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I would prefer HofD not be an ongoing paid app like WoW or Second Life, rather a pay onetime fee for the game like every other CofG game. Buying expansion sets with new sidequest or quest paths and other features (the Jilal Empire Expansion!) is ok with me. But I don’t want to have to either pay for access on a regular basis or pay to re-open a lapsed account. Is that what you people are implying?


No, I’m talking about how CoG does it with making the game free then having the IAP for the rest of the game making HoD a paid app is allow easy to pirate.


You must have a different understanding of buying CoG Games than I do. Forgive my lack of understanding.


How is it easier? I’m genuinely confused-- I realise sites like apotide need an original version uploaded, so to share.

With an IAP, since all the checks and shizzle is client sided, a 3rd party app can pretend to verify the purchase. This means anyone can do it, whilst aptoide needs someone to upload it orginally.


Full priced: Buy the game and upload online
Free with rest of the rest of game being IAP: This is android mind you get the apk off of apotide or another hella sketch website download it still requires IAP to play the rest of the game.


What I’m saying is 3rd party apps allow you to get IAP’‘s for free, and so isn’t always the best option.
IAP’'s with some sort of server sided data/ check would be extremely hard to bypass (or at least, hard enough that I’d have litthe clue what to do)


Since Aptoide and websites remove licenses off the app (pretty sure that’s how it goes), the app can be tricked to believe that the purchase is verified. It’s rather easy to bypass IAPs.


Who wouldn’t do that?


Not to be that guy, but I think IAPs still need to be paid for normally.
Some unnamed 3rd party apps can trick the application though.


I’m confused as to what everyone’s trying to imply, so I just wanted to say it’s easy to bypass IAPs.

Again, confused, so I don’t want anyone to think I’m promoting or encouraging that kind of stuff.


I’ve been saying paid full is easier to pirate, while you still need to pay for IAPs like say be some can still trick IAPs


No. :slight_smile: You’ll be forced to get your own stronghold through the main plot, but if you don’t or don’t use it, that’s up to you.

Exactly! Millenials these days. :slight_smile:

That might just happen. :slight_smile:

There’s a lot of story to be told. Your adopted parents are good people. They give you your first free place to stay, but what comes after is when it gets interesting.

All that stuff drives me crazy. I’m going to hand the game off to CoG and hope for the best. Piracy sucks.

Yes, Cleric Magic is much different than Wizard Magic. You get all the spells, no mana, and no durations. But, the spells are meant to be weaker. They still cost an action, so yes, with really long fights, the cleric will have a great boon. But wizards will have more versatility.

Yes, the balance is off, but I like keeping the magic system between them very different. If they become too powerful, I’ll weaken their spells and enhance the wizard, but it’s hard to figure the balance in these early stages.

Wow, I’m making great progress. Tornassa is coming along nicely as well as some sidequests.

Oh, and we have mounts now! You can get some horses from Farmer Paul and some more in Tornassa.

I’ve added a bunch of magic items too, which begins a very interesting quest line.

And, I’ve added some more dreams. So much stuff.

I want to get more though before I send the update. Yes, I’m certain that this update will break the existing save files. :slight_smile:


Horses? Awesome. But more importantly, are there also Mules? I want to ride a descendant of Lump! :wink:


But what if…

Lump is immortal


I just had a (maybe) pretty good idea to balance all the shizzle-- Cleric’s and Wizards could be able to use spells outside of battle? Like fireball to start a fire, or arcane shield when sleeping? That would make Clerics more task-suited, helping other with their problems and stuff, whilst, as you say, wizards can be more versatile and do cool stuff.

Also since most fights are 1-1 will there be any area damage spells/ items? I was just wondering since I’d imagine a fireball or something spell would do more damage to a horde of bats or something rather than a massive animal or something.

And I am looking forward to Lump (if free!) or walking everywhere because I’m super stubborn!


Does that mean that we need to have a high Animal Care to ride certain mounts?


I like the idea of some spells outside of combat, but I have to be cautious. I don’t want the ranger’s survival skill to be poached by the wizard, etc.

Clerics are warrior priests. Not as strong as a fight and magic isn’t offensive, but mostly protection and healing.

All fights are 1on1, there will be no AoE spells.

Yes, I’d like to see Lump again too. :slight_smile:

Yes! Expensive, well trained mounts take little skill. Cheaper mounts of similar speed take much more. And then if you get into the exotic mounts, you’ll need a lot. :slight_smile:


I keep updating the first page, in case anyone’s missed anything.

  • I rewrote the intro scene. More story, better flow, less info dumping of stat selection.
  • I wrote the dating system and added a childhood friend and crush. The dating system also works on the two existing companions (Roland and Rossi), making them romancable. Only one date location available so far, but the code underlying it is ready to go!

That first page shows that the last two major pieces to the engine are strongholds and allies (animal companion, familiars, undead minions, golems, etc)

After that, it’s just flat out more of everything! :slight_smile:

I really want a little more content in Tornassa before releasing update 2.0, but it should be soon.


Wooo can’t wait to try it out.


Not sure has anyone asked this already but:

Is the Jaymon quest line the main quest line?