"FORTUNE the FATED" by Zachary Sergi

It’s okay. Also, what meant is that I did read it but with not complete attention and in somewhat of a daze. It’s totally my fault though.

Is the ending of this game reasonably satisfying on its own, or does it feel like setup for the promised sequel?

In general, I think only one of Sergi’s three series (Heroes Rise Trilogy) has an ending that feels like it pays off the prior games while the other two (Heroes Rise 2, Versus) feel both somewhat rushed and like your choices didn’t have a noticable impact. As such, I’d be happy to dive into a new standalone game, since I do generally like Sergi’s writing, but I’m not planning to get invested in a new series until it’s finished and I can read reviews of how well the story as a whole pays off.

This is the first book in a duology, and it ends with you completing (or not) the first half of your mission and en route to completing the rest. Having played the beta, I would say most of it is a setup for the second half of the story. I recommend waiting for the sequel to be released.

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I haven’t tried Versus, but I’ve finished the demo and I think that I should’ve read Versus beforehand. As a new reader I was completely confused with characters and setting, especially concidering how fast-pacing the story is. I have doubts that this story is really good for the first-time readers of this author’s works. Maybe it’s just my issue, tho.
Congradulations on the release, Zachary Sergi. I will return to the full game after I read Versus series.

That’s pretty much standard with Sergi’s games. He’s writing very defined stories and choices that he doesn’t want you to take are often going to be punished or overridden.


I wonder will we ever get a chance to play the Destructive side of Versus? And what happened to our Heroes Rise characters that got zapped to Planet Versus, will we ever get to find out?

Er…spoilers? I guess? Sorry?

Mr. Sergi has stated that he doesn’t feel comfortable engaging in discussion on this forum, so you’ll be more likely to get an answer if you contact him elsewhere. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I saw that when I got farther down the thread. I don’t know if I should delete the question or not, really, given that the post was approved. Feels kind of like wasting someone else’s work to do so.

Shame he felt driven off. Versus and Heroes Rise are some of the games I replay the most, and he’s great at this.

If you edit your post to be a general reply, instead of tagging Zachary, that would work. Who knows, maybe the author will feel comfortable returning one day.


Should have thought of that myself. I blame lack of coffee. :sweat_smile: Thanks!

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Got the game minutes ago and it does sound promising despite not being the greatest fan of the Versus series gotta admit the overall plot was pretty much unique on its execution(too much Sci fi stuff for me but knew that at the beginning) if this one can be read as an individual novel perphaps is the perfect chance to reconnect with this dear author’s works!

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Hello all!! Dipping my toe back in here, if that’s okay! This project is so near and dear to my heart, I just wasn’t ready for some of the more insensitive comments that close to release. But feeling strong enough to face whatever comes my way, mostly because I’m dying to hear what you readers thought–but more importantly get any feedback to incorporate in the potential conclusion to this story (and future interactive works). I really want to grow and evolve! That said, there’s a clear difference between constructive/helpful feedback (no matter how deep/intense) and just being cruel. I will be ignoring anyone who just feels like taking a shot at an author :slight_smile: And it’s probably also worth noting, writing for a living means all different kind of constraints are put on what’s possible–freelance, indie, paycheck-to-paycheck are all still a reality for me (hence why really cruel shots at my writing/style always hit deeper–turning off new readers to my work isn’t just a casual comment, it can really impact my growth as a writer in so many ways). Okay monologue over, excited to see if anyone has some insights!


No insights to offer since I haven’t had a chance to play this one yet, but I’m happy to see you back!

P.S. Already looking forward to October 3! :star_struck:

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:smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I had fun. There were some things that were disappointing, but that’s true of every entertainment. I really do want to know what happens to my HR and THP characters, though. Particularly as it looks like all of them (and Prodigal) may be related to the world they come from being chosen for the VERSUS games.

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Curious what you found disappointing, especially since you had fun :slight_smile: And yes, the HR and THP characters have definitely been recruited into the Blot war–hope I get to write that epic someday in the future!

That’s the thing…I’m not sure if it’s “baked in” so to speak, or the choices I made as I played the game that led to those instances where I felt let down. Which is why it’s not really a complaint, because if it’s my choices there’s no one to complain to but me. :woman_shrugging:t5:

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Haha well I did aim to make this one feel more “gamey” in that your strategy can lead to very different success/contingency outcomes. That said, “success” isn’t exactly straightforward either…so might be part your choices, part of my design. That’s a line that’s always so hard to parse!


I’m going to be totally useless at feedback, since I’ve not played it yet (got my head down on my own project right now) but wanted to warmly echo the welcome back.


Oh I know how that goes, thanks so much and wishing you lots of writing speed!!!