Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum (Out Now!)



Hey! thanks for playing through the demo! How did you find it? And yep, @Bugreporter is right! I’ve submitted the game for publishing and it will take a while before it comes out, but hey, good things come to those who wait right? :smile:


Authors have no control on when their work will be published., this will depends on the publisher’s (aka the CoG team) schedule since they have other titles to sort out with and they are a small team, around 18 people so patience is key on these. To get you some idea, how many titles are currently on their queue.

Also, we don’t ask for release dates since they might cause pressure on authors (see forum rules and the reason above.


Thanks for the question! Unfortunately, that’s entirely in the hands of the CoG team (as explained by @resuri08) But should I get any updates, I will definitely let you guys know!!!

And as a bonus, for all of your patience… I’ll give a sneak peek of the logo :wink:


@nauhziy: Nice splash page.


Oooh that looks awesome thanks for answering am surprised my comment wasn’t taken down sooner to be honest anyway love your game and I really like the logo.


I’m Starting to get bored playing only 4 chapter of this game :anguished:


Then just wait until it’s fully released.

Simple as that.


@Eiwynn Thank you!!! That’s v kind of you :smile:

@Xarena Ahh thank you so much!!! Hahaha well, I’m hoping for it to be out sooner rather than later as well!!! But I think CoG is working their hardest to get through the intense backlog so it would probably be later rather than sooner :cry: Thank you for your patience!!!

@Varys Well… I’m a starving intern so… we could always cut a deal :wink: I accept Paypal, Crypto and other forms of payment :smile: Hahaha

@AAO Thank you for your patience!!! Truly appreciate it :smile:


Hey, love the demo😊. I was just wondering, how do you make the lady at the slave trader take you in? If it’s even possible.


It’s not possible for her to take you.


Ok. Thanks for the help.


me to.cant wait for it


The author has no control over when the game is published. Please be patient and wait for the release of the game.


@Varys @Jeremy_Stumbaugh
@EclecticEccentric is right. I’m excited and waiting for it as well!!! Definitely taking a while due to the long Hosted Games queue, but I hope it’ll be worth it!! Thank you so much for being patient!!! :smile:


Probably we will wait until next year


I keep on dying at the end, I’ve tried multiple choices in different ways yet my character always dies in the “mumrs”. Is this how it is? Or am i doing something wrong bere


i liked the demo, i enjoy your writing style, but i think i found a bug while playing as a female demanding to be freed the game said this
“Polite… good boy. Let me introduce… this is Roman lash… You barbarian… do bad… Roman lash hit you” The man continues calmly as if nothing has happened.
also you can only be gay, lesbian or straight, what about being bisexual? i know it may be harder to code, but some people are atracted to both genders its hard having to choose to be atracted to just one… cries in bisexual, anyway looking foward to the release i will 100%buy


@nauhziy is this the finished product Word count or did it change after the rework you have to do ?
if so can you tell us?
Current word Count:
without code ~190 000
with code ~225 000


I have no idea but that may be possible!

What do you mean by mumrs? In the demo, the last chapter ends in death cause its the end of the demo, I will take a look and see if I can make it clearer!

Hey! Ahh thank you for that catch! I’ll change that. Hmmm… given that it is my first work, I wanted to keep it relatively simple for now, but in the future, I will be sure to add in such options! (bisexual, non-binary etc) Thank you so much for your feedback and support! :smile:

This is the word count of the finished product! I don’t see myself making too many major changes so it might be +/- a couple hundred words but not too much tbh!


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Great game btw