Fallen Hero: Rebirth - achievements and gameplay questions


Yeah I think its you pretty much need a perfect fight against the rangers. You really can’t have a bruise either.


Well, I got stabbed a bit by Argent with her claw before I was able to nano the wall, but even then that still brought me to the hospital scene. I even did that and got thee claws from the Re-Gene in the warehouse. I don’t think it’s that hard to leave the fight with little to no scratches if you really just stomp on them.

@Victoria_Bishop Honestly getting the armor upgrade gives you a lot of wiggle room and will save your character damage in battle. Just have a way of dealing with Argent and you’ll be fine.


So, myself and a friend both played this game and have one issue. We both chose heavy romance options for Ortega, but there’s a scene where you can select one of two options. One is basically saying “That is why I never told her of my feelings.” and the other is “Still, kissing someone must have meant something.” The problem is, we both had a very high romance rating for Ortega, and the first option is always greyed out for us. Why is that?


Because you chose heavy romance options, and hence, must have already told her of your feelings?


Because Ortega is already aware of your characters feelings; if you pick the “friends only” option when establishing the relationship the second option is greyed out instead if you pick the crush choice. I think it even gives the relationship a little boost but I’d have to check.


Nevermind I just tried it and Ortega actually asked me if I’m okay. By the way you can visit the hospital if you’re hurt too, you just have to not be more seriously injured or have a noticeable wound.


Does anyone know how to get the achievements Eyes Open, A Newfound Focus and I Want It All?
I have tried to get them but I haven’t been able to do so yet.


For A Newfound Focus you have to make Herald your nemesis, to do this you have to call yourself Sidestep and not humiliate him by the speech/using telepathy or beat him too hard (this will make him afraid of you instead).

For I want it All you need the hunger heartbreak scar, after you go into the room in the flashback choose: “Yes, I’m tired of fighting” or the other option about embracing it. Then in the weird scene later" please run I can’t stop I don’t want to stop" or something like that


For the Eyes Open achievement you need to take a closer look option when in the flashback and don’t look away when Anathema die and when in the heartbreak dream sequence first you need to choose the 4th option after that the 3rd or 4th option…but i’m not sure if there is more requirement you get the achievement in the ending


How does one manage to take a sample from Argent after the fight in the sewers? The text implies that we require a specialized set of tools.


Pretty sure one of the ways is to get the strength upgrade (exoskeleton) for your suit.


I would in fact also like to know how to get a sample or Argent in the sewers. She grabbed my cape in one playthrough, I want to take an eye or something.


Have the strength upgrade, then beat her in the sewers.


You have to beat her in a fair fight in the sewers. Be a fighter with >70 daring to do it. Also you need either the strength or the speed upgrade. Also don’t be too injured
Also you can beat her with Telepathy by basically cheating which is easier (just use the telepathy upgrade and choose a mental fight with her). Then you’d make her fall unconscious and get the option to drag her body and pause to take a trophy. You’d need the strength upgrade cause her hair is very hard to cut. Beating her with telepathy only gives this achievement but beating her fairly also gives the “Unbreakable” one


Can someone tell me how to get the mirror image achivment? I make the PUppet the same gender, ethnicity, hair color. (though the MC has dark brown and the puppet brown cause their isn’t an option for dark brown. Would I have to write dark brown in myself.) I give them the same eye color. Is there anything I am missing?


Yeah I’d chose another color than brown I got the achievement when I chose black hair but not with the brown hair


It needs to be exactly the same text, that’s why the middle eastern one is bugged. The MC one is Middle Eastern and the puppet one is Middle-Eastern so the - makes the achievement not to work.


Thanks guys I apprecate the tip! I just went in and found if you choose dark brown as the MC’s hair color, if you write in dark brown for the puppet it unlocks it.


If one gets the Mirror Image achievement, does anyone know whether Ortega comments on the resemblance at all when they run into the Puppet?


Don’t know yet I’m playing with that achievement right now. (Like just got it this sec.) I’ll post up if they do or don’t.