Hero of Daria: The RPG (WIP) - CLOSED



Now that the Ring slot is build in, it would work out with my hc for my little dragon familiars. I have thought about how you would find them. If there is a city which is akin to Saudi Arabia, and when you are at a marketplace in this city, trying to buy wares at a stand, you see a bowl with berries* in which you see movement and, if you decide to take a closer look (and you have a level in the Wizard class) you see one of them pop up in the bowl.
And, the reason why only wizards can see them, is because they conceal themselves to non magical beings, and, even though they are wild dragons, they want to help wizards, if they encounter one. I dont know if familiars in your games are purely cosmetical, so if it is, please ignore the next few sentences, and I apologize.
If you agree to let them help you they can have one of three (or two if the code cant handle more) passive(?) roles.
The first one would be The Collector, who helps you gather ingredients when you search for them, that means that you have the chance to find a second ingredient with the help of your dragon.
The second role woud be that of The Berserker (I cant think of another name right now, sorry), who produces(?) a Magical Attack increasing aura at the start of each battle, which lasts for the first two rounds.
The third one would be The Protector which is similar as that of the Berserker but instead of increasing your Attack, you‘ll have a damage absorbing Aura, which absorbs a certain amount of damage.
I‘m not sure if you will be able to upgrade your familiar.
They are roughly palm sized and behave like a playful puppy. They aren’t dangerous, are herbivores and eat the berries in which you find them.
And if they need to hide, or are a hindrance (like in buildings) they will transform into a ring.

*The type of berries would be randomly generated.

Here are the dragons again


I’ve decided to be the bestest morally ambiguous but tries to be good/ kind half-orc evil necromancer / evil cleric


I absolutely love those fruit dragons. I remember seeing them in another thread. :slight_smile:

I have a lot of ideas for familiars, so I’ll stick with my standard “we’ll see.” :slight_smile:


Mmmh I have another question (sorry)

If we become a thief or evil cleric or necromancer can we repent somehow?
E.g. I’m playing as an evil cleric and it’s easy to see how someone could easily get over their heads in this. It’d be super cool if Brother Naveem or something would allow us to actually become a good cleric (and maybe double-cross the evil guys)

(…Whilst still keeping the cool abilities we get.)

Also is Jaymon our real parent? It’s just weird that their race changes with ours.
And I found your secret cheat room: stuff like that would be great as an IAP to enable god-mode or something.


Secret cheat room? Damn it, I need to look for that now!


Hey! It’s a secret! Only for me and Lucid!

And everyone else who can do CTRL+F *if (cheats_on) #Enter Lucid’s hidden room.

Also, I’m literally too dumb to read the mathematical text books. This sucks. I wish we could hire a tutor or something.

EDIT: After becoming a master (level 3) thief, guard and cleric, I am now smart enough to read. I… have no idea how this let’s me do maths but I wont question it!

Double edit: Saw this cute dog, I imaged it as the reaction of our pets/ animal helpers to us doing magic;


I like the idea, although it would have to lose any special evil abilities and gain the good instead. A temptation to allow a good cleric to turn evil would also be a fun quest. But, that would be for mid-game.

There’s a story there, for sure! :slight_smile:

Stay out of my room! When the next update comes, I’ll need testing from the ground up. Eventually I’ll get into balancing gold, spells, skills, etc too, which will require no cheating. I’ll keep it hidden for now.

Life experience! :slight_smile: Counting the number of people you hit, money you stole, times you prayed? :slight_smile:


Of course, x + 3 = 5 is pretty hard, but if you’ve mugged 3 people and are being charged with 5, x is 2 liars who you swear you didn’t touch!

And as of now the Half-orc seems knda weak. Like not only code-wise (lower stats, can’t do the maths thing) but I’d bet we won’t meet many people who will love us for being an Orc.
So as of now, super hard mode 1 class, evil cleric, half-orc, with all in agility or something.


Just wait till Lucid codes in the Orc ROs. :slight_smile: And don’t worry, I’ll stay out of the cheat room. Although if you want to make it a secret Developer’s Shrine eventually that’s fine with me.


I really want to have some sort or half-orc RO. And it’d be great if they weren’t just the kinda dumb stereotype, but also pretty fun and curious. It’s just because all the types of RO’s I’ve seen are:

Selfish, then you make them kinder and nicer to you (or not),
Sneaky, cunning, etc.
Good, like super good.
Dumb/ Naive, to a fault.
And lastly strong, headstrong and angry./ violent.

It’d just be cool if there was an RO that was strong without having to be headstrong or violent.
Even though this is kinda common in itself, I’d prefer a 'strong but doesn’t know it and ends up maiming people in hugs/ high fives than the common angry, dumb headstrong orc.

Maybe I just care too much but it annoys me how there’s little RO’s who are both strong and not extremely/ annoying stupid. Except from male RO’s.

On a happier note, here a mostly bueno for kiddos comic are found for all you lovers of orc relationships:

…I shall stop linking everything I can thing of.


Lootboxes, dlc, premium currency!

“You have died, would you like to purchase a revive for $2.00 or start over? Your current play time is at 9:56:53.”


No, no, please God no. I have taken a vow to avoid any media that shills and sells out so blatantly and Lucid is not an artist I want to forsake.


You have currently spent 200 hours on this game.

Pay within the next 10 hours to defeat the final boss, RANSOMWARE or all your progress will be deleted.

You will have to pay 200 hours, then 100, then so on until you pay £10 for 10 AP (action points)

…Yeah, sounds great.

Or just make hardcore mode free, the other paid.
People will pay tons to not have to restart at every death.


No, no you’re doing it wrong, we have to wring every penny out of them, make them pay for hard mode on a one and done system, but make it excessively difficult to the point where even the weakest enemy can kill the player in one shot, and then make all the other difficulty levels payed for on a rental system.


Wait lets just make it a PvP while we’re at it.
1/10 chance each enemy will be another (paid) players level 100 character.

And I’m pretty sure we just need to slowly drain them of money.
Perhaps they get a free resurrect when they get someone else to download (and they have to recommend it to someone else, too!)

Or we go the old fashioned way of hacking their device. E.g. Flashlight needing location, why don’t we just write over other apps and make fake facebook posts!


Sounds like I better warm up my Mech, gather my Army, and kick the heck out of you Sixer Punks! Damn, I can’t wait to see Ready Player One! :wink:


Hah, 1/10 the guy says! We can do better.

And reach level 100!

All apps downloaded will be overwritten with the game.


All other games will be disabled so you can focus on this game.
For your convenience, of course!


Of course the game will also be downloaded on your contact’s systems!


Hey @Lucid you know you have hints towards the other Daria games? Like calling your god ‘The Unknown’? It’d be cool if you could add more stuff like that, for example if you use knowledge you probably shouldn’t know (e.g. …I can’t think of anything, someone help? Maybe stuff like the unknown god or how demon summoning works) as little in-game nods to the player.

For example, naming yourself The Prince of Daria and your parents die and you live with…

But seriously it’d be pretty cool! Maybe like "If you can name the OP demon you can’t use until like the 3rd game you can have a free sword or something.