Fallen Hero: Rebirth - achievements and gameplay questions


Oh my god thank you so much for this! There are a few pretty cool names in there I think I will let the press pick my name on my next playthrough and go with Conqueror!


How do you romance Ortega as both the MC and the Puppet at the same time? Even if I get her approval of the Puppet up 80%, letting her know the MC loves her causes her to stay in her hospital bed and not visit the Puppet even if he was her date.


What variablea does the Mirror Image follow? Trying to get it, trying to make Puppet like a cleaner, better version than Cyrus. Neat short hair, tall… Blue eyes rathan grey. Or does the puppet have to look EXACTLY like the MC?


Same hair and eye colour, same race, same haircut(?).


How can you see the code? (I’m especially interested for the android app)
Thank you!


After you buy the game you can open the APK file and view it with a RAR (choose open inside) software and go to the assets/scenes folder.
As for how to see the file, you can either view it in the data/app folder in your phone (it will be hidden if your phone isn’t rooted though) or if your phone isn’t rooted use APK extractor or something to extract it from the app itself.


How do you get the “From the Shadows” achievement?


Have a high reputation in the past.

Choices to pick

When Ortega asks why you won’t register as a ranger, say you don’t want to register as a hero. DON’T pick “not ready for the big leagues,” you’ll take a rep hit.

During the fight with Psychopathor (in the flashback with Ortega) you always get a boost if you rush him yourself. If you’re a tactician, letting Ortega draw his fire will also get you a boost.

During the Heartbreak incident, when Steel challenges whether you should be there, pick either “No, people are dying” or “No, you need my help.”

There are other places you can pick up reputation points but these 3 should be enough and they’re easy to do.


Though if your reputation as past Sidestep too high, you would get “Past Glory” achievement instead. Each choice you mentioned will increase the reputation 10 point:

10 = Charge sidekick. (Joined at the Hip achievement)
20 = Vigilante. (From the Shadows achievement)
30 = Independent Hero. (Past Glory achievement)

You also have to see Sidestep statue at gala to get the achievement by the way.


Just wondering what are the stats to get puppet individuality? Ive been trying to get the mumbling in the hospital but im not sure how >.>


Wait, there’s a chance that that doesn’t happen? I never even knew that.

If I were to guess though, they’d probably just be ones based on acting your own person rather than the puppet, like saying you’re doing it for you instead of for your boss when Mortum asks, and picturing yourself on the punching bag? I’m not sure, really.


Well i used too be more controlling of the puppet, i think? My character practically just uses them as a second tool so yah xD there’s no mumbling… tho im not sure whats the specific text if u do get the mumbling >.>


Examples I remember include feeling comfortable without telepathy, having the puppet with a different gender from you and being comfortable with it, having the puppet with a different sexual orientation, saying you are feeling like a different person when you get injured (if you fight the re-gene), saying you like being the puppet when in the gala and watching the news as yourself and not the puppet


Ohhhhhh coool!! Thanks ill try this again!


Interesting, I was able to get it while being the same gender and orientation.


What are the differences between an MC who has a lot of connections and an MC who is knowledgeable about various technologies?


It isn’t necessary as there are other options to get it. For example in any choice (like where talking with Mortum) always say your boss wants the best and not that you want it, basically always mention your boss like you are different people. Also blame your boss for the bomb hurting you and some other stuff.
You need about 4 choices that increase your individuality for the puppet to have independent thoughts.

It also changes the scene with Mortum, you have a choice to tell them about being afraid to leave your boss and with high individuality you’d cry and tell them more (like your boss being a telepath and stuff).


yeah, that’s more or less what I did. I never did have a scene where I cried with Mortum though, so that’s interesting to know.


Besides different things such as how you get your knowledge, you can choose some choices that selectable with the said knowledge.

For example:

If your MC have a lot of connection (streetwise), you can choose to point out why would man(Jake) who works for Hollow Ground will cheat to Mecha at bar fight scene.

If your MC knowledgeable about technology (tech-savvy), you can choose option to fiddling with machine Ortega connected to when you visit him/her at hospital, which reveal an interesting recent update she/he have.

Both is equally good in their own way, imo.


Also with tech savvy you’d know more about your armor when you test it.
There aren’t really much differences between them though, it’s mostly different flavor text at some points