not be used in combat as the Ally and Companion will. Instead you’ll get extra options and bonuses. This would also allow summoned Allies, and for the wizard to make their golem (or summon undead) or one of the others.

These are just more of my random thoughts. Nothing is certain about these spots yet.

I’m very eager to share the next update since it will finally show some of the plot itself. :slight_smile: But as I’ve been saying, I have no deadline on this, so it will come when it’s ready.


I would think more like a stag or something, maybe. Just to throw out an idea.


I too was thinking a Stag or Elk for the Elven steed. Dire Otters for Gnomes, there’s history there. Dwarves can ride Dire Badgers or Gophers. :smiley:

I speculated about building a new city in Daria’s wilderness in LH, be nice to actually do it.


I made a list of possible mounts for HoD, I’m still hoping that Luiman contraptions make into HoD.


We need a return of the Unicorn from LoaW. That’d be a pretty cool, secret mount stashed away somewhere. :grin:


No bad choices whatsoever 100% good characters only.


Only 100% good characters can befriend a unicorn. Mostly good characters can bribe it and evil characters can beat it into submission.

Wait, shit, this game doesn’t track karma, nevermind.


No, but I still wouldn’t mind pummeling a unicorn until it serves me.

…Did I just say that out loud? :sweat_smile: