Fallen Hero: Rebirth - achievements and gameplay questions


So the MC and the puppet have to look like carbon copies of each other?


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If you choose light or dark brown hair for the MC you got got to type it in on the puppets hair color option.


I bought the game, how do i get the “It’s Complicated” Achievement?


Just keep being nice to Ortega, help her as the MC, agree to seek help from the shrink, etc. The MC needs a high relationship with Ortega at or near the end of the game, and right before Ortega asks you to go to the museum gala with them. @DisturbedOne


So don’t run away from her in the park or coffee?
Is there a step by step of this?


Not that I can think of, just keep getting closer to her, choose to hug her rather than wait, kiss her in the hospital at the end. Just continue to run towards her and not away from her and you will get it in the end. Oh I think the other thing is you need to have romantic feelings toward Ortega. I got this one on like my second playthrough which was day 2 or 3 after release so I don’t remember much about it.


The easiest way to get it is to have had a thing in the past. Meet up at the park and don’t walk away. Arguing is okay as long as you don’t leave. Admit you have a problem instead of deflecting and lying. Once you agree to see a shrink, the relationship should get set to “it’s complicated.”

The other route is to admit your feelings when Ortega is in the hospital, but this requires that you do well enough in the museum fight that you don’t have a facial scar. If you pick “I care about you even though I shouldn’t” or kiss Ortega (forehead or mouth, either way), you’ll trigger the relationship change.

At the end of the game, you’ll get the achievement.


What is “The Farm” in the history of the game? I dont get it :confused:


Really? I always thought it was a very nice touch! A nice reason to play another route. It shows that the author did think about the detailes, and it makes me even more excited to replay the whole thing!

But then again, it’s okay to not want to try every route. So, um… yeah that’s okay. Let others enjoy it! And i am pretty sure that you will get something similar that others can’t touch!


Ohhh, curious how that can be accomplished… Could be the “You can’t touch this” achievement?


Has anyone managed to get the How it Should Be achievement?


Make Ortega afraid of you as a villain.

Beat him perfectly at the gala fight (don’t let him mess with your nanovores), and have a terrifying or imposing suit


It’s like that for all games with achievements. If you don’t want to play that way don’t. An achievement doesn’t effect anything and I personally like it.


Both achievement you looking for is in chapter 4, the MC final dream (or at least, final dream in book 1).

Shot the heartbreak.

Found one way to do it, not sure is there other:

Your MC Daring have to be more than 70 to be able shot it, here the choice:

  • No. I’m stronger than this, I won’t risk letting it in.
  • I keep moving to handle the threat, protecting my mind as best I can.
  • There three choice, you can choose whatever you want at this one:
    • I draw on my worry for my friends, letting my concern give me strength. (Increase Ortega relationship, Steel relationship, and past sidestep reputation)
    • I draw on my anger—I won’t let anyone get the better of me again. (Increase daring, arrogance, and strength of mind stats)
    • I draw on my conviction that I’ll get through this, like I always do. (Increase strength of mind, anonymity, and caution.)
  • I fire blindly right at the heart of that thing, and hope I hit. (This where high daring needed.)

Follow this then you should get that tricky achievement.

The choices to get it:
  • No. I’m too clever to let that happen. My mind is finally my own.
  • My past—let it roam around my memories. That will distract it for a while.
  • My friends—that alien concept should keep it busy for a while.

It doesn’t require specific stats, so this should be more easier than Bullseye achievement.


There is a way to do it with no daring requirement (I did it with only around 55 daring or so).
In the first option pick “No. I’m too clever to let that happen. My mind is finally my own.” instead of the one you said.
Then you’d be asked to sacrifice something, choose either your past (then there will be 2 options that either give you the friendless or the revenge achievement) or your life as a hero (gives the outsider achievement). After that there will be a choice to fire blindly at the heart of the thing.


Sorry if this has been asked and answered before, but what combination of stats and suit upgrades do I need to beat Lady Argent and/or take a trophy from her?

Also, if anyone has the skill and time to make an achievement guide, I think a lot of people here would be very grateful.


have atleast a high daring (i think 65+ is good i beat her 71 daring) as well as getting the strength/telepathy upgrade… Though night entirely sure but this is what i did. And i chose to run in the sewer then set up an ambush then proceed to pvp her and just basically use brute force :smiley:


More than 70 daring and being a fighter to beat her in a fair fight. For beating her with telepathy it’s pretty easy and can be done in several ways (though she considers it cheating and she won’t be impressed with you, and you also won’t get the achievement)
And for the trophy you have to beat her (either fairly or with telepathy) and later drag her in the sewers and take the trophy. You need the strength upgrade for taking it cause her hair is too strong to cut with a normal knife


Decide to make guide of how to get certain name if you decide to let reporter name you. Going to tag @Merel since they also want to know about it:


BTW, if MC arrogance is more than 60, the name will always have “The”.

Mysterious suit

  • Puppetmaster: Use your telepathic during fight with Argent, she will think of you as “cheater” though.
  • Mastermind: Let public know (villain) you a telepath.
  • Saboteur: Either destroy the museum or “erase” Sidestep.
  • Enigma: Basically, don’t do anything that earn you “Mastermind”, “Saboteur”, and “Puppetmaster” name.

Terrifying suit

  • Nightmare: Let public know (villain) you is telepath.
  • Terror: Choose to kill intentionally.
  • Destroyer: Don’t do things that earn you “Nightmare” and “Terror”.

Imposing suit

  • Dominator: Let public know (villain) you is telepath.
  • Destroyer: Choose to kill intentionally, or destroy museum/Sidestep statue.
  • Conqueror: Don’t do things that earn you name “Destroyer” and “Dominator”.

Functional suit

  • Mastermind: Let public know (villain) you telepath.
  • Marauder: Choose to kill intentionally. Or not doing things that earn you name “Saboteur”, “Mercenary”, and “Mastermind”.
  • Mercenary: Choose to rob the museum.
  • Saboteur: Choose to destroy museum or destroy Sidestep statue.