An idea to raise awareness of CoG

This is probably going to sound really arrogant and presumptuous :frowning: but I hope I’ll be heard out…

I read somewhere on the forum about how people not knowing about the games was a main impediment to sales and that raising awareness was difficult.

Recently there has been a trend on fanfiction where ‘video game plot’ stories have risen in popularity, which have a similar premise as choice of games, except they are completely linear. I am one such writer of these stories and I am asking if it would be be a good idea to link to the choice of games website on my profile page?

I know it wouldn’t be much, but I would like to help, and I am a little popular…


That sounds like a good idea to me and it’s really up to you. It couldn’t hurt.

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@Samuel_H_Young maybe… I would still want permission from a mod or someone who works for CoG, as well as an opinion if I could actually make a difference…

You don’t really need permission to share a page :stuck_out_tongue: but if it makes you feel better: @jasonstevanhill and @dfabulich

@Samuel_H_Young - thanks! Btw I finally looked at my fanfiction statistics, do you think it could make a difference?

So far I have

3000 followers on all stories combined
100 individual visitors to profile page daily

…there are more stats but those are the ones that count, I think!

Yes, please feel free to link to our website.

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Yeah, I definitely think that could make a difference.

Great! I’ll link when I’ll next update then.