New here, etc


Hi everyone!
After playing every CoG title in existence multiple times over, I decided that the next logical step in feeding my addiction would be to start writing games of my own. So that’s what I’ve been doing in my ample free time as a full-time attorney and mom to a 7-month old.
Anyway, I’m new here, so hi!


Are you a fan of choice of Deathless? And hello fellow addict! :slight_smile:


…You know, with your job, you could fulfill my dream of an attorney-themed game set in the real world rather than a fantasy one like in Choice of Deathless.

Just throwing it out there. :wink:


Can’t wait to see what you create :slight_smile: I’m an addict, too…I’ve read every single title but that wasn’t enough, so I’ve created a few of my own. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Welcome! I’m a fellow attorney, parent and Cog addict working on my own game as well. Did you have an idea for a WiP?

@blackrising, that’s a good idea. I’ve been thinking about pitching an official attorney CoG but CCH must be finished first.


@Samuel_H_Young you’ve created an interesting and exciting one at that :slight_smile:

Oh I always love it when a new author shows up because they usually make some very unique and awesome games.

@myariv I look forward to see what you make and congratulations on becoming a mom. :slight_smile:


Hi guys! @Razgriz, I thought Deathless was fabulous. Although ironically, it took me forever to play it through because that was an insanely busy time at work for me.

@Blackrising - Choice of the Indemnity Clause? :slight_smile:

@hornheadfan - I’m sort of playing around with something, but it’s still in the formative stages. We shall see.

What sorts of things are you guys working on?


@razgriz, thanks so much! It’s exhausting but wonderful. Exhaustingly wonderful, if you will.


Thanks :)!


Think nothing of it myariv and hey I’m new too joined yesterday but have been lurking for a year lol. :slight_smile: and everyone s having kids lately my step sisters having a baby in like a week.

And no problem Sam. You’re the one who made it for people to enjoy so thank you instead. Also I’ve had an idea for a while. Do you think once you’ve finished them all you put them all together for a massive app or would the coding be too much? Just thought it be kinda cool to have like a box set of them.


RIGHT? So many babies. Congrats to your stepsis!


Like in the last year we’ve doubled form six to like twelve! My family’s like rabbits! Lol And thanks. Sadly for me I’ll probably get swarmed by a pack of them like zombies because I’m the big brother. R.I.P me.


Zombie babies. There’s a game idea for you.


I got a name for it too lol Ankle biters! :))


I’d play it. Not gonna lie.


Alright let’s get to it! Already got the intro scene.

In a world where babies are no longer the cute and adorable creatures you thought they were *jump cut to a news station*

“We’re receiving reports of attacks on people from…” *he looks into the camera confused* “infants? What that can’t be right-”

Cameraman: "look out!!! "

* a swarm of infants appear out of nowhere and lunge at the journalist. The camera feed cuts out. The inception bawwwwn sound happens and the title appears*

Will you survive or will you fall to the ankle biters?

I’m gonna give this game 10/10 lol



Gold, I tell you. Absolute gold.


Man I Forgot how much I missed writing. Even if it’s just little stuff like that. I like being able to get feedback from people. I used too all the time but I lost my co author who used to help write with me. So when I got stuck she’d jump in and start working on it with me. I had one story that I had been writing for the last two years! It wasn’t choice script though


Any who, what choice game have been your favorite so far?


Welcome to the magical world of the choice of games forum! If you like, there are free cookies!