Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum (Out Now!)



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^Anddd everyone else I have missed! :sob:

Also, if anyone is willing to do some intense beta testing over the weekend… drop me a dm! Would be great to see if chapter 5/6 are ready - and to sort out any lingering glitches I might not have caught. Thank you so much :smile:


I’m still here, ready to help.


Hmm, I’m definitely free. Whatever you need. And would you mind if I sent my name via PM?


@Urban @Phoenix_Wolf
Perfect! Let me drop you guys a dm! :smile: And yes, that would be great!


awww, i think you still did an amazing job for a first game, you certainly have the skill to have made it into the top, maybe next time you will have more luck hehe
i will gladly beta test if you are not looking only for grammars :wink:


I’m always here to help :slight_smile:


can I beta test the game?


This has been one of my favorite WIP for awhile now. Excited to see that it’s still being worked on. Thank you to the author and beta testers for your hard work.


@Ender1 @Hylaire_Dessalines1
Thank you so much for your interest guys! I really appreciate the offer, but I’m looking for the testers from the first round to comment on the changes in the full demo. The full game will be out in a few months though, so I’ll be super happy if you guys can have fun w/ it and play it! Otherwise, I’m working on another wip “Sir Yes Sir” right now, so you can join that beta test when it comes out as well!


Thanks like I said I’m always ready to help :blush:


Thank you so much! your comments were really helpful as well! I won’t need anymore beta testers for now, but I’ll def let you know when the game comes out! And I hope you enjoy it!!! You can always look out for my next wip as well :smile: Currently working on Sir Yes Sir!

Thank you so much! I’m very honored to hear you say that. Hopefully you will enjoy the full story when it comes out! Many many thanks!


Any time, anywhere lad ! let’s get that master piece out ! :wink:



I have finals but i can make one or two intense passes PMed you


I’d willing throw $5 at this in the app store. Possibly more depending on the length.


@TheNobleOne @CaesarCzech
Thanks for your interest! But I’ve already gotten my hands full with the testers I have currently. Thank you for your offers though! Hopefully you guys will get to play the full version when it comes out! :smile:

Thank you so much for your support!!! Hahaha your comment totally made my day :smile:


[spoilers]I love how the best friend has the most votes >_<[/spoilers] Surprisingly, I’m interested in games/novels like this and The Price of Freedom~ Looking forward to the full game when it’s released!!


There is one problem
It’s not finish


The game has been finished and submitted to the CoG comp. The four chapters available are just a demo.