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@dankopolo how did you marry Anne Boleyn? When I tried, I was thrown in the tower.


I’m not sure if this is a spoiler, but I think the MC has to go to dinner with the French ambassador where you will meet Anne Boleyn, improving the MC’s relationship with her.


I encountered a bug. I married Anne Boleyn myself (and she is still listed as my wife) but also just got to a page saying that King Henry VIII has married Anne Boleyn.


Blast… I thought I had these romance bugs untangled. I’ll sort it out on the weekend. I’ve been working on sketching out the climax at the moment.


I married Mary T. Is it possible to have a child with her at this point in time?
Also, can you foster Lady (formerly Princess) Mary if you elect to separate her from Catherine if you are a favorite of the king and/or part of the royal family and have shifted Mary away from the Spanish in the past?


Sorry if this question has already been asked but can someone give me a guide on how to court the kings sister?


I court her and successfully marry her every (male) playthrough.
Here is what you do.

For the first key choices: go to dinner w/French ambassador, then deliberately lose to Henry at tennis, tutor Mary, make Mary more English. Then side with France in the diplomatic option.
The second choices are the only window you have to build a relationship with her. But first, manage your estate and visit your mom. Then do these things in no particular order: attend university (Oxford), begin courting the King’s sister (hereafter referred to as Mary T.), and invite Thomas More and Cardinal Wosley to dinner (choose to host, then invite intellectuals/clergy).
After this, you should get an option saying that your sister has spent all her money- hang her out to dry. Then, when you get the option to continue pursuing a romance/possible engagement, choose to continue with Mary T. There will be two options: elope (not recommended), or seek Henry’s favor.
To seek Henry’s favor, use Cardinal Wosley or Thomas More to pressure the Pope into annulling Henry’s marriage to Queen Catherine. Use the one you have the higher relationship with (for me, Wosley). Soon after, you should get married.

I hope that helps!


20 characters


Is there a way to married the king?


I am assuming that there will be multiple chances in the future, but as of now, there is only one real opportunity to marry him.


Hey –

I’ve loved this game since the beginning. You are so impressive at this and I’m eagerly checking in for progress.

Just a typo I noticed: in the Stats, Political Indicators screen, if you are the queen, it says “you is the current Queen of England,” whereas it should be “are the queen of England.” Really really minor but thought I’d point it out.


yes there are. scroll above


Did you change what it takes to get married to Anne Boelyn? Paths I took that previously ended in marriage to her now ends with her leaving me for the king.


Made a modest update of a skeleton climax. The general concept is that:
*A succession crisis occurs.
*Two candidates contend for the throne (currently I am randomly generating this as Edward isn’t born yet but it won’t be random once I fill-in 1535-1545.)
*You will have the option of seizing the throne for yourself or on behalf of your young child.
*There are different missions that focus on diplomacy/money/military. The first ones are written out. I haven’t finished the final major military/high-stakes negotiations.
*I’m trying to balance win-lose outcomes at the end that reward stats grinding with meaningful consequences of earlier choices (if you did not do any military missions before, you’ll have little success here).


I made courting Anne a bit easier. I’ll try to open things up so that hoops need not be jumped to take a course of action.


In the specific case of military, that’s going to take a fair amount of fiddliness to decide what previous decisions count as military experience, since stuff like piracy and Irish “diplomacy” straddle the line between war, economics and diplomacy - and then there’s getting an education in Spanish warfare. Might be better to just base military ability on Valor.


The first is a raid/preemptive strike which valor is key.
But depending on how you approach the succession, a larger series of battles and conflicts which will not be decided simply on a valor-test. Those will be fiddly in nature.

I haven’t quite balanced it all out, but the climax is composed of 7 different tests, four of which the player will go through to succeed, three of which will be military-esque. It will inevitably take a lot of fiddling to make sure your previous decisions are “remembered” because I want to avoid high stats giving the player a free pass.


Understood. Will wait for the final shape before concrete suggestions on military fiddliness.

Another suggestion on 1545, though, is that Princess Mary has self-loading baggage on two of the coalition axes, which should be represented if she’s your opponent.

Under the Foreign Enemies, “if (heir2 = “Princess Mary”) and hapsburg <70”, then the Hapsburgs should be your foreign threat. Mary has baked-in support from the Hapsburgs, and detaching them from her should require very strong ties.

Also, under religion. If you’re opposing Mary, then a moderate player should become an enemy to the Catholics (because Mary is absolutely going to make a point of her religion to draw in Catholic support, and a moderate player will get the “hell no” vote from Protestants), and a Catholic player should face a non-religious war (because both are ultra-Catholic and there’s no Protestant candidate). It particularly makes no sense for Mary to lead a Protestant opposition.

On that note, instead of “extremists” as an enemy, I suggest simply removing the religious axis from a war where the player has managed a moderate position. A coalition of ultra-Catholics and Puritans doesn’t make any sense, but a war that isn’t about religion, where people pick their sides based on other issues, does.

Another: Don’t use fairmath with victory and adversity, because bringing the stats in question back to normal after the event will leave them changed towards 50%, which is really damaging if you’re on a roll.

Bug: Allying with the Dutch and Protestants involves a Celts check, - I assume that was supposed to mean (dutch > 67).


When I was surface-reading your post, I misread this and thought it said something very NSF - corrupting our innocents. Perhaps jry can use inspirational moments such as these to to flesh out scenes. :see_no_evil:



Most of those points are well-taken.

Religious moderation is something I’m uncertain of.

From a historical perspective, I think moderation ought to be fairly exceptional, not something that is haphazard chosen. Many tried to become moderate in that period including Henry VIII and Charles V, but in that time period there were strong societal forces pushing everyone towards religious extremism. This is somewhat counterbalanced that I assume, many players may want the option to play as something other than a religious fanatic (although being a fanatic should be fun too… I definitely want an English Inquisition as one of the final “Consolidation” options at the end of the climax.