Parenting in COG games?

Hey! I was wondering if anyone knew of some good choice or hosted games where parenting is either the main focus/theme or a big component to the story, like raising a child and your actions have consequences on what type of person they’re going to be etc. I’ve played Quite Apparent and I really liked it, but it was still a wip and I would like to discover more of these


There’s a WIP called Curious Cuisine where you play as parent and child. The MC has a kid in Rent-a-Vice (under the CoG label), although I haven’t played past the demo so I’m not sure how significant a part it plays in the game.

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Oh yea, I was gonna check Curious Cuisine out, I have it bookmarked. I read Rent-a-Vice and I liked it, but iirc the kid is more of a background/motivational aspect in the game instead of your choices affecting him/his personality. It was a great read though.

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There is quite app parent simulator by @hustlertwo and it is literally about raising a child. Sadly curios cuisine has been put on an indefinite hiatus.


Choice of Robots, if you don’t mind that it’s a baby robot. A huge part of it is an extended metaphor for parenting. You do see your parenting choices reflected later in the game.


And, for that matter, Choice of Alexandria, where you have to balance spoiling the prince but getting him to like you against teaching him to do the right thing but getting him to resent you. The whole outcome of the game depends on that balance.

I guess I write games about parenting. But funny enough, my recent game where you can actually be a parent, Choice of Magics, is not about parenting.


But you can be a parent in both of your previous game too.

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I couldn’t remember tbh

In the last chapter CoR you could have a child with your spouse, one of the endings is you celebrating their birthday
And in the Alexandria you can have a child with one of the rulers, one of the endings even have you letting the ruler’s children of the previous marriage die so your child will inherit the throne

Oh yeah!

Well, anyway, the real parenting decisions in those games are about your robot and your student, respectively, and how they soak up life lessons from you, or don’t.


Yeah, ofc. The MC’s child appear only at the end of the game and you don’t have any choices regarding how you raise them, the game focus heavily on the robot/student relationship with the MC.
But I like that those choices of having a child of your own exists in the game

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven gives you the choice of being a surrogate parent to your nephew


You’re a parent Rent-a-Vice, albeit divorced and (IIRC), sharing custody of your child, so IDK how central the parenting is.


Wow, such great replies, thank you! I’ve read CoR and I loved the relationship with my little Caliban (I let him call me father and I instantly felt so connected to him). I don’t think I got the ending where you’re an actual parent yet because I always chose the companion bot over humans, so I’ll probably play another playthrough of that. I haven’t checkout out CoA yet but I’ll get to it soon, thanks again!

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