Fallen Hero: Rebirth - achievements and gameplay questions


I got the Looking Into The Abyss achievement a couple times and I was unable to pinpoint the exact triggers that awards you the achievement. The couple times I got it, I played an MC that had the Telepath + Strength enhancements and I attempted to fight Argent to see if I could beat her. I taunted Argent then tried to focus on the fight, it always ends with her getting the upper hand. Instead of the MC backing up to use the Nanovores, the MC peers into her mind and overwhelms her in order to escape. Thus earning the Looking Into The Abyss.


@Coines (and others who want to know looking into abyss achievement stats check)

Tell me if it not work.

How to get it in the "session"

I think to get it, you have to fail stats check.
If your Strength of Mind not more than 60 and Argent Relationship not more than 30, you might want to choose:

  • I dive deep, trying to cut out what needs to be gone and insert a new alternative.
    • Yes, I am curious.

If your Subtle Manipulation not more than 60 and Argent Relationship not more than 30 and Empathy not more than 80, choose this:

  • I try to stay aloft, keeping a light touch as I repaint her memories.
    • I try to evade their grasp.
      • Yes, I am curious.

Consequences: Your MC will power will either be tired or exhausted.

I’ll edit later to add how to get it after battle in sewer, the code is dizzying :tired_face:


How to get it at/after battle in sewer

I found one way of how to get it (not sure if there any other way).

  • You must have telepathic booster and have either more than 75 Subtle Manipulation or more than 75 Strength of Mind.

  • Don’t get your daring more than 70, especially if your MC is fighter. MC will come out as winner BUT you don’t get “Looking into abyss” achievement.

  • And MC status shouldn’t be injured or bleeding, MC will flee if this the case.

Consequences: Argent clue will increase +10.


Anyone know how to get Three’s Company? I’ve tried to romance Bo/Rosie, but nothing I’ve tried seems to be working :confused:


Still not get this achievement, but I think you have to romance both Ortega and Mortum as Puppet, then get them both at same room with you. Just invite Mortum to gala, Ortega will come no matter what. I can be wrong though.


For me it was romancing both O and M with the puppet, and taking M as a date.


I’ll add a question of my own, probably the last one before I try to burry this game in the depths of my mind to stop suffering from the wait of the second one, does someone have the correct answer you have to give to break Ortega’s legs if you are daring ?


Any tips on getting daring and ruthless stat up also how do you get the achievement “a new recruit” where Rosie works for your character


I posted earlier on how to get daring high to 80 at the beginning of the game, for ruthless other than act like a dick at all times can’t help you, and for the achievement I believe there is a way If you chose to rob the gala I got it without, just don’t be too evil and kill too many people at the gala


Daring - be cocky, take risks. Like rush Herald in the opening fight instead of luring him in. During the flashback fight with Psychopathor, be the one who rushes him instead of Ortega. Stuff like that.

Ruthless - Easy early choices are to kick Herald when he’s down, and stay inside Argent’s head instead of leaving right away. If you pick “What do I care, it’s not my body” you get a small amount and a little more daring. If you pick “I’d rather avoid pain, time to go” you get just ruthless but a little more of it. Don’t flinch front the sight of the dead.


did the epilepsy light to see if it got any text differences and apperntly Ortega suspected my character so much that he asked if anything was wrong would they tell them. And then proceeded to do the adorable forehead kiss scene.


I think that has to do with your relation with Rosie as well as weather you robbed the gala. Cause she always ends up working for me cause I befriend both henchman with ease despite any action my villian makes.


So How to get the “Taste the Metal” Achievement. Spoilerish ahead so I blurred it.

Do what you want until you reach the flashback where you are being lured into apartment 412.


*I walk inside willingly,

* Keep fighting, you are stronger than this.

* Keep moving to handle the threat,

* Any of the three should work but I chose Draw on the worry of my friends.

* I slowly raise the gun towards my mouth.



I’ve had one scene where I was able to visit Ortega in the hospital, but each time I played and got to choose the name Sidestep (VERY FREAKING HARD, by the way…) the option to visit Ortega at the hospital was grayed out. What option could I have taken that disallowed me from visiting her?


WAs you MC injuried during the fight?


Seriously? That’s like… too forgiving to be real. DAMN IT ORTEGA!


Like AngeloftheBroken said, your character has to be at worst in the second state of health (I believe it is hurt with no significant wounds) to visit Ortega. It is not very difficult to achieve if it is your sole objective, so give it another try, focus on your strengths and those of your suits, and you should get it !


Really hope there is a way to turn them to the dark side, my canon MC went completely bipolar when it comes to Ortega, hating them when the masks are on but unable to resist them when they try to reach out without the suits…


Not that I can think of. Is that the only thing that prevent it? Getting hurt in a fight?


The worst part is that it was on the route where they went on a date with the puppet and ended up dumping them for my mc.Later after I crippled Herald, Ortega picks up a gun and is about to kill my MC only to have a seizure from the strobe light attachment on the villain’s helmet. So obviously they suspect my MC of being the villain and they just realized they are going headlong into a relationship with the possible villain. And their still hopeful anyway…


Basically, if you have any identifying marks from the fight you can’t go to the hospital. I believe even with low stats you can still go.