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The horn is great for alchemy


Will there be any biological children in the romance, at least eventually.


True. That sounds fitting.

Yes, I still have those lists. No shortage of ideas. It’s helpful that I’m writing the story in the same order as the plot since it means that I can help set the difficulty of the mounts/NPCs/enemies/etc as I go, but it also means that I have to start with the more mundane mounts and save the epic ones for later.

Yes, I think we’ll see something there. :slight_smile:

I still go back and forth with this, but I haven’t found the need. If you do evil things, it opens up more evil things. It also allows you to do good things for evil reasons and evil things for good reasons. I think it will work without a Good/Evil stat.

I don’t think so. Maybe in the epilogue, but the story takes place over a shorter length of time than the others. We don’t have years, we have months.


Having a child in an epilogue would be nice for those who would want to kinda like tin star handle its epilogue with showing the rest of the MC’s life based on the actions they made. Why not use a reputation system instead of good/evil that way depending on your actions would affect how royalty, the common folk, and other races/guilds treat you like how LoW did it but have it fitted to meet the preferences of HoD.


I’ve considered that, but the quest system works well. You have to prove yourself in each situation, and in the few instances where your actions in another area come under question, I can still look to see how it went.

I have more control this time and no need to aggregate the results, so far. If I find that it becomes necessary, I may go back and add something, but so far, it seems like it works well.


Biological Children in the epilogue would be great!


But… Will there even be an epilogue?

If this is supposed to be a game like Skyrim but CYOA form, it’s entirely possible it’ll also have the whole never-ending thing going for it.

If that’s the case, then, er… Might have to scrap that whole “biological children in the epilogue” thing.

If it’s already been said that there’s an epilogue and I’ve just made myself look dumb, don’t worry, I’m already prepared to slap myself. :grin:


I envision an epilogue event for the main quest but you can still adventure for side quests afterwards. Or the game ends when you finish the main quest but how long it actually takes (game says several months, but it may feel longer) and how many side quests you have on the way is up to you.


Yeah, I do feel like if there’s an epilogue at all, this’ll probably be the most likely way it’ll be done.


Are there going to be third tier spells too, or only first and second tier?
And is it possible to learn all spells in one playthrough?


For the demo,no. Currently you can only get all but 2 spells


I meant for the finished game.


I think I’ll have some type of a “you did it!” scene which would include epilogue things and then still grant you the chance to wander the world.

Yes, there will be more spells and tiers. With an unending game, you might get them all that’s a question for much later. :slight_smile:


I realise this is super far off but after the end of the end of the game (in free play) please make everyone killable. I always love that.
Or have some sort of endless arena maybe?

I really just wanna fight a God tbh after all that sizzle in TLH it’s like: fight shepards, then weird races, then demon summoners, then demons, and now a God.

Sounds fun,


um, Hiya, this is my first post on this forum i’ve played most of the games on the choice of games site. and I really like the ones you’ve made though when i was looking through upcoming games i noticed this one and i’ve played the beta a little i really like it so far.

i don’t know how much work what i’m going to request would intel thoguh it might be a fair amount for something small. but would it be possible for you to perhaps add options for the types of things your character prefers to eat. such as an option to make them ‘vegan’ which means they tend to refuse/be repulsed by the consumption of meat. i know that in a time period like this food can be hard to come by, its not like the modern period where we can go to the store an just pick whatever but…sometimes personally i find it a little off putting(not to a degree of not playing) when there are scenes referencing characters ‘eating’ and it mentions my character is scarfing down like say… a bacon sandwhich when i personally would never choose that option.

aside from that…

i also i think it’d be kinda cool if our history in the other games could all be linked to the start of the Hero of Daria . i know this is supposed to take place 100 years later after the events(or atleast some? of them) but it’d be kinda cool if your failing to save the world in Lost Heir 3 meant that your start in this was filled with regular demon summoning and a considerably more dangerous life…

but anywho…

yeah…i really like your games and i’m really looking forward to this one. the beta seems pretty cool so far though >.> i find it really rude that i can’t leave Elmvale yet!


The history is linked to LH and LoW the game that presumably comes after HoD would be LW.


I have great plans for an arena. Probably won’t be able to make everyone killable, since that would mean coding combat stats for every NPC in the game. :slight_smile:

Thanks! It still feels very empty to me, but this next update should help a lot.

Similar to thoughts, I try to avoid forcing the MC to do anything. You’ll need to eat rations in this game, but they could be stuffed with cabbage and berries. :slight_smile:

It does! But not in the direct way you’re suggesting. Instead, I’m taking the harder route and pretending that every choice you could have made has happeend. This way the world is the same for everyone and it makes the history of Daria even larger.

With only one chapter done (and it was done in a very thin way), we haven’t seen much yet. Just a part of things to come.

Soon! The next update will introduce Tornassa. Once the other locations are included, it will start to feel more sandbox.



I’m most looking forward to the Jilal Empire and the MerFolk City, although I know they’re way off. Hoping also for a statue of the Demon King or Queen of Daria in Brightwater- no ordinary statue as Lost Heir players will know. :wink:


So everything happened in a way similar to the dragonbreak from Daggerfall where every timeline is true because of weird magical shenanigans? Or were you more so planning on the outcome of every major choice being circulated as unconfirmed rumors and conjecture that the player would weigh in on later?


No magic. :slight_smile: I’m relying more on the passage of time, uncertainty of historical facts, and so on.