Games with family

I really love the games where you do have/can have a family such as any of Mike Walter games or Affairs of the Court: Choice of Romance and I was wondering if you know of any others? because I haven’t played all the games on the site yet.


There’s a WIP called Curious Cuisine. It’s about the main character being a parent of a child in a superhero city where the main character has been invited to be the head chef of a restaurant there. It’s a really good one.

It hasn’t been released yet, but “Lords Of Infinity” will provide you the oppertunity to marry and have children, though you would have to play the first 2 games first (sabres and guns of infinity) for it to make sense.

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I never head of it but that does sound very cute ^.^

Alter Ego. You basically play your whole life. You can date, marry, have children, and have different family experiences. (Downside: No same-sex relationships.)

Life Of A Mobster. You are able to marry different partners and have children with them but, as the title suggests, it’s not really the focus of the game.

You can also have a family in Choice of Robots but that happens very late in the game.


If you want romance like the medieval era where you can court someone…

try Choice of Rebels : In Book one, you can already marry one RO and there is another RO who you can court her in the sequel

WIP; Kingdom : Ember in ashes by @Sophia , you can have a political marriage with the enemy prince/princess and start a turbulence family with him/her

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Omg Kingdom : Ember in ashes looks amazing I’m so going to get it when it’s done! Thank you for suggesting it.

Also I have played and like it very much can’t wait for book two.


Hahaha yeah Choice of Rebels is an epic adventure … raising a family with Breden is going to be a challenge , especially with the “Krypstas” background :slight_smile: , but i hope the marriage with Suzanne/Simon can be like a fairy tale

Kingdom : Ember in Ashes had already gather huge fans here…

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Damn right it is haha… if I remember right Breden didn’t want a family so I didn’t see that bit

I didn’t go for they so I didn’t see any of those bits but I may do one day :stuck_out_tongue:

I can so see why it does, I hope it’s half as good as the demo.

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yupe… i am still wondering whether MC can change Breden’s mind in the future … for those of us who didn’t betray her and kill her of course… i still feel sad why so many people hated Breden…Lol

you should really try Suzanne/Simon’s route in one of your saved game, i think their romance is so unique in a way that it resembles the Courtly Love of Arthurian Legend, similar to choice of romance where even Love presents itself in a sense of dutiful bound allegiance :slight_smile:

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Other downside is only “mundane” careers, you can’t become a celebrity, filthy rich business owner/ceo or a politician either. Or for that matter, while we’re talking about mobsters a criminal, let alone a crime boss.

On the other hand your dad will become an unavoidable casualty of the rebellion no matter what and you’ve got no siblings to speak of.

I don’t think any marriage in XoR will end up all that fairytale like, but maybe aristo mc’s of gentle disposition, courting and eventually marrying Simon/Suzanne can come as close as is possible in the world of XoR.


Yeah…it is too bad that we won’t be able to save MC’s father , i was thinking if we are aristocrat and marry Suzanne/Simon, the father should be proud because Suzanne/Simon’s family seems prestige … too bad there wasn’t option for us to introduce Suzanne/Simon to the father and enlighten him :slight_smile:

and yeah…it was mention that Suzanne/Simon desired some sort of ending with a courtly love approach , especially the insistent of MC asking for their hand in a Ball with acknowledgement of others… so it is only fair if we can give Suzanne/Simon a fairy tale ending :slight_smile:

Except helot mc cannot do anything like that since they’re not even really regarded as people in the first place by contemporary Hegemony society, so it’ll be fun watching Simon contort himself metaphorically in all sorts of philosophical twists and to see what he comes up with as how “courtly love” should unfold between aristo and helot. :grin:


Well… even as Helot, MC can rise to the status of Angel Eclekt , i think this status more than qualify a Helot to court a well known aristocrat family :slight_smile: especially MC now has the backing of the entire priesthood :grin:

I’m not so sure, given how firmly rooted and pernicious the caste system is, also there’s an emphasis on can here my helot mc very much doesn’t and even calls himself a Goete and, is of course male, which means a gay relationship with him violates the helot imperative to breed, breed, breed and de-facto prohibition on being gay. . Which is why I like to see how Simon is going to deal with that. :grin:

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i think Simon and Suzanne will be the most loyal and devoted love interest in choice of rebels, they basically sacrifice everything to come to us… i can see that Suzanne and Simon are one of those fabled knight who follow the code of chivalry , honesty , loyality and faithfulness are their souls :slight_smile:

Choice of Alexandria
Choice of Robots
The Great Tournament duology
Lords of Aswick

A slightly unconventional suggestion: Choice of the Cat. It may not be exactly what you’re asking for, but the cat!MC lives with human a family.

I didn’t hate Breden but they irritated me just like any character does who my MC has to feel an immediate attraction to (unless they happen to be ace). (I also got the impression that it was necessary for ace/aro characters to show interest in Breden or they were unable to pursue Simon/Suzanne romantically. Or maybe that one was due to my own choices?)

I must admit that the “mundane” aspect was actually something that I found charming about the game. It didn’t want to be some huge, bombastic adventure and, for me, the narration made that work.

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