England 1519, in the Court of Henry the VIII - Tudor Intrigue - Ready to begin testing?


Mmm. I’d say that moderation shouldn’t be exceptional in this time period, for two reasons.

1: The historical result is that the last woman standing (Elizabeth I) was absolutely a moderate.
2: In Europe as a whole, there were multiple moderate results. The Holy Roman Empire got cuius regio, eius religio, France ended up with “Paris is worth a Mass” and the Edict de Nantes, and England got Elizabeth and the Church of England.


I’m making
#"London is not worth a mass"
as a decision for a Catholic who switches sides during the climax.



“A mass is not worth London” ? It preserves the original meaning but looks a bit awkward.


There seems to be a bug about the part with Thomas More resigning. It said my characters was glad to see him go, as he had been opponent regarding the marriage. However my character is a staunch Catholic, friend of More, and remained faithful to Catherine, so she would never even have thought about betraying Catherine that way.

As it is, regarding the climax, regarding the tests, I suppose it is a matter of playing to one’s strengths. My female character has not done anything regarding military matters, so she needs to focus on other areas. Funding and logistics is not an issue, considering how much she has vested in business matters. She studied at Oxford, helped decide those two critical cases, and has a good Sense stat. It is the same with her Virtue. However, she does not have any increases in Sensibility, and I am not sure if her Charm will be high enough for some of the tests. Since there is no question that she will be supporting Mary for Catherine’s sake, she will be able to call on the Hapsburgs for aid as well. Other than that, we will have to see.


I noticed a small typo in the very 1st post. It says updated 2018-9-03 but shouldnt it be 2017?


Hey did you ever decide to make the Scottish king an Ro or nah I know it would make your story harder but I think it be cool


The Scottish romantic-plot is a back-burner idea. But I’m fleshing out the romantic sub-plots this week so I’ll give it some thought… There are considerable intricacies between Scotland, the Tudors, and France. I’d like to do it right.

Just a conjecture; I’m not sure if you are motivated by the same media as my wife, but I’m aware that a show called Outlander is starting a new season tonight which she has insisted i watch. Perhaps watching it will inspire Scottish-themed romance.


Very good, definitely an improvement since last time i here at June. i almost forget that this WIP existed!


It’s still very much alive and jry is working hard as always.


is it? now i’am regretting that i left this at June


Is it possible to be Highest Ranked Noble or Archbishop.


During the fall of cardinal W-something(it’s been a few weeks) depending on your choices you can assume his position, which I also can’t remember by name but remember as the highest office in that area of government.


it was Lord High Chancellor


Sorry to keep asking you these kind of questions but how do we become Lord Chanciller or get our brother that postion?


you need to have a good reputation among the Nobles, Commoners, and the King himself


It won’t be possible become with Archbishop. I’ve dumned-down the ecclesiastical intrigues of the time, mostly because I don’t understand them myself.
But I’ll still have a Bishop Cranmer and Bishop Gardiner contending for influence.


Two bugs found:

  1. Somehow, Anne Boleyn can end up married to both my character and the King at the same time.

  2. When the King dies, I am always described as his widow, even if I am (a) married to someone else and (b) a man.

Also: is it my imagination, or do all your character’s interventions in foreign policy after the first end poorly? If so, is there any point in doing them?


Shows the type of woman she is


One day you will my friend


It’s your skills, not your imagination.

If you want to, for example, use hard tactics, then you need high Strength. High Charm and relations, meanwhile, help with keepin’ the peace.