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K’Girr is the answer- using him unlocks the Villain Ending. Tyborr wasn’t really that OP. And dang it, now I need to play a Cleric of the Unknown my next run of HofD.


There will be MANY links to the other games. :slight_smile: We just haven’t left Elmvale yet.


@fairlyfairfighter Lucid does make it a habit of bring back artifacts from other games like for instance the cape of Shadows which there was one in LoW and the other on LH. All I’m waiting for is to see the Sword of Death being in the hands of of a Dark Knight the closest thing to the sword of death was Souldrinker.

Also @Lucid since you we able to create a golem in LW and the LoW are you thinking about bringing the possibility of allowing the PC to create their own Golem or allowing them to choose from your Standard Iron Golem or different variants for classes/races for necromancers they could have Flesh Golems that requires the Flesh of humans and rare animals/monsters that they need to hunt down and Dwarven Earth Mages could have a Mud/Stone Golem that would be able to break down and reconstruct itself.


If Elf characters get a Wood Golem, I am totally naming mine Groot. :wink:


Fireball to the face
(20 char)


For Elves a wood golem would just be burnt down. However a crystal golem infused with magic wouldn’t be burnt down so easily it would also fit in quite well with spell weaving I guess.


You’re right, I forgot hippie Daria Elves probably wouldn’t want to sacrifice precious trees on a Golem anyway. Now an Orc Golem… that could be interesting. :wink:


Not that I support the idea of a wooden golem, per se, but I can only point out that we’re talking about golems. As in inanimate objects being animated. Surely magic could coax wood to shrug off fire.


To be fair the golems can work any way Lucid wants.
For exampleasure, perhaps setting a wood golem on fire destroys it. Or it becomes an ash golem since the magic keeping it together is still there.
Or perhaps they have weak spots (e.g. joints) where the magic flows from, so cutting of the shoulder means that arm is no longer animated.
Or perhaps the magic was a on time thing, and the golem acts (and so dies) like a normal monster after being created.


Yes, I am. :slight_smile: In this game, building a golem can work very well. Multiple types and multiple styles. A “build your own companion,” perhaps.

Congrats. You made me snort coffee. :slight_smile:

I plan to code a third companion slot for battles. This spot could be filled with an animal (rangers and druids), an undead minion (necromancers), the the golem, for various other classes. You’d be able to switch in/out this ally.

I’m so eager to get more plot done, but the idea of coding in the third companion is very tempting. :slight_smile:


I know my adoptive parents are very keen on me leaving their house, but what if I don’t? Will the candle shop basement become my “stronghold”? :slight_smile:


If we have to leave home eventually, I hope the Stronghold can at least come with free food like our home does.


Your MC’s home isn’t supplied with infinite food. Are you that naive? It is the mom feeding you for an eternity!


I know. Forgive me for taking advantage of the game mechanic. :blush:


Hmm. I have a solution. Let’s bring mom to the stronghold!


I’ll admit, I was kinda hoping for the option of whether your adopted parents were good or bad to be here. You know, like in LoaW.

I felt like it would have brought some repeatability to the early scenes and put a bit of a variety in the story (maybe the good mum gives you the 7 coins when you ask her for money, but the mum just nags at you and tells you to get a job).


Hey @Lucid I realise it’ll be a while until the game’s done, but I have a few suggestions for release:

Once over 1/2 of the game is done, make a closed beta (or they can have the link but have to PM you first), don’t make the game free with an IAP as COG games can be bought for free that way.
There are other app stores (e.g. Aptoide) which can ‘sell’ (give away freely) paid apps but they require someone to upload it, so I think a paid app would be best.

Of course, the bestest option would to have server sided data so you couldon’t pretend you bought the game/ IAP, and a code sent to you after buying from an official COG sales stream (e.g. Google Play app, Steam not Other App hosters)
…But I kinda doubt that’s going to happen soon.

Edit: An idea, which I hope is helpful, perhaps the Cleric spell system can be changed? It just seems a bit unbalanced as of now, and I feel as if it’ll be the best class to kill bosses, and make hard enemies easy
For example,
-statuses last the entire fight, so best against strong enemies (like bosses)
-No ‘mana’ system, so can use all abilites in one battle, again could make boss fights too easy
-Replenishes daily, so can be allow grinding (camp, fight, heal spell, sleep, repeat)

Perhaps you could make it so it replenishes every time you pray at an altarea (and at level 5 you can pray anywhere?)Just a suggestion


I don’t think there is a permanent solution. People will be able to access paid games for free no matter how much you try to prevent it.


I mean there’s tons of solutions, but the main point is how much COG cares about it, and more importantly how much money they’ll gain / lose from it.


@fairlyfairfighter if you make HoD a paid app at the start its easier to upload the apk or file online and download if you make IAP for the rest of the game that still prevents that some people from getting the game will at least on android.