Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum (Out Now!)



Sure just drop me a message no worries :smile:


Never ending waiting :sleepy:


Damn. I’m excited every time I click next lol


It’s tough but thank you for your patience!!! If you have time definitely check out the Kai Chronicles series it’s amazing (and it makes the wait less painful hahaha)

Thank you so much for your kind words!!! Hope you liked it!


Oh no. I didn’t liked it. I really really liked it! This is one of those works I’m really looking forward to. This is like a bridge to something great. Keep up the good work!


Can someone explain to me the correct shift in guard. Duty?


Here ya go


Looking forward to play as a gladiator


Thank you so much for your kind words!!! It’s very encouraging to hear :smile:

@Reymark_Serentas @Fay
Thanks for pointing out the answer!!

Glad you like the concept!!!


Just thought I would give a quick update given that it’s almost coming to a year since submission. Hosted Games recently contacted me to draw up the contract, so yes! Finally things are moving along and I hope everyone’s as excited as I am to see this on the playstore sooner rather than later!

As with exact dates and all that, no one really knows, but just thought I would update everyone on how things are coming along so far!!! Thanks for waiting it out :smile:


Excellent news, sending much congratulations your way! You’re a most excellent writer, I’m most looking forward to playing this in the full.


Certainly it would vary from case to case, but for me it was less than two months from returning the signed contract to Nuclear Powered Toaster being released. If that holds for you as well, hopefully you’ll be out by February or so.


Just when I thought this day can’t get any better, then this! breathing intensifies Thank you for this update!!! Yeeeeehaw


Been waiting for this game.


That’s a lot of good news right before Christmas haha, you’re spoiling us lad!


I just read the demo. It’s really good and I can’t wait to see what comes next!


Oh wow thanks for the love everyone!!! I’ve thought that this game had been forgotten, but now that it’s back on the queue, I’m as excited as you guys!!!

Thank you, you’re far too kind!! I’m excited to have you play the game too!!

Ahh I see that would be a great start to 2019 for me if that was the case! And thanks for dropping by! How did the Nuclear Powered Toaster do on the play store?

Hahaha you’re very welcome!!! I can barely contain my excitement myself!!! Hahahaha

I hope it’s worth the wait!! :smile:

Ahh my friend, it’s been too long!!! Hope you are doing great too!

Thank you so much!!! Hope the release is equally exciting! :smile:


Well, I will still have to wait a bit to get that summer home in Daytona Beach. But it’s hard to say for certain, it released October 25th so my first royalty statement was essentially just one week (and that being the week it was on sale, no less). We’ll have to see how it did for its first full month in January.

Still, it had several strikes against it yours shouldn’t, so don’t let that discourage you.


Why did it strikes against it? Mind i ask

@nauhziy how much longer ?


As a general rule you’re not really supposed to ask about dates and timeframes. I think this is to prevent the authors from feeling rushed and/or to keep the conversations mostly positive.