Fallen Hero: Rebirth - achievements and gameplay questions


Thanks for clarifying, mate. I added a disclaimer up top on my post warning future readers that the achievements might have more than one way to get them or use different values to award the player said achievement than what I have described. Apologies if my post was somewhat misleading.


Nothing does? I thought naming yourself sidestep again could affect that somehow?


Actually nobody suspects you are connected to the real Sidestep (not even Ortega), getting this name just makes the heroes hate you and get angry. There are choices that make the heroes suspect you though (like using telepathy against them or showing that you know them) but they are not connected to the name.


Yeah ironically the way to get the highest suspicion with Ortega is by not naming yourself Sidestep, being the most anonymous and less villainous possible. And then they’ll notice something is off in the hospital scene. I love irony


I checked the code, it looks like naming your villain persona Sidestep doesn’t affect the SD suspicion stat.

What it does is increase your daring, arrogance, and makes you Herald’s nemesis.


Also if you beat them hard in the duel it actually reduces the suspicion stat (who would think their former friend/lover will beat them like that after all) but hesitating in the fight make them suspect you. Taking advantage of their epilepsy increases it the most cause only a few people are supposed to know about that


Okay I’ll bite, what are the stat checks for getting the Argent achievement while you’re in her mind? I like my speedy telepath too much to respec lol.

Also anyone know how to get the Close Shave achievement?


Wow, thats why I love this game. I didnt knew it was possible for ortega to act suspicious yet and I must have finished the game dozen of times already! Thank you for the info, I will try to go get that scene now…


Ortega has to be a man and you have to visit him in the hospital (so, do well in the gala fight. If you get visibly injured the MC won’t want to be seen).
Then when the MC tells him the nurses shaved his mustache, tell him some people have taste.

The achievement triggers during the epilogue after he shaves it, so don’t worry if it doesn’t pop right away.

edit: regarding the Argent achievement, can you specify? I think there are a few. Voyeur - you need 60 force, take the “dive deep” route, and open the door. Damocles - I can look up the stats if you need this one. Unscrupulous - this is subtlety based, take the light touch route and make her feel friendly toward you.


Love it for the same reasons, but I hope I did not gave you false hopes, she (or he, confusing to think that they could be a he in my mind but that’s also what’s great about CoG so many différents stories) is is not highly suspicious, like asking you if you are the bag guy/gal, but yes I do think that if you visit them in their hospital bed and have several time expressed remorse they will feel that there is something a bit off with you and ask about it


Didn’t know you could use the epilepsy, that is awesome! Could you give me hint of you can do it please?


Thanks for finally giving me a way to get rid of the moustache. I admit I always went for “it felt lonely without a beard” for the banter.

And for Argent, I’m specifically looking on how to trigger the hidden achievement Looking into the Abyss when you go into her mind - someone mentioned it could be done but the stat checks were tricky.


Don’t take the telepathy option for the suit. Have your daring/caution be either really high or really low (there is a sweet spot of less than 50 but greater than 35 where you get the upper hand in the fight, outside that he will zap your nanovore container which you have to stop and fix).
Ortega will knock you down and tell you to stay there, and your character will consider whether to trigger their epilepsy as their ace in the hole.


I hate that sweet spot


About Close Shave achievement, that is just wrong. What if I don’t want the romance interests to be male, as that is not something I am interested in. Now if I want that achievement I have to play the game in a manner I don’t want to.


That’s based on the sewer fight - fight her telepathically. The easiest way is probably to set the damocles trap before hand so you can trigger it, but you can also do it if you have the telepathic suit upgrade or more than 70 in your favored psychic style (and make the correct choice to use that style), it looks like.


:woman_shrugging: It doesn’t have to be a canon run. There are achievements for all kinds of shady shit I don’t want to do with my “actual” MC.


Huh I just did a playthrough were I fought her telepathically with a boosted suit and +70 subtle - do you have to chuck her into the water after you knock her out then? Or is it an ending activated one?


And your mc doesn’t have to be attracted to Ortega. I did a playthrough where Ortega was female and my mc is not interested in women since there was no way I couldn’t not romance Ortega if I didn’t do that lol


Maybe I misread. Looks like it may be triggered after the sewer fight, but you fail at fighting her telepathically. So, don’t use the ace and pick a style you have under 70 with.

Sorry, my bad! Let me know if that works.