A possible way of advertising


OK i would have done this a long time ago but i am afriad i am not much good of a writer. There is this youtuber ChaoticMonki ( Cry ) he’s got about a million subscribers and he does these reading thingy ever so often maybe we can send him a fan fiction game made for him. Like how Pewdiepie got a story about him and cry it has to be funny. This will get atleast Cog known to the public.

@jasonstevanhill what do you think?

If the ideas are needed i can create a solid story line

But i think if we get a group of good writers in it would make the story better and show the true potential of cog


Yes, but the problem with that plan is the fact of how are we supposed to get him to do a story by the CoG community?

Honestly it would be simpler to make a CoG YouTube Channel, but the problem there is that the only things that would really post there is new games, as there is not much else, but Interactive Fiction Games aren’t what you would called Fast Paced Flash MMORPG Epicness. Sure some games are fast paced, but how are you supposed to show that in a YouTube video? Banner advertisements wouldn’t work so greatly either. What exactly do we put on the banner? Lines of text? Not exactly an eye-opener.

If you want to make this site more popular, all you have to do is tell a friend you know loves reading, get him in to it, and tell him to tell two other friends, and keep the chain going.

By next year, you should have the entire southern side of California on this site.


They’ve already got a Youtube channel with video trailers for Choice of Kung Fu, Heroes Rise and SLAMMED!
You should check them out


There’s also a few people who do let’s play of Choice of Games on youtube.


Yeah I’ve seen some walk through’s of a couple of CoG’s gamebooks on Youtube.


You know, COG could buy some Solo Ads, Magazine Ads, Ezine Ads, or PPC/Banner ad space (especially from Apple apps), from a company or person that has an audience that is interested in gaming, such as Game Informer, IGN, etc. That’d most likely shoot the amount of subscribers they have to about 4x (if not 10x) the size of the list they currently have, the other thing they could do that would triple the amount of sales they get per game is to make a buyers list of everyone who bought the games (i.e. when they put thier email in for database saving in game) and add it to their email list. Those are VERY targeted subscribers and I’m actually shocked that this was not done before.


Seriously? I’ve never seen it before. I’ll have to check it out.


Yepp! Just search “Choice of Games” on youtube and you’ll find them.


well i am pretty sure pewdiepie gets the fan fic delivered through email i am not sure if chaoticmonki has posted his email anywhere because he is not a very socail person but if we manage to email it to him and if he thinks its worhty and funny enough he would read it


not sure if this is helpful but this is what was in his about thingy on youtube:

Video Games. Stories. That’s roughly what goes on here. Pull up a chair and sit on it.
Be sure to check the FAQ link below if you have any questions. Thanks pookie. Heartsign.
Business Inquiries: cryaoticinfo@gmail.com (Only business emails here please, thanks doll.)

not sure if this fits under business


Or you just wait some years for me to become a famous youtuber and ill do it :expressionless:


lol, i wish you luck u might want to start as early as possible because the more people join, the harder for you to be recognized.