Fallen Hero: Rebirth - achievements and gameplay questions


How do you get Three’s Company? I’ve tried romancing both O and M with my puppet and taking M to the gala, thrice, with various changes to other departments, but I didn’t get it.


Either I am doing something wrong, or I’ve been avoiding the path, but how do I get the As Close As You Dare achievement?
Edit: And never mind, just got it.


Go check your puppet in the hospital instead of visiting Ortega, and do it after you romanced Mortum and flirted with Ortega and Ortega will visit your puppet. Also don’t take the strength upgrade cause it will injure Ortega too much that they won’t be able to leave their room and visit you.


hurt herald badly during your fight, then in the hospital ortega will try to check on him. if herald’s not badly injured then ortega’s only going to try to meet with steel (how do you blur the text in this section gosh i am new here)


Highlight the word or paragrah and go to the gear icon. There’s an option to blur spoilers. =)


You could blur spoilers in the setting menu



How do I get the 'And I Walk Away ’ achievement and ‘Past Glory’


And i walk awayyou need to argue with ortega in the park and walk away from the dispute, past glory I seem to remmber you must have a hero score of two when visiting the museum and looking at the sidestep exposition, but to get that score you need to give certain answers during flashback like people need help… the answer in the thread in theory, so you could search for it or wait someone better informed


I always get that one. I think you have to draw Psychopathor’s fire, while Ortega tries to get him from behind; tell Ortega you’ll help them because they need you in there in the HB flashback; and shoot the one behind the HB incident. That’s what I do anyways.


Can anyone point me in the direction of Scarface? Someone mentioned losing against Argente, but no matter what I do I always win. Even when I pick the options that wouldn’t benefit me.


How do I get Collateral Damage and Casanova?

Those are the last two achievements I need and I think I got both of them in the past (I know I got Casanova at least) but I’ve no memory how to do it again


get telepathy and armor, rob the gala, fight argent physically, have below 75 subterfuge and force, and go for your money despite it being a bad idea.

The achievement should show up next time you look in a mirror.

Blow up the musuem with everyone inside. Why is there even an achievement for this?

Start every romance you possibly can. MC/Ortega, puppet/Ortega, puppet/Mortem.


Collateral Damage exists because it puts you in the same shoes as the MC. If you think it is horrible and distasteful but also want 100% completion for achievements, you have to think long and hard whether your goals or your morals are more important.


For Casanova, do I have to do something specific or act a certain way outside of flirting with both of them? I just keep getting It’s Complicated instead


This game is not for soft hearted… you have been fallen from the throne and you are determined to get revenge on the people responsible… and you are going to do it at all cost… so breaking the heroes for getting in your way is just a step toward your goal.


I disagree, I don’t believe breaking the heroes is required. You can play a more ruthless villain or just a broken person who is striking back at their abusers (the farm/Special Directive).

I’m planning the softest playthrough possible where my MC does her best to redeem herself while also exposing the government’s crimes :angel:


Is it possible to get

  1. Spoils of war(Argent will take your cape)
  2. For scientific perpose(you will take her hair)
    In a single playthrough???


Right there with you, as my canon character is quite gentle as well. Oh she knows she is going down the wrong path, and she wishes Ortega and his moustache would have stopped her… But she has to show the world the truth, no matter what it cost her…


I have to agree with @bobsmyuncle and @Taylor_Enean . From my experience and the author did confirm that we could shape our villain (from being reluctant or pure evil) so I will keep my reluctant villain MCs.


I don’t believe so, she gets your cape while you’re escaping. And you can only obtain her hair if she’s passed out.