Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)

I generally tend to play evil, or at best morally questionable, characters for that exact reason. :stuck_out_tongue:


oh my god let’s be best friends because I don’t know anybody who plays ToR and and and and and

funnily enough, I was able to play my Jedi as Dark Side, but only because the Light Side choices pissed me off. Very not-canon. Jedi are supposed to be able to love and and and and and they make it somehow evil because of the terrible prequels…

I…will definitely go off on a tangent about this. I’m a HUGE star wars nerd. I know far more about it than is probably healthy.

But yeah, I try to roll evil, but I literally can’t. I wanted to do a hero that only liked fame in the Hero Trilogy, and I literally couldn’t because it felt so wrong. /goodchristiangirl


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I think that’s called hubris. That always ends so well when greek gods are involved.


Loved playing as the smuggler in SWTOR got to live out my dream as a Han Solo wannabe :smile:

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I really like the Fallen Hero wip because it lets me play as a villain who kinda feels bad about what she’s doing, but goes along with her evil plan unhesitatingly nonetheless.

I also did enjoy playing a full dark side jedi knight in swtor, but I feel we might be veering a little too far off topic…


oh MAN when I tried smuggler during the beta, I was so into it that I stayed on the first planet for an extra four levels just to keep talking to people. Blaide was my IGN at the time, iirc. But then my original server got shut down, a few months after launch. Now I’m on Jedi Covenant – and SOMEHOW I managed to get the Legacy Name of Storm. Don’t ask me how, since I transferred to the server AGES after it had been opened.

and like omg i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Corso Riggs.

whispers i play games 99% for the romance options, i swear. i’m such a stereotype LOL

which is why I’m so interested in the RO’s for CotG attempts to get back on topic


So do I. At worse I always stay in grey spectrum of morality.
I find that playing as lawful god, or chaotic evil is stupid. The first one is stupid good, and the second is stupid evil.
Anything else is fair game though!

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I like playing as good or neutral. I swear, the worst I can do is play a prank on somebody. I try too hard to make everyone like me.

that’s probably a good metaphor for real life, actually. I play a friendly-to-a-fault character…And I’m friendly-to-a-fault IRL.

I should REALLY try to be evil more often.

I will DEFINITELY play at least one evil demigod >:T

Ah, Hero Trials. I remember when I chose Black Magic as my one true RO for one of my characters and we destroyed the world and created a new dimension in our image using our Infini powers. Forget the Victons and the Meek and whatever.

I was particularly fond of that “evil” ending :smiley:


Yeah i have a hard time playing evil, usually when i do i’m on auto pilot :slight_smile:

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Oooooh, I’ll have to try for that ending. All I know is that I became hyper-obsessed with getting a Perfect Legend Score. I totally did, too. Even in Redemption Season. Yeeeeeeaaaa :sunglasses:


Most of the time, the thing that prevents me from playing the Evil Overlord is that I find it stupid. Being God doesn’t seems very fun. But does it seems to be a great weight to carry, and it seems lonely, and prone to get you back-stabbed. I mean, every one to want to rule the world. (From what I gather from this thread :grin:)

Imagine being in charge of the Universe…All that work… I am too lazy for that kind of responsability. The very thought makes me sweat!
I’d rather have just enough power to be free… (and impress the passerby)


This is why I really like how Cataphrak went with “Idealism-Cynicism” and “Merciful-Ruthlessness” gauges in his games. Those 4 traits can be taken in all sorts of gray instead of just good and evil :smiley:

@Nyxerie Well that character wasn’t my canon MC for Hero Trials. I made him just for the sake of getting that ending. I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did hahaha

I definitely agree about not wanting to be at the pinnacle and being lonely. There’s nowhere to go but down from there.


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Wow this thread moved quite a bit since I checked in last. ^^

Anyway regarding Aesons godly parent I will admit it fits quite well if Hades was his father. I personally plan on romancing him with my MC…whom I’ll believe will end up wth Hades as a father too. Soo…keeping up the old tradition of incest among the greek gods…eh? xD Yes I know the demi-gods are not exactly related because of the weirdness of god-genes.


that’s kind of my headcanon, now, too, tbh.

Does anyone else wonders how a MC being totally in denial about being the Bearer will be taken by the other charaters as soon as they come to talk about it (What probably will be as soon as Aeson starts to talk about the Essence)? So far MC got the option to just ignore being the Bearer, but will that be possible as soon as the memories from their old lifes start to emerge?

Eh, a very stressed MC probably could become somewhat hysteric as soon as denial will stop being an option…:thinking:


Hades’s new bestseller, **I am my Kid’s Father-in-law **, now in bookstores near you!


oh my glob. I can’t even with that nonsense.

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