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Will there be new spells besides the ones already implented if so can I share some ideas for some


Does that mean that, for example, the Druid class is Elf exclusive and the Bard- or Barbarian class is Human exclusive? Or are the racial exlusive classes prestige only? (Or some high level specialization.)


I played TLH and LoaW, I know that you won’t disappoint me with evil things you’re a great author after all


About monks, is the monetary of the eye of heaven still standing? If yes, will we learn from them or another place?


I do think that Bard is something you should add in once Tornassa is done, since that’s the most logical place to gain Bard levels.

Then we can learn how to be Rangers/Druids in the Alderheart, mayhaps, once that’s worked on?


If you refer to LoW any race could become a druid, they just had to have a neutral alignment aka 50% evil 50% good. However for elves they do have magic that’s exclusive to them which is Spell-weaving. I wouldn’t go far as some class being race exclusive. However instead I would think of race exclusive subclasses for the main classes.


My recommendations for Prestige Classes (do as much of this as you are willing to do)-

  • Keep Fighter, Cleric, Thief, and Wizard as base Classes.

  • Fighters can specialize into Thug, Guard, Blade-Master, Weapon-Master, Ranger, Berserker, or Squire.

  • Clerics can specialize into Paladin, Dark Knight, Priest, or Druid.

  • Thieves can specialize into Bard, Assassin, or Shadow Weaver.

  • Wizards can specialize into Priest, Druid, Necromancer, Alchemist, Illusionist, or Seer.

  • Some Prestige Classes can expand further. Squire into Knight, Druid into Druid of Decay or Druid of Life who is ultimate nature healer, etc.

  • Any character who does enough mundane work can become a Tycoon with the proper investments.

  • Racial Prestige Classes including Artificer for Dwarves, Witch Doctor for Half-Orcs or Orcs, Spellweaver for Elves, Engineer for Gnomes, Sneaker for Halflings (Super-Thief essentially). Humans or Half-Elves can become a less powerful version of any of these. You think of something better, be my guest and use it.


maybe you should and a fast travel system for easier travel rather than walking through multiple large areas


No, I was refering to HoD. The quote is from the main page :slight_smile:


Someone’s finally asking the right questions


From what @Lucid was referring to with More classes, including hidden, prestige, and racial. Prestige would be pretty much how it was in LH with some new ones added in, Hidden they would be needed to be discovered by PCs, and racial only thing I can theorize is that racial magic might play a part in this. Having Druid or Barbarian being racial exclusive classes would be kind of crappy in my opinion.


Any sexy time with the ROs?


If you’re asking if there’s gonna be smut: not outside fanfiction
If you’re asking if you’ll have the option to sleep with RO’s and have fade-to-black implied sexy times: Yes, that’s how it happened in LH and LoaW.


There is a monastery in Tornassa. I have some ideas for it, but for now, it’s just a placeholder where you’ll be able to become a monk.

The Eye of Heaven is still there, but that’s up in the Norgan Mountains. Yes, it will be a place to see. :slight_smile: I have plans for it too.

The College of Bards is also in Tornassa, which is why I’ve been thinking about bards. It will also make a good date location, but so far, it’s just a place holder.

Yes, it will come soon too. The animal compaions code is something that I definitely want, so I’ll want the ranger sooner, rather than later.

That’s what overland travel is for. It’s a fast travel system between towns and cities.


Correct. :slight_smile:


One word to say it all.


When killing enemies and getting the option to take the loot, can you add a take all button?


Can we be bisexual too, or only either gay or straight?


Yep, just like every other CoG that lets you pick a gender and sexuality.


Thanks, I just wanted to be sure, because, if I remember correctly, in TLH you couldnt be bisexual.


You can be bisexual in TLH, tho.