Fallen Hero: Rebirth - achievements and gameplay questions


How does one name yourself sidestep as a villain ? It tells me i am not ready


You have to have at least 65 arrogance and then you have to manually choose it yourself


“Also don’t take the strength upgrade cause it will injure Ortega too much that they won’t be able to leave their room and visit you.”

Oh. OHHHHHHH. head desk I’ve been trying and trying to get the scene where the MC helps Ortega walk to see the puppet so I could get the elevator kiss, but apparently I’ve been beating him to badly! THANK YOU.


I got bullseye, I say that I don’t want to register as a hero, I chose my highs stat witch was daring in the first fight, I say no because people are in danger, but still I can’t achieve past glory. What I am doing wrong? Maybe is what you have to do at the gala? What do you have to do at the gala?


Okay you need to do all three heroic things to get past glory and avoid the non heroic thing, then when you get to the gala go look at your past glory on display.

Now link to the post you need to read @Eevee_Love


How exactly did you get from the shadows? I can’t seem to get it at all.


Don’t do any of the heroic things in the post I linked above. If you avoid them all, or I think you can have a score of +1 on them total and still get it. I think that is what is difficult for most people. Also make sure you do the opposite of your stats in the Psychopathor fight at the beginning. ie, high daring, stay hidden or low daring, be the one to charge in.


In psychopathor fight, charging in will always get you +1. Not charging in and being a tactician will also get you +1.

Being a fighter and not charging in is the only way to not get the increase.


Thanks for taking time to respond but literally I did all the heroic things, and went to destroy my exhibitions, and nothing happens, y also try robing the gala but noting. And I don’t know what I am doing wrong.


go alone to the gala. You will get the option to look at an exhibit about your past.


Omg thanks I have never go to the gala alone, I think that is probably why I wasn’t getting the achievement, thanks. I am going to try it out.


What choices determine which heartbreak scar you get?


Am supposing it’s that dream sequence?

spoilerific code-diving
  • If you give up without fighting it:
#(still here still here you all will regret this)
	*set heartbreak_scar "revenge"

#(no please run i can't stop i don't want to stop)
	*set heartbreak_scar "hungry"

#(not me this is not me not my memories)
	*set heartbreak_scar "outside"

#I slowly raise the gun towards my mouth.
	*set heartbreak_scar "suicidal"
  • If you relinquish a part of yourself to give you a chance to fight it:
#My limbic system—I don't need to move for a mental fight.
*set heartbreak_scar "puppetmaster"

#My friends—that alien concept should keep it busy for a while.
*set heartbreak_scar "friendless"

#My past at the Farm—there's a kinship there it might want to explore.
*set heartbreak_scar "revenge"

#My life as a hero…maybe it will find something to give it pause.
*set heartbreak_scar "outside"

#My feelings—emotions—can be confusing, and I don't need them to win.
	#Friendship…I never thought I would have friends.
		*set heartbreak_scar "friendless"
	#Anger…I have so much of it.
		*set heartbreak_scar "revenge"
	#Despair…I'm no stranger to wishing I could disappear.
		*set heartbreak_scar "suicidal"
  • If you somehow avoid to get a scar, the game sets it to “outside”

*if heartbreak_scar = “none”
*set heartbreak_scar “outside”


Hey, I was always curious. Is there a way to atleast get a shot off during the Heartbreak saga? I’m fairly sure that you can’t defeat it, but the options are always greyed out so I was curious if there was a way to shoot at it.


Yes you can if you have high daring you can shoot at it.


Here’s how i did it.


Do not give in do not let it inside your mind go straight for the door with intentions of putting an end to the hk, draw strength from something mildly or very aggresive then once your in the room keep walking in a straight line torwards the hk person and just shoot at them without a second thought.

Wether you shoot them once or many times they will always focus their full power on you and past sidestep is not as good at telepathy as present sidestep.

Still in this scenario you are the single minded honeybadger and HK is the silly snake. You get bitten, but you survive, and HK is RIP. I’m guessing if you spread your mind everywhere going “I am invincible” then maybe some B-minus league telepath can walk straight up to your face and shoot you.



OHHHH. Thank YOU. This will be really helpful. I didn’t know there were all these different options!


hi! currently in the beginning of my first playthrough and i just want to know, does choosing the option that Ortega and I are friends gets me locked out of his romance path?


If I remember correctly, no.