Cover Artwork Needed?

Hello there! I am an artist, looking for more illustration projects. I LOVE Choice of Games (and some of the cover artwork is really great) so I want to break into this market. :slight_smile: Working on a new story? Take a look at my stuff!

Portfolio links here:

Thus far, I’ve done done cover artwork for sci-fi anthologies and some comic books. (Besides other poster design for theater productions, etc.) The two cover pieces are the ‘Pretendscious’ series, volumes 1&2. But feel free to poke through any album. I do straight up drawing/photography, and also some photo-manipulations overlaid with sketches. I’m not purely comic-booky, but I really like the style!

Interested? Feel free to email me or respond here.


Wow. Seriously wow.

I have been wondering what I could use as a cover for my upcoming “Fallen Hero” game, and have really drawn a blank. And then I found your favorites folder and… let’s just… wow.

Especially this kind of style, perhaps combined with your wonderful theater posters:

I have been looking for something I feel can be used to show the feel of the game, which is all about you playing a telepathic, troubled, bodysnatching supervillain/former hero.

I will contact you by mail tonight to discuss price and process, I’m out of the house today, but I just wanted to let you know that you have the style I didn’t know I wanted, and give you the link so you can try out my game if you fancy.