England 1519, in the Court of Henry the VIII - Tudor Intrigue - Ready to begin testing?


I eventually did figure out how to raise my Valour enough to win the war with France, although I think it’s a bit unintuitive that challenging a poet to a duel makes you a skilled general, while studying The Art of War at Oxford does not.

I have yet to figure out how to raise my Charm stat by any significant degree.


For the next upload later this week.
Boleyn bug: I wasn’t sure where this originated, but I but have my suspicions. I put in a whole bunch of checks to try to stream out failed-Anne-suitors once she marries the King (much of them I think will be redundant coding). This bug may still linger… I hope I caught it.
The Widow bug was just sloppy and will be fixed.

Victory in France (skill development in general): I’ve been postponing a revamp of the foreign policy for some time. Some of the Valour developments, and the skill development in general is not intuitive… I’m tempted to leave ‘as is’ and file in the Lesson Learned category for the next game I will write in 2018 (19th Century China which will be pure military/politics/diplomacy and no romance at all) but I’ll see if I can add some transparency.


I’ll look to rejig charm and give more opportunities to increase.

This is a clumsy-fix, but I added a TRAIT-Reallocation on the Stats page that periodically reopens. Essentially, it swaps +5.

Ideally, all skill development would be organic with the story, but still clear to the reader, but I lose track a bit so I think a little flexibility might help.


Hey did you like outlanders did it give you any inspiration hmmmm? :blush::blush::blush:


I’ll try to get that in for the next upload. The last-name will be Fraser.


After More’s resignation, there is still the error saying my character is glad to see him go, because More had been an opponent regarding the marriage. As it is, my characters is a friend of More, a devout follower of Catherine, and is not even in an affair with Henry, let alone married to him.

As to the other matter, between plotting with other nobles dissatisfied with Henry and introducing Jane Seymour to Henry, it is an interesting choice. Alas, plotting with other nobles is halted by Cromwell’s blunt warning. Introducing Jane Seymour to Henry is more promising. I am not sure how my character would justify it, though. She is a devout Catholic and a true, unswerving attendant and friend of Catherine, who has not died yet. My character might feel she is doing a disservice to Catherine, whom she adamantly sees as Henry’s only true wife and queen. On the other hand, she might feel it is a way to help Catherine and avenge her by striking this blow against the Boleyn upstart and weakening her position.


happened after the trial of Thomas More, but i already married to the King


and also, is there a way to preserve Catherine of Aragon as the Queen?


No; Catherine is a dead-woman by 1535. All your good relations with Catherine will be transferred to Princess Mary.


Found this after a couple of playthrough


Found a buggy area; I played through twice to test it.

  1. After my female character has married the King after the divorce of Catherine, Anne still has Elizabeth as the royal heir.
  2. even after Catherine dies and the King remarries Catherine is still put down as Queen.

As always love this WIP and look forward to its updates!


Another odd duck: if my character marries into the Boleyn family, it seems likely that they would support Elizabeth, not Mary, as it currently does.


Thanks; I see where the errors are for that and I’ll have the fix for the upload early next week.
I’m sorting out the downfall of the second Queen, which is preventable of course.
I’m excited getting close to patching up the time in-between the downfall of Anne (1536) and the succession of Henry, 1545 which will make this a proper playable Beta straight through.


Hm, when it comes to the matter of Anne Boleyn and either supporting Anne or supporting Henry and Cromwell about finding a new queen, the option for supporting Henry and Cromwell is not available. Is it because Henry and Cromwell’s opinions of my character are too low?

Regardless, my character would never help Anne, not after her part in all the hardships of Catherine and Mary. Considering that my character could have potentially introduced Jane Seymour to Henry, she would be more likely to take Henry and Cromwell’s side, despite how much she loathes Henry.

Then again, my character holds seething animosity towards both Henry and Anne for what happened to Catherine, so it is just as possible she might decide to stay out of the matter entirely. Perhaps there could be an added option to stay out of the matter and watch with grim satisfaction as Anne is executed.

As for the new queen after Jane, my character might stay out of it, but then again, as a devout Catholic, she might try to help the Duke of Norfolk, since they are Catholic. Regardless, she will not be helping Cromwell with the design of the marriage to a Protestant princess. In fact, after everything with Cromwell, my character might find amusement in seeing it backfire on Cromwell and leading to his subsequent loss of favor with Henry.


found mistakes.
first one

#Attempt to preserve Cardinal Wolsey’s reforms.
*set cardinalw %+25
*set cardtrial +1
*set cromwell %+20
*set lords %-10
*set intelligence %+5javascript:;
*set norfolk %-15
*set tmore %-15
*set tmore %-15

In 1525 You have doubling of thomas - Relationship.

MARKED WITH ** More is improperly capitalized.
Meeting Erasmus

              You are thrilled that your modest intellectual achievements and interest in peace and tolerance have caught the attention of this old and eminent scholar. You discuss ways to promote peace and heal the dissension caused by heresy spreading throughout Europe. You agree that the church must be reformed, but not break violently and cause upheaval. You advocate peaceful diplomacy instead of violence. 

              *set virtue %+8
              *set secular +1
              *set intelligence %+8
              *set strength %-10
              *if (tmore > 45)
                He is glad that that you have become friends with Thomas More. He hopes that you will work with him and even promote tolerance for he fears **_more_** walks a fine, and dangerous, line in his quest for keep England true to its faith. 

                You tell Erasmus that he need not worry. Thomas **_more_** is doing well in his career. Nonetheless, the old scholar is worried. You promise to do what you can to help Thomas More while promoting tolerance in England. 
                *set friend_more true


BTW 1519
I think game could use less of jump. i say add chapters in years 1528 amd 1540. the jump there is simply too big.


Those Chapter titles don’t properly correspond with the passage of time. Essentially, 1525 should be labeled 1529. I ought to update though for consistency and probably make mention of the actual year in the text of the story… although I’m playing fast and lose with some events and ages of characters.

Thanks for noting the other two Thomas More errors. I corrected.


Made Scottish Romantic Option - you must tour the British Isles in one of the early missions. It was fun writing it. Some of this scripting is a slog.

The romantic plot isn’t continued too far right now… He or she will get streamed into a ‘generic lover’ in latter part of the story. The main advantage is that you increase the opinion and knowledge of Celtic nations.

The idea for the climax is whoever you marry will have a major impact on one mission in the climax so a unification with Scotland option will be made easier with your Scottish lover helping you.


Will the Scottish romance be an important figure or just another Baron


They will be important. I have the intentions of using the Scottish romace to help introduce you to Scottish monarch (Henry’s nephew I believe).