Fallen Hero: Rebirth is released - discussion thread! (Book One)


So, the day has finally come. Cue butterflies and sweaty hands.

Fallen Hero is out!

Google Play store link!

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Choice of Games’ website!

Steam store link!

EDIT: Was a small update to take care of some minor bugs in the statscreen and text. Mostly language and connectivity related, as my last changes didn’t get included.

EDIT2: Okay. Fallen Hero has now been out for two days (depending on where you are in the world) and I am… overwhelmed. I never expected this.

Honestly, I don’t know what I expected. I know the story has had it’s fans, even back when it was a fanfiction project on Livejournal for an unpublished comic book that my partner is writing. It didn’t even have a name back then, just “a supervillain writing experiment”, where I was playing around with concepts and ideas. I think some of those fans are around still, even though it’s been… years and years. A decade? Maybe.

For the longest time it lay on my harddrive, half turned into a novel, then abandoned because I couldn’t figure out how to get at the core of the story I wanted to tell. I knew a lot of it was deeply problematic, but it was also the problematic bits that I wanted to get at.

I didn’t even think about making it into an interactive novel until Choice of Robots went viral on my tumblr dash and I realized that was the way I wanted to go.

But even then I never really thought that other people would connect to it the way some seem to do. Maybe it’s because it is so personal…

More rambling

A lot that goes into that book is things that have been going on in my own head in the past. I tried to put it all in there. The anger at the world. At myself. The hate/love for the people around me that understands but at the same time doesn’t since I never let them in.The destruction and the self destruction. Not feeling at home in your own body, but not knowing what to do instead. Depression. Gender queerness. Suicídal thoughts. The feeling of alienation from the rest of humanity. The sense of the inevitability of it all.

I’ve got some questions whether I’ve listened to a certain expert, or whether I’ve studied psychology. I haven’t. Not unless you count trying to figure out yourself. That I’ve done extensively. At 46, I’ve had a lot of time to make mistakes and try to fix them.

It remains to be seen what path the MC will take…

Another thing that I didn’t expect is that in just two days it would have this many good reviews, nice things said about it, or this many downloads. Two bloody days… I can only see the downloads on the playstore, (1000-5000 after two days), traditionally the app store is the biggest seller for choice of games but there’s no numbers (between #4 and #5 in the roleplaying section). Thes are downloads and not sales, but looking at the Steam achievement stats, it seems that around 70% have so far got through to Step 3, which is after the paywall, which I think is a pretty good ratio. The reviews are favorable, the things people point out they like less, are things I understand and agree with, but which are there for a reason.

In short, I am very happy, which is weird, because I do not trust my own happiness. I have a much easier time being disliked.

So… that being said.

It would be very much appreciated if you’d take the time to leave a review at your platform of choice telling why you liked/disliked the game. I’m not sure how one goes around getting a book up on Goodreads, but I think they have interactive novels as well?

Got no marketing budget, word of mouth is pretty much all I have.

Thank you so much everybody, you have no idea how much your support have meant to me. Thank you.

EDIT 3: A new thread for questions about achievements/gameplay.


Wow, this announcement was like a hit to the face.
So sudden! Amazing :flushed:


Is there somewhere a full uncompressed version of cover art? It looks amazing X_X

Google app doesn’t appear to have one packed, at least at a brief glance.


Will add it to this post once I am home from work. Just on my phone right now!


Day xxx

Still no Steam


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OMG OMG OMG IT’S HERE!!! Congratulations @malinryden !!! I’d put a gif here if I can but I’m making do with the school wifi hahah.

Gosh, I’m wallowing in stress and despair what with all these paperwork for school and uni and this really helped make my day :sob::sob: I haven’t played yet but I will soon when I take a break. I love y’all so much :sob::sob::sob::sob:


Congratualations .i loved to betatest this amazing piece of art.

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Tries to telepathically say good job


Well before I get started can I say that March has been a ridiculously strong month for interactive fiction and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. Now that I’ve finished the game, I can say that it has met and surpassed every one of my expectations and I will still be recommending it to every person I know.

Seriously, this is a gateway book but I’m pretty sure will convert a few holdouts into interactive fiction fans. The writing (which was already very strong in the demo) has managed to step up to another level in its released state. There’s been some definite and noticeable expansion and not only the characters but the World building of the setting in the story. I felt real emotional resonance (something I don’t experience very often when reading)in almost every part of the novel, from the mental fragileness of my character, to the reluctance of pursuing a path if they know will almost certainly not end well, to the almost unhealthy obsession they have with Ortega, It struck all the right notes for me.

I could drone on but I think people more articulate then I am will say what I’m trying to say much better then I could so I’ll just conclude with; congratulations on the release and I am eagerly awaiting the release of parts two and three. If those books are even half the quality of the first release I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to say that this series could end up one of the all-time greats in hosted game history.

All the best.


Just created an acc to say this was incredibly good. The writing and prose were consistent and quality, and the story ended pretty satisfactorily even though it builds into a sequel.

Great stuff, and well worth full price even if hadn’t gotten it on sale. Not changing from Ortega, by the way. I’m pretty curious how it’ll go when both my bodies are trying to romance her at the same time.


I just finished my first playthrough… the game left me with a strange number of feelings… As soon as I finished the game, I really had the same feeling as my MC as in being conflicted. And playing pretend when u meet the Rangers made me feel as exhausted as the MC.. This is probably one of the very few games which made me feel close to the MC. As for the romance, I ended with a Casanova achievement on my very first playthrough…So, all in all, an awesome experience.


I want to start off by saying how thrilled I am that this game was released. It was one of my favorite WIPs and I remember how I used to always check for updates after school. Seriously, this is great, congrats friend. I thoroughly enjoyed the content, just as much as I hoped I would. The only problem I have is with the length. Dunno if it’s just me but it felt short. That’s not bad, per se. I’m already hyped for the second book and it had a fair price. Overall great read and I look forward to more.


it’s spring break in mississippi.

also when does it pop up on the hosted games page.

Also in central Florida.

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I haven’t even started it yet but before I do I wanted to say a huge huge huge congratulations to you on it being out and also I am so so so excited!!

Now the time has come to disappear into the void to read.


Caught this announcement just as I was getting ready to go to bed, and now here I am 2 hours later practically vibrating with excitement.

The story you have here is super compelling, and has only gotten more so since the demo. And the main character is definitely in my top 5 list of “player characters that really resonate with me”, possibly even top 3.

So now I’m going to dive back into a second playthrough, since I’m too jazzed to sleep now, and eagerly await whatever comes next!


no really when does it show up on the choice of games website?

Ah crap I just saw that there’s a discussion thread. Reposting my q here:

Is it possible to ‘change your mind’ on an RO? Like, start out as friends and then become lovers, or start out as lovers and then become friends. Noticed that certain options are grayed out as I’m playing.


Check after lunch, I believe Wayhaven was released at like 1 or 2 EST on the website last week.