Fallen Hero: Rebirth - achievements and gameplay questions


I believe you have to not have the speed enhancement in order for you to be slow enough for agent to reach out and tag it.
Edit: I think that was the requirement.


You need to either make her really angry by using the ace from the dream (if you had it) or have her your rival and make all her clothes burn, or get into a normal fight and mess up due to not having neither the speed nor the strength upgrades.


So I really want to read the dialogue of naming my character Sidestep, but I always fall short of my arrogance. Can I get some help in finding the appropriate choices please?


Same here, guess I am not arrogant enough to see the choices, eh heh… :sweat_smile:

(I struggle to be anything but reluctant and a ‘good villain’, just isn’t in me, going eeeevil…)

Blooming marvellous game, though, played it many times, still tear up in some places… :cry: What a ride, never had this kind of connection in a CYOA. :hugs: Masterpiece, it is. :rose: In some part I can relate too much… :zipper_mouth_face:


It is more about loss of anonymity than arrogance in most case

There you go, thanks to Rakkun


I do all of those and still don’t get it high enough. Any more suggestion s?


How many did you get? And did you try to write the name yourself?


One big pitfall I ran into, is normally to be that arrogant you are also ruthless. Whatever you do, don’t decide that your puppet is expendable. For some reason that gives you a big drop in arrogance.


Dont add the cape, and have your puppet go to the museum with Ortega. Blow up the van when you leave it, and don’t make your suit mysterious. By doing that and following the other guides out already, I was able to name myself Sidestep.


Maybe ask in the thread if that is correct and not a coding error?
Wouldn’t be the first time a writer accidentally has a stat go the wrong way.


Actually after I thought about, I agreed with the hit, as killing off your puppet would go a long ways towards keeping you anonymous.


Hmm, I think going for ‘wish I could have told them it was me’ adds a fair chunk.

Also noticed, just as I was finally hitting 76% that pretending to have been sick when Ortega called dropped me down again… :anguished:

I give up on this right now, I have problem being this way even in a game, ha! :sweat_smile:


You have to be at 65 to name yourself Sidestep si maybe don’t quit just yet I’m sure can still do it even with a 10 hit on your arrogance :smiley:


So, these are just the choices lifted from the code that have an arrogance bump attached, up until the villain name choice. They are from various routes and you may not see every one in a playthrough. Pick them if you see them. If you’re not sure how to get to them, it might be easier to read the code directly and plan your route beforehand.

Choices that increase arrogance:

I smile threateningly; he should be afraid of me.

I pause to listen in and look at the devastation like everybody else.

This is getting fun; how far can I push him?

I will show them all what I am capable of.

…I wish I could have told them who I was.

No. I can handle it.

No. I’m curious about what this is.

(If you attack the sentry psychically during the Psychopathor/Re-Gene fight, but fail, you get a big boost to arrogance but you also tip off the directive)

I don’t want them touching my things, and ${hench_name} is mine.

{hench_name} might come in handy; I'll give {hhim} a hand.

It will be a good way to get an in with the WolfPack for future use.

This is the kind of problem I love solving.

…embezzle the rich.

…I wanted to see if I could possess her.

…look forward to teaching them a lesson personally.

…this is the only home I’ve known.

$!{he} looks older than I remember.

Yes, I am still a telepath.

“I just didn’t expect it to have anything to do with the Rangers.”

“I thought it was just a favor for a friend.”

“I’m flattered.”

(not me this is not me not my memories)

I draw on my anger—I won’t let anyone get the better of me again.

Flirting with danger is what I do best.

Is ${mhe} really interested in me? I steer the conversation towards the personal.

I try to block them with a shield.

I feel amazing. I need to check out how I look.

I keep thinking I’m !{name}, rather than {puppet_name}, which makes talking a bit risky. (this bit of code looks tricky. I think you only get an arrogance boost here if you had a relationship with Ortega in the past and are flirting with them again as the puppet, with the relationship status “it’s complicated.” If you aren’t doing that, skip it as you can also take an arrogance penalty if you don’t meet the requirements.)

No. Whatever I become, at least I’m becoming someone.

It’s fine—${name} is a common name. No reason for anything to come of this.

I’m curious about what {mhe} thinks of me, so I will let {mhim} continue leading the conversation.

Excited—I can’t wait to finally unveil myself.

I want maximum damage—people don’t matter.

I will call him out, threatening one of the hostages to force his hand.

At this point you should be at the scene where Herald asks your name. Hopefully you have more than 65 arrogance so you can enter your old alias. Below are choices to AVOID.

Choices that decrease arrogance:

I will find a suitable puppet and have them collect it for me. That way, nobody will recognize me at the scene.

I keep walking to help ease his subconscious worries.

I walk fast; I have no intention of costing the boy his job if I can help it.

No. I skirt the scene and go pick up my package.

I will stay silent and see how this plays out.

I can’t believe I got away with this.

…we could almost be friends—if I had dared to let anyone get that close.

Bringing in the Special Directive risks shining the spotlight on me.

Anathema is closer; I yell at {chim} to make {chim} notice what is happening.

I fill him with bullets. They won’t get me, ever again!

…stick to skimming.

…are glad they don’t have a telepath.

This can’t be a coincidence….

A nervous lump—I just want ${him} to stop asking.

I say I’m just hoping ${he} isn’t expecting too much.

“I am retired and out of the hero business!”

Remain quiet.

“Why me?”

“Ortega exaggerates a lot.” (you can avoid a hit to arrogance if you told Ortega you were a telepath… but if you did that the “flattered” choice will give you a bump so don’t pick this one either way!)

I’ll play up my wish not to get involved at all, no need to be useful.
“I think you mean ‘there.’ I’ve never been here before.”

“It doesn’t matter, does it?”

I was too trusting; these people were not my friends.

Yes. I’m tired of fighting. I’m welcoming this.

I draw on my conviction that I’ll get through this, like I always do.

My past at the Farm—there’s a kinship there it might want to explore.

Despair…I’m no stranger to wishing I could disappear.

I slowly raise the gun towards my mouth.

I keep it safe and focus on business.

There will be an exhibit of Sidestep. I’ll destroy my past before it destroys me….

Robbing the gala will give me the funds I need.

I admit that she’s a bit intimidating and say it will help me focus.

I play up my own nervousness.

No. I won’t risk compromising my main task here.

Stale beer and lost dreams.

Tired concern.

“I’ve been sick.”

“It was the right thing to do,” I lie.

I’ll play nice for now.

No date—I am doing this on my own.

I prefer to be alone, so I find a secluded spot.

I try to get some information on the Rangers I can use.

This is dangerous. I will change the subject to Dr. Mortum instead of me.

I want ${him} to be telling the truth; the alternative is inconvenient for my plans.

Hesitant—after this, there is no turning back.

If {puppet_name} gets injured, it makes {phim} less likely to be a suspect.

It’s just a puppet—why should I care?

They’re just people. I can beat them up easily enough.

I calm them down, making them evacuate the building in an orderly fashion.

I will manipulate them into smashing all the exhibits. Hero hate is always useful.

Controlling them would take too much of my focus. I’ll do it myself.

I won’t tell him who I am—let the papers make up a name.

No time to waste—I’ll just knock him out.


Ah, thank you for that. Might try again, if I can muster another ‘evil’ playthrough - evil as far as I am concerned, heh, I just can’t do some things… :sweat:

That will help immensely, not sure how to view the code, so I’ll use these to make it ‘evil enough’ for me, much obliged. :blush:


Okay… what am I doing wrong? I managed to get over 75 arrogance and 65 ruthless, but the choice still only lets me pick anathema. Did i miss something?


You have to type it in yourself. It’s like a hidden achievement for being arrogant I guess.


Eesh thanks. I thought the choice would switch if those stats are high enough


Anyone figure how to get Mirror Images? Thanks


You need to choose exact options, if you choose light brown/dark brown for MC then just brown for Puppet it doesn’t work. I think it also doesn’t work if you choose Middle Eastern since the puppet one has - in it you can’t get the achievement. But that might’ve been fixed since I last played.