Fallen Hero: Rebirth - achievements and gameplay questions


oh okay! thanks! :grin:


Hey everyone ! I’ve read all the comments here but didn’t find much that can help me.
I want my MC to be named Sidestep and to visit him at the hospital to directly know his reaction. So I followed the instructions to be arrogant enough to have the name + the one to not be too daring or cautious that cause Ortega to injure you in the fight. I’ve even have my own guide by now but I still can’t do what I want.
My relationship is high enough, I won all my fights, I don’t have a “significant wound” so I should be able to go but the option is greyed.
Can someone help me :slight_smile: ?


Screenshot of the greyed option?


Actually I’m happy to say that I found a way to do it :ok_hand:
For the curious one, I used to choose the strength and telepatic booster options but for some reason I always ended up injured, even if it wasn’t significant and should have not kept me from visiting Ortega. This time I tried by having the shield option instead of strength and it all worked out since I couldn’t get injured anymore !
Thanks anyway :slight_smile:


Does anybody know if you could name your villain persona Heartbreak? What would be the consequences of doing that?


How do I not hurt Ortega so much that he can’t walk to see the puppet? Don’t get strength upgrade?


Yes don’t get it you’ll end up hurting them to badly.


I looked through all the Fallen Hero threads to see if someone had this but (I am dedicated to reading after that let me tell you) I’ve tried to get the “I can feel the smile growing on my face despite my surprise” option for when you run into Ortega but it’s usually greyed out and I’m not sure what to do to get to it


Two of the options in this instance, if I remember correctly, are tied to your “pre-heartbreak”-relationship status with Ortega. If you choose that you were Friends, one of these choices is greyed out, if you choose that you were flirting, the other one is.


Oh. I got the Collateral Damage achievement on the first playthrough.
…Hey, I just like to go for extremes from the get go, okay?

Is getting injured in the SD battle scene an requirement for MC to remember kissing Ortega? I loved that line, I want to see it again.


No, that depends on what relationship you selected for your past selves (needs to be “had a thing”). Getting injured in the SD fight does lead to a couple lines of a memory right after Heartbreak when the MC gets loaded into the fake ambulance, so it’s worth doing.


What is the SD fight?


The fight with the Special Directive to save Rosie/Boris


hello ! how can you get the “as close as you dare” achievement :o ?


If I remember correctly it has to do with romancing ortega with your puppet, or it has to do with opening up to ortega with the MC. Been a while since I played it, but it is definitely one of the two


Can’t find out how to see sharks in Argent’s mind. I have 60 strength of mind and during session with her I chose “dive deep” or something. No word about sharks whenever I choose explore her mind or carry on with business. Help, please? Tried also with 68 strength. Do I need above 70 for this?


When entering Argent’s mind, I accidentally saw the memory about her and Ortega arguing whether to let the MC help. However, I can’t find the way to access that scene again. Could anyone help me?


You need to have at least 60 strength of mind, choose “dive deep” and then “take a peek at her mind…”. I don’t remember actual phrasing of these choices, sorry. I remember that this way you can also see sharks somehow, but I can’t.


Thanks. I got it :smile:


only need to get the following achievements

-days of our lives

-a doctor’s appointment

-can’t touch this


anyone know how to get these? thanks guys