Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking)

Curious Cuisine

Life has not been kind to you.
You have lost everything, your home, your job, maybe even the love of your life.
Only silver lining is that you still have your teenage child.
What would you do if a new silver lining would appear?
A mysterious letter, summoning you to a city on no map.
A city that turns out to be quite… peculiar?
A town full of superpowered beings? And some most intriguing oddities?

Would you take the challenge a mysterious benefactor put you up to:
Bringing an abandoned little cafe back to its old glory?

Are you up to the task?

Can you win a famous local cooking contest?
Find new love?
Uncover Cornucopia’s curious secrets?

And deal with your kid having superpowers?

As if puberty would not have been enough.

Play as both parent and child in intertwining stories full off cooking and conspiracies.

  • Play as any given gender, with fully customizable pronouns
  • Play as straight, gay/lesbian, bi/pan or ace, aro or aroace.
  • Find love, if you so desire, with a great variety of unique characters.
  • Spot familiar faces, as Cornucopia is an interdimensional hub for many realities. (kudos to all the CoG/HG authors giving their OKs)

Feedback I’m looking for:

  • Continuity and consistency
  • BugReports
  • How do you feel about the premise? Does it make you curious? Does it bore you?
  • Does the game deliver what you expected of it?
  • How do you feel about the characters? Are they interesting? Obnoxious?

I’ll answer questions should they come up if I can.

WiP here:

Curious Cuisine

Current average play-through length:
MainGame: ~52k words (123k total with code)
Bonus: ~2300 words (~43k with code)

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Cornucopia Gazette

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TvTropes Entry

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Recent Update

March 25 2019


  • Chapter 2, Act 2: Reading Is Icential
  • APORIA guide (visitor’s edition) will now be unlocked in Ch2, Act 2 if you didn’t get it at APORIA before.


  • Overhauled stat distribution throughout the game.
  • Added various new variables.
  • Added a bit more interaction when you stay at the hotel on Day 2.
  • Overhauled the cafe scene, removed getting into the house from the back.
  • You can now order piña colada.

Note: I changed the save-game handle, so you’ll have to start a game from scratch. (Which would be recommended anyway, seeing how much was changed in terms of stats and variables)

A spoilery look at the Romantic Options so far

Read at your own risk

ROs (so far) for the parent MC

Valentine Patenaud, aka Heatstroke
(Female, 33, Pan)
Valentine is a very headstrong woman with a caring heart. She runs a food stand at the local station from morning to midday, where she puts her pyrokinetic (fire manipulation) powers to good use.
The general impression to get of Valentine is that she’s boisterous and caring, latter especially towards the new generation of masked individuals.
She’s part of the group that unmasked under The Agreement and has fought in The Gloom.
The latter left her with a limp… and a broken heart?

Ian Rattray
(Male, 34, ???)
Ian is regarded as the best historian in all of CoCi, a walking encyclopedia, and what in general might be called a gentle giant. Standing almost seven feet tall (all muscles), Ian is a gentle, curious and shy soul and would be soft spoken, if he wouldn’t tend to talk like a waterfall.
He’s easily alienated if he’s told to shut up, and might retreat in on himself for a while afterwards.
Spending most of his time at the libraries of the city (mainly that of The Agency) Ian got the reputation to feel more comfortable around books than around humans.
He is determined to uncover the secrets of The Gloom.

Lesley Arcs
(Genderfluid, 36-37, asexual/panromantic)
Lesley is a very blunt and outspoken person. An aspiring reporter at the Chronicler (and thus having a bit of friendly rivalry going on with Arthur Montgomery), they’re always hunting for a good story.
They are the epitome of the intrepid reporter, with all its setbacks, much to their dismay.
They seem to be looking for their very own hero to save their bacon from the fire.

Fay/Frank Haggerty
(female/male (gender switches), 45, Pan)
One of the judges on the cooking contest. They seem to be out for you for some unknown reasons, and will stop at nothing to throw boulders into your way.
They are cold, condescending and care only for themselves.
Or do they?

Super spoiler below

There will also be two secret ROs for the parent, and (at least) one secret RO for the kid, with their very own plotlines.

ROs (so far) for the kid MC

Francis Montgomery, aka Prestige
(male, 16-17, pan (male leaning))
Francis, in one word, is a douche. He’s rude, selfish and cares little for others, preferably surrounding himself with people who will boost his ego. Being the son of CoCi’s #1 powered couple (La Mode and Stormrider), with his mother being the current mayor he grew up in a world were your fame alone opened all kinds of doors for you, and he knows that.
As Prestige he is gallant though a bit rakish, and much less full of himself.
Now, which is the mask and which isn’t?
In either case, both sides of him have a rivalry going on with Marcus.

Marcus Hayes aka SnapShot
(male, 16, pan (male leaning))
Live has not been kind to Marcus. Those that know him and Francis will easily say Marcus got all the misfortune for each piece of Francis’ luck in life. In general people would say Marcus is the opposite of Francis.
He’s kind, upbeat, and caring, in and out of costume. and will fight tooth and nail to protect those dear to him. Major downside many see in him is his tendency to pepper his speech with physically painful puns, again in and out of costume.
He’s living with his mother, former hero Butterfly, in the poorest district of town, caring greatly for her since the sudden disappearance of his father ten years ago sent her into a nervous breakdown and depression.
Marcus is convinced his father had been non other than CoCi’s top hero Eclipse, who also went missing ten years ago.

Trudie Doherty aka Starlight
(female, 15-16, pan)
Trudie is an orphan living with her elderly foster mom and Fluff, a tiny schafpudel. Trudie is notoriously shy and insecure, deeming herself to have completely lost the power lottery, but nevertheless aims to become a hero people can look up to. Can show a lot of bravado when ‘on the job’ or excited or angry (really angry) about something, but it usually fades too quickly once she starts second guessing herself.
Tends to break into tears very easily due to the insecurities.

Izzy Bishop aka Ace Of Spades
(genderfluid, 16, asexual, panromantic)
Izzy is a rather snarky and eccentric terrakinetic (earth and mineral manipulation) and one of Marcus’ oldest friends. They tend to be a bit pessimistic in their outlook, while simultaneously viewing the world from an utmost bizarre perspective. Their codename is 150% courtesy of Marcus.

Character Bios

Francis: Post 1447
FreezeFrame: Post 1458
Ian : Post 1473
Switchblade: Post 1490
Powerhouse & Bacchanalia: Post 1514
Scorn: Post 1534
Marcus: Post 1550
La Mode: Here
Artemis: Here


Marcus and Liz by prism_star
Cavalry by prism_star
Cavalry colored by prism_star
Beach by prism_star
Francis Moodboard by jessicanity
Starlight Moodboard by jessicanity
MCs by daniboy
MCs by Abe

Current Fanart Contests?

Yes, Voting Phase Ongoing See post 1725


Don’t you mean “purely platonic”?

Anyway, seems interesting. Playing as a parent having to deal with your kid having superpowers is certainly a fresh take on the genre - I mean, usually, the kid would be the MC every time. Also, since no mention of any significant other is made concerning the starting point of the game, should we assume that’s also part of the “life has not been kind to you” thing?


Both, actually (edited for clarification). Not all relationships have a sexual factor in them, and some have neither sex nor romantic elements.

As you will play as the kid too (choices you make as parent also influence the kid’s stats, as well as the other way round), you have to deal double with the chaos of suddenly finding you have powers.
Not to mention the parent might have them too.

And yes, it is. You will also be able to pick what happened, ranging from their death, to a divorce, to a couple of other backgrounds, as well as how your relationship with the former SO and their family was.


i fully support this. :grin:


I just envisioned the game having people with Shokugeki no Soma level skills in cooking :laughing:

Factoring in the superpowers, consider me interested :wink:


Yay, finally a cuisine game! It definitly sounds interesting, pretty much everything got my attention, it’s not a mix of elements we get to see everyday.
The only thing I’m doubting if I’m gonna like is the superpowers thing. As I said, it already sounds like a mistery/cuisine/paranormal/reality show, so I’m not sure if one more add will fit well, specially one about powers, but idk, maybe? I guess it’ll depend on what sort of superpower the kid will have. But maybe I’m just thinking like that because I’m not particularly a fan of superpowers because it makes me think of super heroes so don’t mind me that much lol
Looking forward to the demo :blush:
Oh, and thanks in advance for keeping their gender options open and non-binary inclusive. :heart:


I’d play this game for sure!

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How you play as child and parent


Love the concept. Playing as both parent and child is very cool. Also you included a lot of gender options which is fantastic for an enby. And what about the MC’s so? Is this mystery going to be solved or can I make my own assumptions? Can’t wait to play!!!


Superpowers and cooking skills, already two things I don’t have in real life. Anyway I am very interested


The story switches between the PoV of the parent and the kid, with two separate stat and relationship pages.

You will be able to pick what happened to the former SO to leave you alone with the kid. (including the kid being adopted or the SO abandoning you with them early on)


Will we be able to choose if either the parent or the child (or both) is transgender?

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Yes. You can chose that for both, including pronouns.


Oh geez I just realized it was in the first post. I’m a fool. Thank you though!

Don’t worry 'bout it :slight_smile:

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Tiny update on the wordcount. Plain Story is at 10k now, all three scenes in which you can either meet one of the two male ROs for the teenager (Francis ‘Prestige’ Montgomery, or Marcus ‘SnapShot’ Hayes) or the famous hero parents of Francis are done.


I must say, this will be an interesting WIP. Can’t wait to dig in to it :sweat_smile: ( Ok not the best pun). Seriously though, can’t wait to try it out @MeltingPenguins

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Thank you all for the interest.
I’m working on getting the story up to the point at which you can name your new Café.

In the meantime, have a little teaser. The first possible encounter with Prestige (mild spoilers and potential typos ahead)

Spoilers ahead

A blur of movement catches your eye, and you hear the robber scream and let go off his hostage, frantically shaking his arm as if to get something off it. You can’t really see what it is, but there appears to be some sort of large insect or something on his hand. The hostage dives towards the alleyway just as the guy catches himself.
There’s another blur of movement and suddenly a young man stands behind the robber.
He’s tall, lean, muscled, with styled blond hair and a narrow face. Now, you’ve seen some weird costumes on heroes where you came from, but his takes the cake:
An elegant blue-silverish jacket with broad white golden labels, a steel blue vest, form-fitting dark gray pants (his mask has the same color), nice shoes, all right out of the victorian age. You can’t say if you question the ruffled cravat or the single epaulette with the short cape over his right shoulder more, though.
At the table next to you you hear the two girls squeal in delight.
“It’s Prestige!” one of them exclaims, and if you wouldn’t know better you’d say the other is swooning, just like the guy at the table beyond them. You look at Polly with a quirked brow, and then back down unto the scene. The young man stands there, a smug smile on his face, arms crossed before his chest.
The robber turns and points his gun at the young hero.
This won’t end well unless the kid’s bullet-proof.
A shot rings out.
Then another.
You crack your eyes open as you hear no one gasp in horror. Much to your surprise the kid still stands there. At least for a moment.
You can’t see the robber’s mouth, but the way his shoulders slump you guess he now did recognize who he’s dealing with and whatever the kid’s powers are, and commented on that with a certain four letter word (or all of them, come to think of it) The same moment the young hero’s form flickers like candlelight and winks out just as yet another blur of silver and blue lands behind the robber.
Latter spins around, getting socked in the jaw in the same movement.
The young hero looms over him, a foot on the criminal’s back, before he bends down an puts the guy in shackles.
Finally the police arrives.
“He is so awesome,” you hear the girls next to you squeal as the officers take the robber into custody. You notice a moment too late that you have been staring at them.
One of the girls wrinkles her nose.
“Don’t tell me you don’t know who Prestige is,” she says, more a sneer than a question. You shake your head.
“We just arrived here.”
The girl rolls her eyes, but her friend elbows her in the side, before looking at you.
“Prestige is the most awe- and handsome rookie hero in all of Cornucopia!” she croons.


I’m really looking forward to the demo for this game! I like the combination of genres, and I’m particularly excited about being able to play a parent and a teen, and seeing what you do with the variety of interactions there. It sounds like good fun.

Also, the description of Prestige is fabulous. And I love your writing style—‘swooning’, ha.

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Yo, I’m already hyped! And quick question, how customizable is the Café gonna be?? Is running it gonna be a big part of the game or will it be more about the contest?