Hero of Daria: The RPG (WIP) - CLOSED



There you go! That’s an ENORMOUS update. Most of the features are now incorporated and I’ve finished chapters 2 out of 9.

We finally see some of the plot and story. It still isn’t very sandboxed yet, but each new location will help with that.

I don’t know how the story will unfold if you use old saves, so you will likely have to start over. It think it’s worth it, since you’ll see the new intro.

I’m expecting lots of bugs, since I’ve added so much.

Remember, it’s still very empty and needs much more content, but I think people can start to see what the final game will be like.


Anytime I’m trying to meet someone, they don’t show up and get mad at me.


You need to pay attention when they say to meet you. Sometimes it says later that evening and another time the next day.


After posting on the wrong topic, I’ll just copy that one here and add some stuff.
I wonder if it will be able to have a guide for this one when it’s ready. I had a really hard time on the third Lost Heir, and had to ask Lizzy for some tips and get different guides to build the character I wanted :thinking:
This is going to be big, I’m excited to see the full version, seems like it will get my attention for a long time.


I just replayed to unlock the paladin. Unfortunately you have not implemented it yet :joy:. Was upset after fighting 400 blood wasps haha


I wonder if the Paladin will still be able to Lay On Hands once it is implemented and how many times per day we can heal ourselves and others this way. LOL.


Seeing how Lay on hands is part of any Paladin and it can be used once per long rest this is D&D Paladin I’m talking about. I don’t know how @Lucid is going to incorporate lay on hands but I’m sure it will only be used once per day. Being able to use it multiple times during one day seems kind of cheating.


@Lucid I have my suspicions on this, but does completing quests for people increase your chance to persuade said people?


Well, maybe once per day per Paladin Level would be good. Keep it separate from cleric healing.


I really like the thought of a civil war seeing how you could support the children or the queen if that is your goal then maybe even a coup d’etat more in you’re likings. I can’t wait till the next update! Also since there is a big disease going around maybe you could study to become a plaguemancer or meet a certain god of pestilence again. Then, I hope however is this soulburner is we have a chance to kill or persude to stop.


  • My test character after my best recent run. Not bad, I think. Now if I could just not get bit by a fucking horse again, that’d be great.

@Lucid All in all, I’m really digging the game so far. The quests are so far entertaining, I love the possible jobs, the training system is fun, forcing you to do some more schtuff and thangs before leveling up (AKA the game forces you to work for stuff, and it only adds to the immersion, so that’s good), the characters seem genuine (I’m coming for you, Sasha), and the combat, weapons, armor, and ingredients you can all get are amazing. My only concern is the lack of depth regarding the Wizard class. Don’t get me wrong, I love learning specific spells one at a time, its realistic, and gives a much better sense of progression. But why restrict us to simply being elemental combatants? Where’s the Necromancy? Transmutation (my fourth favorite yet most impressive school of magic)? Illusion? Enchantment? Summoning? Oh God, Summoning must be. Please. All the demon and dragon memories from the classic LoAW must be brought back.


So what were you thinking of doing for the next update, after most the bugs are fixed


Sometimes. Often the persuasion difficulty is based on how much they don’t like what you’re trying to convince them. In many cases, after doing a bunch of stuff for them, they like you, so there’s no real need for a relationship bar. Captain Caleb and Jolina are nice examples. After you’ve helped them out, they are glad that you’re around.

I have my ideas here. :slight_smile: Yes, it will seem different than a cleric.

Not yet implemented. I’ve only put in the 4 base classes. All of the other classes will arrive in time, but not yet.

Great question. I’m not entirely sure. The natural extension would be to get us to the dwarves. We’ll need to travel through Vernex to do that, so that could mean two new areas.

I’m keen to advance the side quests a little bit further too. Also, I’d like to add in some new classes, especially ranger (since that will include the Ally position, which is the last of the larger code pieces that need adding.)

Hard to say. My guess is: a little of all of this. :slight_smile:


We may also need to travel in the Norgan Mountains to get to the Dwarves. Perhaps that area will need to be detailed as well.

It’d be cool if there was a statue of Zusak in Vernex that had been obviously and repeatedly vandalized. :slight_smile:


Ah. My bad, King Lucid. Gotcha.


Here’s hoping one of the side quests you work on is the one where you help the Soulburner family. Seriously, that was probably the most interesting quest I’ve come across in the game.


Class question, is the bard charecter class gonna be mainly ally support, buffs and debuffs, or something different?

Also can I make a poll for people’s favorite class and what future classes they are excited for?


Possible side quest idea, location: Elmvale Skill checks: persuade and perception storyline: the state of the famous citizen is vandalized and you have to find out who did it. Questgiver: Joanna


Maybe room an can start making rings and other trinkets cause the small things he does isn’t like to support a entire family but if sold rings he wouldn’t be making weapons and some wealthy lords and ladies would definitely be willing to buy some


Hey as there’'s multiple locations and sellers and stuff, if’d be cool if there was a merchant pathway?
Like maybe food is scare in the desert, sells highly there, whilst there are many weapons, which can be sold at the place where theres a civil war for a higher price.

Maybe we can later on sell magical ingredients and stuff to Jolina (but I envision this as more of an exp-grindy thing), have race-horses, etc.

And although it would be hard to implement I think it’d be cool to be able to have 2 companions, as aside from the coding problems and stuff I don’t see why it’d be unrealistic/ not work (in most situations) and could make end game fights (designed for 3v1) harder as you 1v1 it.
And if they can randomly use abilities and such, and a tip if you wanna do that is give em unlimited Mana but a sorta cool down.