Fallen Hero: Rebirth - achievements and gameplay questions


Yeah when they first meet you they say you look very much like their friend


…well, shit.

so that means even my canon run still must’ve some suspicion then aaaaaa

that… is so fucked up. i don’t even know if Ortega is that into the MC to brush off their misgivings or just reaaally idealistic and optimistic that they can still “fix” the MC. sigh.


Pretty sure they had to feel really dumb when they got the epilepsy crisis…
I imagine them going like “so let me get this straight… I just dumped a super model 15 years younger than me for a crush I had nearly 10 years ago, who now want to kill me. Well okay then.”


Embrace the dark side… Do a really evil canon MC… And they won’t see you come… Also the dark side has cookies


There is definitely something more to that achievement. I have done at least 5 playthroughs where I did exactly what you posted and I still don’t have the achievement.


First during the flashback with the stairs look at the bodies there, and when Anathema dies don’t look away but choose one of the 2 other choices. Then in the heartbreak pick: I walk inside willingly, embracing what is to come. Later pick Yes I’m tired of fighting or Yes I want to understand what this is. You get the achievement at the very end of the game.


I have done that several times as I said and I still have not gotten the achievement. There must be something else.

Edit: Okay finally got it! Not sure where I kept messing up, but by being very precise and only choosing what you had listed I did finally get it. Thanks


Okay so, in my first playthrough at the gala fight I beat Ortega easily before they could damage the void-cage. But on all my latest playthroughs Ortega keeps zapping my void-cage and causing me to get too badly wounded.
I have no idea what causes that particular event to happen and at this point I’m having difficult replicating my first playthrough. I know that it has nothing to do with injury up to that point because I’ve beaten Herald without taking a single blow and it still happens. The only big choices I can think of that differ from the first playthrough are in the dream sequences, and I don’t see how that affects the fight.
So any ideas as to what causes Ortega to attack the nanovores?


I believe it is a Stat check as I read it on one of the thread, and I hadn’t got that scene in a while, plus I believe one of the choice on how to deal with her zapping the cage allow you t mitigate the damages… But since I’m not sure what stats would advise you to get either the option saying you know how to beat them cause you know them or get the extra armor. That always helped me😀


Yeah should’ve mentioned that I took both armour and strength upgrades. But if it’s a stat check then it might be because of arrogance, which is high on this playthrough. So thanks anyway I think you helped me figure it out.


You need to have daring between 50 and 65 or cautious between 50 and 65 (depending on if you take your advantage or fight more cautiously). If you get above 65 you’d be too daring or too hesitant and they’d be able to surprise you


Okay I have just these 4 achievements left to get, any help would be appreciated, and if possible be as detailed as possible as I have already done more than 3 dozen playthroughs and still haven’t encountered these achievements.

Like It’s Hard/completed thanks for the help
Can’t Touch This/completed thanks for the help
Scarface/completed thanks for the help
Bullseye/completed thanks for the help


For Like It’s Hard, you need to not get injured when you go to get PsychoPathor’s gun. Don’t fight the regenes, go for the height advantage, and try to telepathically avert the regene’s attention.


For Bullseye, when you’re confronting Heartbreak chose to shoot them instead of looking into their eyes.


Like it’s hard when you go against the regenes it really depends of your stats if you really want it do not lead the wolf pack, if you’re cautious I would not go for the height advantage, and if you do the way you deal with the regene would depend on you telepathy Stat I believe


For can’t touch this you have to not get injured at the start(basically you need to get Like It’s Hard) and also not get injured in the fight against the heroes later.
I never got scarface myself but from the code it seems like you have to rob the gala and later go into a mental fight with Argent. Then you have to fail the mental fight (you can try subtle manipulation with less than 70 in this stat and no telepathy suit upgrade) and you’d be forced to flee. Then when you flee you have to refuse to give up on the money and you’d get injured by Argent.

As for the Like It’s hard achievement it’s essential to have higher than 60 strength of mind stat to get it, I got it by doing the force manipulation on Argent at the start and later saying: “No. I can handle it” during the flashback (it gave me around 64) Then you have to get the height advantage like they said and strike the re-gene hard and fast.


Are there specific requirements for Spoils of War to unlock? And is it mutually exclusive to In the Name of Science or is it possible to get them both in one run? I like the idea of my MC handily beating Herald and Charge but then seeing a true equal/rival in Lady Argent in terms of strength and anger problems


It’s possible to get them both in one run. To get In the Name of Science, choose to have exoskeleton, you can take Argent hair that way. For Spoil of War, choose to have cape, at some point in battle at sewer with Argent, she will take and wear it. Not sure is there any more requirement other than having cape.


I’m not sure because I did only one playthrough without a cape, and thus don’t remember if it was that one but I believe the only time Argent got a piece of it was when I had trouble fighting her hand to hand


My first playthrough was with a cape and she didn’t take it so I didn’t get the achievement, I got it the second time around so there must be something else besides having a cape.