Fallen Hero - Update 18 December 2016

So, Fallen hero is now in beta stage, thus the link is gone :

IMPORTANT: After the new year this link will no longer be playable. The game will be moving into closed beta status to prepare for the release of part one. Working title is “Fallen Hero:Rebirth.”

I will be in the need of a few playtesters, specifically focused on grammar and continuity.

Long time, no see people. First of all, a huge thank you to the people who have taken the time to message me and ask about this game and what was happening with it. You are a big reason why am posting this at all, instead of just powering through in the background. People liking what I do is the greatest motivator, especially when having creative doubts.

So, what has happened to me then? Life. New town, new house to renovate, new job and troubles with my health (got new and better meds now tho) has meant that I had no extra energy to keep working on this beast. What creative energy I’ve had, I’ve needed to use on the comic I am writing, Breaks. But, since we’ve now finished volume one of that, and I’ve written half of volume two, I’ve got some time and energy to spare.

It was hard to get back in the swing of things, but hopefully it will be easier now that I have got back in the habit of thinking in code.

FAQ with some of my thoughts.

  • You are playing a villain, but whether you stay that way or try for redemption will be up to you.
  • You will be able to romance many people in the game, and yes, several at once if you dare and manage, The MC will change and grow, and you will not be locked into many choices, but they will affect how people see and react to you.
  • Yes, there are spelling and grammar errors. I have not put it to my proofreaders, since I am still changing things. There are big swathes at the start that will be rewritten, but I am saving that for last. Going forward is more important.
  • Please tell me if I have missed any faulty pronouns. I really have tried this time.
  • The stat screen is just temporary for now. I need to figure out how to do what I want it to do.
    *I won’t give too many spoilers about what you will be able to do, mainly because I want to do everything, but there’s also script and text to write and I am not sure what I will manage to include.
  • Any feedback is great.

So when will this game be released?

I have no idea, it is really dependent on my free time. I’ll keep typing away though, since you people seem to like it

This update is not huge, but I wanted to go back and try to get a better handle on the MC’s motivations and reasons for doing what next chapter will be all about. Hopefully it will feel more natural now, let me know if you still feel like there are no good choices for how you picture your character. So yes, there are some major past edits this time.

You will get into the suit this time, the lead in to the actual big debut is included as a teaser. I am working on the rest as we speak, but as it is the next MAJOR step forward I don’t want to include it until everything is done.

I have also fixed some pronouns and clarified some discussions where it wasn’t clear who spoke what.

Once again, I am floored by the fact that people like this so much.

UPDATE 1 may

Just a small update. The plot does not progress beyond what we have seen, but there have been sections added earlier in the story. Both smaller fixes, and longer segments, more past flashbacks and clearer reasons and motivation.

UPDATE 22 october

Took a while, but life is life and I’ve now signed my first publishing contract in the english language. No, I can’t talk about it yet, and no, it is not this game, but I am still working on it whenever I have free time. As you might have guessed from the ratio of total number of words to playable words, it’s been a bit of a parallell slog to get through the latest chapters, but now everything is back together on a more similar path so progress is easier.

Thank you to the people who have asked me about this, it feels good to know that people still want more and while I understand and agree with the “no badgering” rules, I have never felt pressured, only encouraged. So no need for you to feel bad for asking, just be mindful that not everyone feel the same way about these things.

Hopefully I will be able to keep writing, November is always a good time for this, I just hope real life stays quiet. Inspiration is not an issue here, time and peace of mind is. I might have my fingers in too many pies…

Update 27 october

Finished the Ortega fight. Added some other bits in earlier chapter, mostly minor. Not sure if save files will be messed up, let’s hope they are not. There should be no major flags added before the party, so if you have one before there, try that one first. If there are any weird things in the flow, please let me know, it is becoming more and more complicated to playtest these things…

Update 28 october

Finished the Lady Argent fight, and adjusted things in earlier chapters to make more sense. Again, beware saves during/after the party, there’s a lot of flags that have changed there. If you have one from right before it, try using that. No guarantees that things won’t be messed up afterwards. Also, this brings us to the end of this stage, now I need to go back to coding the next chapter before writing it. So the next update might be a while.

Update 11 november

Did you think you were home free? Really?

The possible flag issues from before still applies. It is also late, and I might have messed things up but I wanted it posted. Also, next update is going to be a big one, so it might take a while, but it is plotted and done. All that’s left is to write it… here’s hoping for inspiration!

Update 10 December

Big update. Lots of things can happen. Or almost none at all. It’s all up to your choices!

Also, good news! I have found some new ways to handle code which makes it MUCH faster to code variations for me, which means that I can pay attention to details in a much easier and more streamlined way. That will make things a lot easier going forth. I am but a coding beginner after all.

This time I DO recommend playing from the start, as I have added some new variables as early as chapter one. Also, I have heard that sometimes Dashingdon has a few issues with browsers remembering old settings, so I would clear my cache, or maybe play in the browser’s privacy setting if there’s any problems.

I have yet to code the last bit of this chapter, which is basically watching the news to see how your debut was received, but I felt that you guys deserved some fun for being such wonderful players. Seriously, this place is the best inspiration.

Update 18/12

Added the last of chapter 16, one alternative path and some news stuff. Also, redid some romance flags to make the stat sheet more sensible. Will fill things in later, I was so tired at the end, but I am not home tomorrow and wanted to see what I had managed to break in my massive retagging. Keep an eye on how the romances work, hopefully I haven’t messed them up.

That being said, CLEAR YOUR CACHE before playing, or play in the anonymous mode or what it is called. Too tired to find english words.

Also, be warned! Lots of tagging has changed, but this is the last time that will happen for a while. I would recommend you replaying, otherwise things might get messed up.


Welcome back :smiley:

Wow, you’re back! :joy:
This is definitely one of the WIPs I truly enjoyed, and am ecstatic that you are still working on it :grinning: I shall play the update with gusto, and will keep an eye on this WIP :wink:

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Welcome back :blush: (20char)

Yay, and welcome back

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Oh, wow! I’m really excited to see that you’re still working on this! It’s definitely one of my favorite WIPs. I’m happy to see it’s still around. :blush:

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Love this WIP, super exited its still being worked on!!!

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I’d say welcome back, but I’m newer to the forums.
Anyway the game looks great, and I’m really glad something this good is being worked on again.

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Truly enjoyed it. Love little tidbits you left after every choice (short hair? Yes, you keep it short because its simple, and you don’t stand out in the crowd.) , they really set tone of my personal villain, what I ‘choose’ he did most of his life, it’s not a new development, just part of his personality, and adds to immersion.

Loved also your way of making villain many shades of gray, with few meaningful choices and set of cosmetic ones to enchance those and set main character apart from other playthroughs.

Game sets pretty nice pace, fast, tense, but with long paragraphs and texts, so while I read I relax a bit, but every choice I feel on the edge. I hope you’ll get it released, so I can buy it and replay many times, like “Samurai of Huyga” or “Fatehaven”.

Edit: I also ADORE how you write “anonymous, careful” villain. Unexisting ‘boss’ , quick lies, careful, professional entry-exits, smart moves and patience, all that can be choosen and actually works. Not that many games get that part right, and while I sometimes like gun-blazing type, stealth, subterfuge are so rare these days.


You mean LOVE IT! Welcome back :smile:

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nice, i remember playing your amazing wip so "Welcome back " :smirk:

YUS! And I do like the added updates from where you left off, I am so glad this WIP sees the light of day again!

Hey hey! The fallen hero has resurrected! Woo hoo!

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hell yeah welcome back love this story

Help, I’ve fallen for Ortega and I can’t get back up! :kissing_closed_eyes: Gotta say, I love being able to play a self-hating villain. My poor guy practically short-circuited when Ortega hugged him. HA. Get it? Now I just need to have my feelings kicked into the dirt some more by betraying him.


I really enjoyed the fight with Ortega and the following apology and I should probably get therapy moment.


Really happy to see this still ticking. Welcome back.

Lovely game, although I feel like crying sometimes. :cry: Please do keep at it. :blush:

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This is one of my favorite WIPs, so I’m glad it’s back.


“I thought you were dead,” he interrupts. “A lot of us were.”

Should be “A lot of us did.”


When it say “A lot of us were.” I thought it was more like “A lot of us were going to therapy” and not “A lot of us thought you were dead.”