Fallen Hero: Rebirth - achievements and gameplay questions


She also gets your cape if she’s angry. (if you used the mental trap on her earlier or destroyed her clothes by rivaling her). It is possible to beat her after she gets your cape, though I have no idea why we don’t take it back.


In order for her to get your cape, do not pick enhanced speed for your suit, that way she actually catches up with you in the sewers and you will be forced to fight her again (so be ready for that, ha).

And with boosted strength (possibly also armour, as it cuts into the suit?) you can get the hair. :slight_smile:


That’s not quite right… actually you have to knock her out in order to get her hair. You can’t get it otherwise.


Yeah it’s possible. Make her your rival and choose the option “I’ve studied her, I know how to take her down”
Then when you meet her in a mental fight you’d find her naked and extremely angry and she’d steal your cape.

Then win the mental fight normally by having high subtle manipulation and proceed to take her hair as a trophy with the strength upgrade.


Yes, obviously. Well, not obviously, but it is the way it has to go - guess she’d object otherwise… :thinking:


Hey guys i was wondering how do I defeat Heartbreak, the psychic bad guy in chapter 4? Do I need specific stats to fight him? And what choices should I make in the dialogue? Sorry if this has already been asked.


Well, you’ll always lose to Heartbreak, but if you want the “learned from the best” achievement (I think that’s what it’s called?) I’m pretty sure you have to go it saying you have to stop this, choose that your mind is your own, and say that you don’t need your body for a mental fight.


Thanks! I’ll try it out, I guess I just thought you could win that for some reason lol.


You can shoot him if you give him your memories of the Farm. You’ll hit him, but he still makes you jump.


Was it really him you were shooting though? When I tried to shoot more I was aiming the gun at myself


I’m inclined to believe that we did, indeed, hit him at least once.

…you pull the trigger…

*set sidestep_reputation + 10

And also we can choose to look at him after we shoot him. This doesn’t seem like a hallucination.

A man lies collapsed on the floor, wrapped in dirty hospital scrubs, cables surrounding his fallen body like a halo of snakes. The cables don’t move; they just lie there, dead weight, bleeding rust or blood over the carpet. You can see the telltale twitches of muscle where your blast must have hit his dead on.

Shooting more would have been the reasonable thing to do, but the “again, again, again …” text set off little warning bells.


It was a woman there for me, it’s actually based on the gender of your puppet (that’s why I thought there is some connection between the heartbreaker and the puppet, but it’s unlikely)


still hitting on that theory because well too much otherwise! XDD


I think you need to have low daring to do it


Anybody got an idea of how to get Past Glory I have do a lot of play routes but I don’t know how achieve it. Thanks in advance for anyone who respond.


Answered on post 295. You only have one chance to shoot HB, and I think it depends on your stats. My MC is daring, so I chose to point the gun and shoot without looking. Bullseye :smiley:


Thanks you I will try it and come to report if it’s worka for me


Can anyone tell me how to shoot HB ?

How to shoot it with a daring MC

These are my stats. If your mind is strong, then choose “I’m stronger than this” (I guess), if you’re cautious, choose to carefully aim. I’m not really sure, tho. This point by point works for my MC.

I got the Outsider achievement. Hope it helps :slight_smile:


I’m too clever for this
-> Let it roam in my memories / I don’t need my emotions
-> Any choice here will work (it determines your heartbreak scar)
-> Fire blindly

Should be doable by MCs of any build, does not need daring.