Fallen Hero: Rebirth - achievements and gameplay questions

I got asked on tumblr if it was possible to have a separate thread for people wanting help with gameplay and achievements, instead of putting those in the main discussion thread where things can easily get hidden in the discussion. I thought it was a good idea, so I went and made one.

Not sure if it’s possible to split the questions/answers from the other thread, but at least we can have one here for new ones.


can’t touch this
And getting something off of lady argent for the doctor
Are the only two things I’m curios about anymore.
great game


i think with boosted strength and telepathy you can knock her out in the sewers and take something


Can you ONLY take hair from Lady Argent with the Strength upgrade? Just wanna know if I should stop attempting if I don’t pick it.


So far I found that’s the only way. Though… I think you can take hair… or an eye. dunno how to do the latter. High arrogance maybe?


I didn’t have the strength upgrade and couldn’t clip anything at all off her. Even hair. So I assumed my MC is too wimpy)))

I still have a long way to go on achievents. Like Thin Red Line or Casanova, or Friends in High Places… is there a guide somewhere, perchance? (Also, hidden achievements? I’m curious).
Oh, and I didn’t get the “Step Five” for some reason. :thinking:


I think for step five you need to choose your own name

thin red line: “you won’t pull any punches, even if it means civilians get killed”-- so as long as you make sure your protagonist doesn’t care about casualties/causes casualties at the museum, you’ll be good.

casanova: i haven’t unlocked this yet, but i’m pretty sure you get it by dating both ortega and the doctor for the entire course of the game, and not breaking things off with either of them.

friends in high places: you have to go alone to the museum, and then when you’re there, you have to hide in the shadows to be somewhere alone.


So how do you avoid drawing the farm’s attention at the end ?

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wild guess, but I didn’t get that one when I wasn’t using any telepathy besides the booby trap I left in lady argent. maybe it’s that

Don’t get wounded fighting the re-gene and don’t let it live. Or just don’t fight it.

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in one plauthrough i murdered a ton of people using armor and telepathy and it drew their attention

You can get Casanova achievement by romancing both Ortega and Doctor in both bodies, MC & Puppet

But is it possible for the MC to meet the doctor as yourself and not as the puppet?? Just competed my 3rd playthrough

Nope, in my playthrough my MC didn’t meet the doctor. I got it by MC kissing Ortega at hospital, Puppet didn’t break off with Ortega and brought doctor home for ‘coffee’


good game hope you make part two

How do I get the A Blow to Their Pride achievement?

I think you have to cripple both herald and Ortega


How did you get to the hospital I can’t seem to get that option?

Also does anyone know how to beat lady Argent in a fair fight?

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You shouldn’t be hurt from the fights I guess. Just play to your strengths depending on armor mods.