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I’m kind of curious; will it be possible to actually get a normal job and have a fairly normal life, like mummy-dearest wants for me? As much as I like the idea of playing someone whose first act as an adult is to go buy a shortsword and stab some rats to death, I think it could be equally amusing to play someone whose main goal in life is to be a shopkeeper, despite the world-shattering events going on around them. :grin:


I‘m so sorry to ask, but what animal companions have you thought of? Can we have a wolf, maybe an owl, or do you have others in mind too?
Oh yeah, and I just want to say thank you for creating such an amazing, well thought of game, whose world is so incredibly open and with so many branching options, and that you still work on it even if people say that that type of game wouldnt work as a CYOA type of game :smile: :heart:.


Since we’ll have a stronghold could we go conquering the important cities and take over the world?


I’ve went through several playthroughs, with different genders, class levels, races ECT. Not one error.

The only thing I found odd in the whole thing is when you speak to your mother about the witch/wizard. She first speaks as if she dislikes that she’s a witch, then later acts like she knew she was a wizard the whole time. This seems odd to me.

Where’s your dad? He makes an appearance in the beginning then disappears after that, never to be seen again.

Other then that, nothing seems out of place other then the lack of content. But that’s to come I expect. No companions, morality scale (or if there is lack of choices to change).

Well made all in all so far. I look forward to seeing more of it in the future.


The mother’s character and opinions of the witch/Wizard are not confusing to me. Instead she reminds me of my own real life mother, a woman who considers herself and her opinion always right despite all evidence to the contrary and of course they never held any prior opinions that contradict their current one. Yes, living with this woman (not in the same house on a regular basis since I graduated high school, relax) is a trial, but I keep telling myself I must deal with it. Ugh. If you too have a mother like this, I welcome your membership in my support group for such.

I too hope our Dad is given more of a character definition in the finished game. Maybe he can become our Stronghold’s majordomo, with or without our mother along for the ride (this wouldn’t be the first CoG game where you can encourage a divorce).


Yes. The next update makes it more clear with an intro scene and some extension to it.

I think so. It would pay terribly, but with free food, I suppose that it would get a tiny bit of gold. We’ll see. :slight_smile:


yes. I have plans for all of them. I’m going to hold off on sharing my thoughts just now, but I have an idea of how I want this to work.

probably not. The main story should keep you busy and you’ll get to make a very strong stronghold. It won’t be called a stronghold in the game itself. :slight_smile:

Dad’s hard at work. Yes, I might give him a quest down the line to keep him present. But the parents are your small slice of normalcy as everything else falls apart.

That’s what I was going for. You just through a bunch of hoops to convince her and then she claims that she knew it all along. :slight_smile:


At least let us, the followers of the Dark Gods, slaughter inocent ppl like in a dark crusade


I can accept ‘normal’ social life as a game goal, but I hope we can still Adventure whenever we need the release or extra rewards it provides.

Familiars- All I’ll say for now is that I hope the possible rewards of having them stay at the same level as they have in previous Lucid games or increase the way I encouraged them to do so when I helped beta test Last Wizard.

Dad Hard at Work- It would be cool if we could shop at his candle store and possibly buy Mystic Candles that provide temporary health regeneration, food, extra attack damage, extra armor, and other game benefits. This would give Dad a neat presence in the game. No free candles- that would unbalance the reward, we’d need to either buy them or earn them through completing Missions (it’d be a good award for clearing up the Jolina issue and other things). If it’s too hard to implement, never mind.

Taking Over the World- I can get my fill of that in Life of a Wizard or other games, I have no problem with it not coming back for HofD. Like Nevantyr, though, I would like to be able to perform Human Sacrifice on characters occasionally if we follow an Evil Deity (
remember, you could do this with Master Jett and the Ruins Guards in Lost Heir 1, also Saul/Sally Bennett in Lost Heir 3- I usually picture Peter/Petra holding the knife for the latter Sacrifice event.

:slight_smile: ).


Actually, I think what really happened was that we stepped out the door on Midsummer’s day, and he immediately shouted, “I don’t have to take care of that brat anymore!” and disappeared in a puff of smoke and divorce papers.

Turns out we got the cruel parents from LoaW. Such a shame. Though it means I won’t feel bad when I sacrifice them to my blood god.:stuck_out_tongue:


Blasted Midsummer’s day.



Today is Midsummer’s Day, the day when everyone in Daria celebrates their birthday. This feast day is an important day for the local businesses, but it’s even more important to you since you have reached the age where the law considers you an adult.

This paragraph is confusing me. Does the bolded sentence mean that everyone celebrates the birthday of the wizard that was born there?


Seconded. That sentence always confused me too, even in LH.


I’ve always thought of it like a coming of age festival instead of the actually day of someone birthday.


No midsummer is celebrated everywhere this is mentions in lh and I think loaw


“I got you a pair of track shoes to remind you of how fast your daddy ran out of your life.”

We should’ve learned magic from him, he could at least tell us how to disappear.


I hope to have some evil things for those who wish. :slight_smile:

I’ve added some normal jobs for the next update. They pay VERY poorly! But it gives the game a nice feeling of realism, which is fun. It also records the armount of work you do at the jobs, so I might add some things in the future, the option is there.

I rewrote it to: “… everyone in Daria celebrates being a year older.” In Daria, people rarely celebrate the day of their own birth. Instead, everyone counts themselves a year older on this day.

With the addition of jobs, you can work with your father now and see that the poor guy is still toiling away to make money to feed their ingrate child who thinks that the kitchen is magically filled with unlimited food. :slight_smile:


The next update can you make who the ro’s are a little clearer


How difficult is it to code a new level for a class?


It’s much clearer. The only ROs coded (for the next update), is your newly introduced friend, your childhood crush, Roland, and Rossi.

Depends what they get. Some hitpoints, skills, a perk, and some stats takes next to nothing. A new spell, skill, or power takes more, but it depends what it is.

I’m trying to resist the urge to add any classes or levels in the next update so that I can get it out for testing. My most current temptations are ranger, monk, druid, and bard. :slight_smile: But I’m going to hold fast and not add them.

And again, I have no deadline, so the update will appear when it’s ready. :slight_smile: