England 1519, in the Court of Henry the VIII - Tudor Intrigue - Ready to begin testing?

Hi, I have written out a text set in the court of Henry VIII of England.
This is complete (as of 2018) although I could still come back to it and add meat, character to the story. I have several projects on the go so I want to work on them rather than adding content to this story.


2017-04-08; Added some more basic missions, encounters; Attending University, orienting religion, social interactions at court, caught a lot of spelling/grammar errors.

2017-04-09 minor update. Added a Flirt with the King option in the 1520s stage open for the female characters.

2017-04-19 went further into the 1520s, a few more romantic and social options are opening up. I’ll work on diplomacy before my next upload.

2017-04-20 expanded social invitation options in the 1520s

2017-04-23 expanded diplomatic follow-through in the 1520s; added more options for romance including for a spectrum of orientation; added achievements, only a few of which are currently achievable.

2017-05-03 expanded romantic options; added economic options including a visit to Antwerp/Bristol to invest in overseas ventures.

2017-05-13 Added diplomacy options into the 1520s, unlock-able if you concentrate on diplomatic missions earlier. Lots of minor edits.

2017-05-21 Minor additions to the romantic plots with Buckingham and Henry.

2017-05-23 Fixed romance bugs, particularly with George and Mary Boleyn.
I will avoid minor edits going forward.

2017-05-27 Finished romantic subplots with Poets and Anne Boleyn. Added a “tutor” mission for Princess Mary and Henry Fitzroy. Constantly correcting bugs.

2017-06-10, Moderate update- Added some missions regarding the laws of 16th century England (hint, going to university and participating in a moot will help you later on). I’ve also added a Queen’s Lady mission but I haven’t fleshed it out. I’ve tried to make sure all #choices use proper sentence structure. I’ve added a name option but I haven’t retroactively input the ${name} into everything. Expanded stats information.

2017-06-27 update and thoughts Added legal/public policy missions, along with further trade and romantic missions. This final sequence has become considerably more complex and will need some re-working still. Trying to fit romantic plots more naturally rather than a one-to-one choice trade-off with other decisions in career.

2017-07-22 smallish update- Thomas More can be tried. He will usually die. If you have a previous relationship with him or have concentrated on legal missions, you should be able to help him, or testify against him. The last month was tough writing.

2017-09-03 I made the beginnings of a climax.

2017-09-24 moderate update… just expanded a bit beyond the trial of Thomas More. I’ve left off with Catherine of Aragon dying.

2017-10-18 moderate update - got past the challenge to the second Queen and Jane Seymour era. Climax is still very abstracted, unfinished, and not well-informed of players previous decisions but I’m working on that.

2017-10-26 small update - Scottish romantic interest. Updated climax.

2017-10-29 fixed a marry-the-king bug.

2017-11-15 Moderate Update - made some ‘Downfall-of-Cromwell’ missions and re-jigged some of the opening missions to make less harsh decision trade-offs.

2017-11-18 Minor update - debugged, grammar check, and added diplomatic missions to Spain if you are pro-Norfolk and to Germany if you are pro-Cromwell.

2017-11-24 Minor update - Catherine Howard scandal written; triggered if you are close to Duke of Norfolk or helped the queen on the throne.

2017-12-26 Moderate Update, Second Last Major substantive update; wars, potentially with France, Spain, Scotland, and the Netherlands. It will depend upon your previous decisions which wars are unlock-able. they might need some balancing.

2018-01-21 No-Upload-Update - Just to keep anyone interested in the loop, I’m still plugging away. I’m working on the climax. The major areas of concern are finding out the potential marriages between you and the other contenders of the throne. I haven’t uploaded yet because I want the next upload to be a clean-run, have a conclusion.

2018-02-04- finished a workable, but by-no means polished story. I have a climax uploaded. It is designed so that you succeed because I don’t have a nuanced outcomes at the end.

2018-03-19 - Polishing; Following up on character threads. Editing. I’m also writing new stories.


  1. Flesh out with narrative and content, making romantic and political choices less generic;
  2. A ton of editing, grammar, and historical checks.

Really interesting concept, with some work I think it could make for a interesting and fun historical game, and it is a really interesting period of English History to set it around. Two logical questions are whether there will be any core differences between being a man or woman, and also whether you will have romantic options?

(Cause if Anne Boleyn is a an option and if she looks anything like Natalie Dormer or Claire Foy I am totally going for it, changing history be damned, lol)


This is an excellent concept and start out. I look forward to updates!!

Just a word of advice, choices should always use punctuation and sentence style capitalisation. It’s a small change, but it’ll make your choices look much better.


I just love this kind of game And I love that part of history it is written quite well I’m excited to see you continue


Oh My God! I am a huge Tudor fan so I very much adore you right now. Not that this matters but will you be basing this on the showtime’s Tudors or history. Judging of Henry’s hair color, I can guess but just curious.
Uh, any chance you can tell us who the MC is allowed to romance. Because it would be interesting if Catherine of Aragon was romancible (despite dangerous).


It looks great so far, I love games with the court room politics and this one is written well! Good luck!

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Thanks for your encouragement!

  1. I’ll streamline the choice stylization.

  2. I haven’t quite committed to how wide I’ll make the romantic options. It is an important decision for the character. Romance is something I’m a little uncomfortable writing… but I’m getting good ideas by reading some of the stories here.

  3. I wasn’t sure until I read these comments but… Anne Boleyn will definitely be a romantic option if you’re a man, and you’ll be up for some competition with Henry… I haven’t decided whether exploring the full range of sexual orientation would fit the theme particularly well.

  4. I hadn’t thought of Catherine at all. From what I know of Catherine of Aragon, she’d be a hard nut to crack given that you are a much younger man and her generally impeccable reputation. it’s kind of a suicide mission for the character… but maybe?

Thanks again.


Wow, this is a great start so far!

Im a sucker for historical games, court intrigue and power struggles, and the content in the game so far seems pretty well researched or at least convincingly phrased (I’ll be the first to admit I’m not v familiar w British history). However, as this seems to be a game largely if not completely based on actual history, I’m curious to see how you’ll establish the MC’s character. Unlike in Choice of the Court series (?) and Choice of Broadsides, simply flipping genders and giving MC the same opportunities and choices probably won’t work…? You could go by the Eagle’s Heir route and have MC be a secret lover for ROs with whom society in that era wouldn’t be accepting of, though. I’m also interested in the identities of the ROs as others have mentioned in this thread, hehe. Of course, this is your own game and you don’t have to be defined or guided by the ways other games have worked around this problem, but this is just a little advice that I hope will help! :joy:


Clearly only do romance if you’re comfortable doing so, but if you need some ideas I’m sure we could think of some. You’d probably want a mix of historical and original characters if you did try it.

EDIT: Anne’s Sister Mary Boleyn would be another logical choice. Jane Seymour too if history got shifted enough. Not sure of any good male romances though.


Just by the nature of the. The male and female perception is going to be very different.

But I absolutely love the set of a kind of it’s nice to choose your adventure open world vibe too it. And honestly if you can write two different gender perspectives of this time Period it’s more talent too you as a writer. Honestly with your little demo you did a positive example of how to show to different gender perspective while at the same time giving equal feeling of power.


I didn’t cheer on my brother and yet it said that they were impressed with my loyalty to my family



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Also English, not Englsih if we’re being picky

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I love the court politic like games, are there any other free ones other than Choice of Romance?

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Thanks; will correct! I played around a lot with the tennis matches. I combed through a lot of typos today.

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Well in fairness we did exist back then, but if you do decide on making this game hetro only (which is 100% your choice as an author) a heads up would be appreciated, I have no desired to be pawed at by any man, real or fictional :stuck_out_tongue:


Too sweet irony of that time if you’re a woman of low tides or even middle birth. You’re able to afford to get married for love a whole lot more vs your noble counterpart. Noble ladies regardless how high they were on the food chain, unless they were the sovereign queen. Marriage choice was part of her parents greater political scheme. Because once you’re married those people become family that means at allie and support.

personally what I love he did so far is how both siblings interact a little differently with the world. Which is great for me because it doesn’t break the immersion of a trying to be historically accurate while still at the same time not robbing choice from the player.

Who says it’s dear old dad it could be a mother the pawns you off. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pawed, past tense of paw:
(of a person) touch or handle clumsily or lasciviously.
“some overweight, ugly Casanova had tried to paw her”
synonyms: handle roughly, pull, grab, maul, manhandle More

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