Well thought combat in text games?

As I have the drive to post rather dull and uninteresting questions and make threads about them, I decided I’d add another to the list.
In your opinion, which text game (not necessarily from CoG) has the best combat/fighting scenes/mechanics in general?


I wasn’t sure if I should mention this as it’s kinda a WiP, but I really liked the WiP in that open world game (I think by Lucid? ) The Hero Of Daria.

I think the project was scrapped because CS isn’t great for open world, large games, but I loved the combat system.
I’m actually trying to remake a system similar to that, but with a bit more randomisation, team-mates and AI (as in the buzzword you through in to get attention haha)


HoD has an all out RPG combat mechanics which I like but I prefer the traditional approach.

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Ah do you mean the classic

use sword

use magic

use deceit

If I’m honest I like that too, however the main problem I find is that it limits the reader.
E.g. no stat gain if fail.
A better approach would be
if (amazinglygood)
achieve (wow)
set bonuses and whatnot

elif (good/ average)
set bonuses

else fail
small bonus, minus health, etc.

Any non-binary combat system (as in, not just win/lose, you can lose amazingly badly or win by a small margin) is good enough for me. I just like the RPG mechanics as it can be repeated often so I only need to give my soul to the coding gods once, and perhaps in the future other combat mechanics can be made/ created

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Yep, I mean that. I’m mostly thinking of CoG though I said that it applied to every text game. Otherwise, yeah, I guess that’d be a very good approach.

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I’m not sure that many CoG have fighting mechanics. From my knowledge, I think you have The Great Tournament, Tokyo Wizard (my own), and some other WIPs such as Birth of a Hero (also my own), The Hero or Daria (abandoned, I think), The Nebula (my own, semi-abandoned, though I might come back to it, it was also an attempt at open-world, but CS doesn’t lend itself much to it…). I’ve just “started” another WIP based on the “engine” of Tokyo Wizard, but still light-years away from showing it to anybody… need to finish Birth of a Hero first…

Another one of my own, Highway Wars, has some mechanics for fights car battles and wars (but personal fights are more automated).

Am I forgetting any?


It doesn’t have to be a combat mechanic, just well played combat in general.

Yeah, I was thinking that actual narrative combat is much better than a sort of dice rolling or rock paper scissors type combat system.

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I prefer it usually(narrative/traditional combat) but sometimes it depends on the setting.