Fallen Hero - Update 18 December 2016

Hey welcome back! Happy to know that this is alive! Heh always wanted to play a villain afterall.

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Just played for the first time and even though I usually play as a good person in other WIP’s, I have never wanted to be as evil as I am in this game. I think ima have fun with this

Oh. That may have been it. The sentence was weird to me.

Yeah, I read it that way too, but I can see how it could be misleading.

On a completely unrelated note, I was so very tempted to flirt with Ortega at the gym while in the Puppet, but… I don’t know. It felt wrong. :cry: My MC feels… something for Ortega. Something that probably bloomed years ago when they were partners and flirting but withered away and now has a chance to spring back, and I just know that I would probably ruin any chances for my boy (lol @ referring to a 30 year old man as my boy) to end up with him if I pulled that kinda stunt on him. I mean, just look at that one line in the summary:

Yeah. I didn’t dare.


Even in fiction I can’t bring myself to try and romance more than a single person.


Welcome back! Hope you’ve been doing well. ^^ Been looking forward to the return of this WIP. :smiley:

But that’s the real kicker! :persevere: It’s just the one person! Just… two different you’s. But I know it’ll only cause issues 'cause our MC might see it that way, but Ortega probably won’t. And then I’d cry. I’m already crying at how much he cares. My dude’s treated him with nothing but kindness so far and it just hurts to see him with hope in his eyes. I’M SORRY, ORTEGA!

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I kinda want my MC to go to therapy with Ortega…


Same. :confounded: I’m hoping for that and smooches, but we’ll see. I don’t think Ortega will take too kindly to my MC after the eventual reveal that the MC’s going villain, but a man can dream, right? Granted, I’ve literally been playing this MC as though he’d jump on the redemption arc the second he can, but still.

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It’s great to see this coming back; I was heartbroken when I thought this had been abandoned. Thanks for never giving up on it.

A lot of the things I loved carried over to the new scenes. Same broken protagonist, opportunities for self-torture, being an intelligent manipulator, and subtle mind games that remind me a lot of Death Note

On that note, it’s pretty much confirmed that we’ll have to be a liar. But what kind of options will there be for lying? For example,

  1. Trying to stick to the truth whenever possible to keep things simple
  2. Trying to divert all attention from you in a ‘deny, deny, deny’ way
  3. Lie more often than you tell the truth
  4. Pretend to be a unicorn from outer space

Most of the time I agree with you, but this is probably the only game in which I’m actually doing multiple romances. Why? Because I’m a liar who wants to stack as many odds in my favor, and in general people tend to trust people they are attracted to or, worst case scenario, instinctively pull their punches.
How do I keep Ortega off the scent? Make her fall in love with me. How do I ensure my mad scientist’s loyalty? Have my puppet show a bit of leg, and drop hints that continued partnership means more interaction with my puppet. Just because I’m a nicer breed of supervillain doesn’t mean I’m not above ruthlessly manipulating people’s emotions

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Not romancing Ortega with my main MC, Valentia, simply because it will lead to heartbreak when the reveal happens.
Gotta put off the reveal as long as possible to stay BFFs/Therapy Buddies. I have fallen into the trap that is Ortega’s heart.

With enough telepathic suggestion they’ll believe you, neigh.

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I’m way too nice to be a villain.

Also what is the check for getting lady argent’s secret when you’re in her mind I wanna know what she’s hiding!

Just played it and i dont know what the hell i’m picking… Like i’m getting way into character there.

Cyrus is damaged, he knows it. He ain’t gonna stop… And then… And then Ortega shows up and she’s his like weakness? I’unno all i can say is that I want to romance her but at the same time i don’t know what. Breakheart or drama… GAH… Eitherway I’m happy to play this again and happy that i picked arguing with her before running the fuck away like a little bitch that my character is.

I always enjoy a game where I can be a bad guy who is a serious threat to the forces of good.

So, just finished my first play through of this W.I.P. Now most people who’ve seen my comments know that I generally just dick about and make jokes about things. However, in all seriousness this has been one of the most entertaining stories I’ve read in quite sometime. None of the other games that C.o.G or H.G have gone with this approach. Normally you craft a character in a very rudimentary way at the very beginning. This, this however feels as though you’re stepping into the shoes of a living breathing person. With a legitimate world built around them.

I don’t know how you’ve managed to do this but you created a scenario in which I played both myself and someone else. I’m honestly not entirely sure how to express my thoughts on just how badly I’d like to see how the story progresses. Well done is all I can say really. Well done and that I will certainly be watching this with great interest.


I’m really happy and excited you and this amazing wip is back! I’m in love with this gane! :smile:
I loved the updated and the interactions with Ortega just make fall in love with him more and more. :heart_eyes: So flirting with him, while I’m using the puppet is so wrong and out of the question.
My mc has a way of making him blush and not even sorry to the slightest. :smirk:
I just really hope my mc has still chances to rekindle her relationship with him and where their relationship will lead and how will influence her initial motives for revenge, when she’ll realize how empty she feels and this is not what she really wants from her life (yes, I’m going full redemption with my mc). :blush:

I just finished my first play through. It is 3 in the morning, and now I have to fall asleep with the feels escaping from my body.

Other than that, I extremely enjoy the story so far and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this.

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First, a great big thank you to everyone welcoming me back. I’ve missed this place. I really has. Also, you are making me blush. I’m so glad you’re enjoying this, because I am sure enjoying writing it, even if the complexity just keeps skyrocketing as the MC develops and the choices racks up.

I’ll get to some individual questions in a moment, I just wanted to say a general OMG YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING. Yep. I really do think that.


I can guarantee that will happen… but exactly how deep you will go before the shit hits the fan, that’s up to your choices.

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Yessssssssss! This is back!