England 1519, in the Court of Henry the VIII - Tudor Intrigue - Ready to begin testing?


I was pleasantly surprised that a decision I made in the legal dispute whether an unborn child has any rights was going to set a precedence that will be used for abortion rights in the future. That was not even the intention of my decision. I sided with the daughters because the liberal in me told me to advocate for women’s rights. Especially after the birth of my daughter to Mary Boleyn, I was quite sympathetic to the daughters.

Is there anyway to convince the House of Commons to raise taxes for the king? I tried doing it through negotiations because I respected parliament in general. How many members were there anyway? I thought that my MC will try bribing the influential ones and hope the rest will follow but I do not think that was an option.


You need to have a high combined approval from the Commons and the Lords if you want to raise taxes with Parliament’s approval. Or you can go for less constitutional methods.


What did you do to have a child with Mary B.? I married Mary T., and I don’t have a child…
Related to the radical laws, I chose to split the estate. Turns out that Jane Austen did not become a highly respected novelist, due to an inheritance that left her financially secure.


Are there going to be any love interest from Scotland or ireland


Great idea. So far unplanned. I nixed a French Widow earlier. The love interests are more work than any other aspect of the story. I’m trying my best to streamline them but so long as they are interesting, the love interests can’t be streamlined.
So… maybe?


A suggestion that I think is interesting if you want to go down it at all it would be your choice and probably more work but extreamly interesting would be if you made the scotland king a marrige option and once you marry him and become queen of scotland you could escalate you child queen or king of Scots aginst king henrys daughters for the English throne and hope they don’t make the same mistakes as mary queen of scots.


Saw the new update, looked at 1525, and I think the logic for econ-status in 1529estate is backwards. Econ-status goes up if your wealth is low or you haven’t been managing your estate, yet a low econ-status means you have to deal with a collapsing financial state.

Also, in 1535, your brother currently can’t help save Wycliffe if he’s Chancellor; you can only do that yourself, break with Rome or work with the Dutch. Edit?

You don’t need anyone’s support but the King’s to become LC in 1535. Intentional?


Yes… I got ‘<’ an ‘>’ symbol totally mixed up… I knew there was something very wrong… Thanks again.

I rectified the Wycliffe… It’s a bit underdeveloped.

Things really start cascading through the fall of Wolsey to the rise of Thomas more… I was worried that interjecting with family matters would kill tension but after playing it though, I think some soft decisions in between might actually be nice.

It was intentional for Lord Chancellor at the moment. I wanted to open it up. But I’ll likely tighten it up on later revisions.


I also added more pictures. Mostly paintings made 200+ years after the events in question dragged off of Wikicommons. it was fun adding them.


Okay, I developed trade and industry in 1523 and then the game immediately moved to 1525, instead of giving me a chance to do something in 1524. Furthermore, when entering the 1525 chapter, Thomas More immediately coups Cardinal Wolsey - that shouldn’t happen until the privy council fight.

And the trial of Thomas More happens even if you defeated the Treason Act completely (and unlike with a partial success, you don’t have a free choice to become his lawyer).

In 1535, “Richard, of Rutland, of Rutland” should be “Richard, the Earl of Rutland.” I want Wycliffe alive and on my team!

Absolutism starts at 10, so in 1535, defeating the Treason Act is categorically impossible. Did you mean to set absolutest at 20-absolutism (defaulting to 10)?


Thank you so much… I must resist hasty uploads.

I’m not sure if I rectified the resisting the Treason Act properly yet. It needs some tweaking.



Well it appears the game is quite Treasonous

Anyway you got idea for just how much we will be able to impact the history ? it might be worth it to have the Scale of that setup before you go to final chapters. This game is honestly in bit of risk of Growing and Growing and Growing if you get me.


How do you prevent the Treason Act from passing? My court lady does try, but when it fails, she has no choice but to swear accordingly when Cromwell arrives. Combined with being a devout Catholic who is starting to be isolated at court along with refusing Henry’s advances for the sake of loyalty to Catherine, well, she has incurred considerable displeasure from Henry. As much as she has come to despise him for what he has done to Catherine and the Holy Mother Church, she knows all too well how easily Henry could have her executed, her family attainted. It is a delicate balancing act, regarding how much she defies Henry’s designs. For now, she remains patient, not resisting too far, but she is waiting for Henry’s death, and once it finally occurs, then she will do everything in her power to ensure that Catherine is vindicated and the Holy Mother Church restored.


I’m glad to see you are taking full advantage of the religion, politics and setting.

I did tweak the treason act again. I think stopping the king from executing Buckingham, and failing in parliament to help the king (which lowers an ‘absolutism’ tracker) should help some success.

Regarding the other comments above… I’m going to try a different writing tactic… start crafting a climax and then fill in between. That will likely take all of next month at my rate.



Glad you are taking my advice. Imho it will be easier to go for feature full beta and then add the content in, than keep adding before having the basic structure finished.
Good luck throught :slight_smile: , isnt going to be easy


I figured out how to stop the Treason Act and save Thomas More.

As to Anne Boleyn, given that my court lady is a devoted friend and attendant to Catherine, it is no surprise that my court lady hates Anne Boleyn, loathing her as much as she does Henry. It was noted that she should not even be thinking of Anne Boleyn as a mistress anymore, but in the privacy of her own thoughts, she only ever thinks of and refers to Anne Boleyn as the usurping trollop. As with Henry, though, my court lady remains patient, expertly masking her revulsion towards Anne Boleyn, calmly waiting for the right moment to take action. Suffice to say, my court lady will be grimly pleased and shed no tears at Anne Boleyn’s downfall.


I have a question. How do u get rid of Anne Boleyn can she marry your brother or do u have to ruin her and how do u do this if you are getting with the king and one more question if we Marry George and the king Marries Anne after Anne and George’s execution could you possibly marry the king


Right now, you can’t “get rid” of Anne Boleyn except by either romancing her as a man or by romancing the King as a woman. Otherwise, they’re going to marry. (Keeping Catherine as queen is impossible.)

On the other hand, I’m sure it will be quite possible to get ahead of Anne later. :slight_smile:


@jry Checking on your code, there’s a “regionalsupport” variable called in 1524, but that there’s no way to increase beforehand. Is that an artifact of previous plans - did you intend for the national survey in 1522 to open up investment opportunities in 1524?

Also, I don’t like my choice in the More trial being forced by my prior religious convictions (for the record, in this playthrough, I’m moderately Protestant, and have had a turbulent relationship with both Thomases). I defeated the Treason Act, and now I want to protect More so I can kick His Majesty in the teeth again and preserve the power of the nobility and the Magna Carta.

(Ironically, the easiest way to save More is to partly lose the Treason Act, then successfully defend yourself!

Ah, a liiiiitle bug in the romance check in 1525:

It has been a struggle but finally, after a long period of courting, Mary Boleyn proposes to get married in a small chapel. You have to overcome a few barriers from your families and some political encumbrances, but over time, you surmount them.

Marriage of Joan of Rutland to Mary Boleyn

Ah…how modern. :slight_smile:

And I’m not quite getting what your intent for the “law” variable is. Is it intended to represent involvement with the Justices of the Peace?


I believe that I have spotted an error in the game. Despite Anne Boleyn and the MC being married, King Henry VIII becomes married to Anne Boleyn later in the game.