Real life Characters from Choice Of Romance?

I was messing about trying to decide who each of the characters is probably loosely based on from history. What do you think? Sound right/wrong/anyone I’ve missed? :slight_smile:

King: Henry VIII
MC: Anne Boleyn
MC 1st born: Elizabeth 1st
King’s first wife: Cathrine of Aragon.
Juanita: Mary 1st.
Mendosa: Thomas Wyatt? (Poet)
Young girl your MC is worried about (Can’t remember her name)- Jane Seymore (Although there’s a number of people it could have been).
Thomas- Henry FitzRoy (Lady Blount’s illegitimate child with the King).
Vega: Thomas More?
Torres: Henry Percy? (Although I think from memory he was a higher station than Anne, rather than the other way around in this book).


The only difference I’d go with at first glance is:

Joan, the Fair Maid of Kent = MC

De Vega reminded me of Sir Humphrey Appleby, head of the UK Civil Service in Yes Prime Minister. He’s a moral vacuum and master manipulator of the established political system, who’s thrown into fits by anything dramatically innovative, like the death rods, that would alter said system. He’s also oversubtle and cautious enough that a competent MC can run rings around him.

The King is basically a bisexual Henry VIII, but I think a Queen so magnificent as Agustina is unknown to history. She throws Elizabeth I completely into the shade.