Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking)

You will be able to pick the Café’s name and what kind of dishes you’ll offer (ranging from ‘just’ one kind to a combination of multiple, like cakes and soups) There will be a stress level that will affect how well you’ll do in the contest/general cooking and how worried your kid get’s about you
Potentially causing them to ask their friends to help you out at the café

you will be able to pick if you’ll focus on winning the contest, running your café or solving the mystery of what happened to the former owner (and who the heck got you here)


Miniature demo is available now.
It covers the very very basics.

Things to change:

  • add option to declare your gender more precisely and display it proper

The fuckupalypse is the best thing I have seen all year


Yay! I really appreciate the amount of coding that went into this for the gender options currently available for both the parent and the kid; thanks so much for providing those. The set-up is exciting, too. I’m looking forward to this story more and more.

One game-ending bug, plus a few minor typos

Whatever* birth certificate says, they don’t roll with such labels
*‘whatever the birth certificate’, plus a ‘the’

You heave your trunk onto the platform next to her* and take a look around.
*she was a them, in my case

-I noticed some of the options have full stops at the end and some don’t.

They didn’t like the idea of me having a child without another human being actively involved, and said I would never being able to handle being a single parent…*
*two full stops at the end (also thanks for this option; I really like it a lot!)

-I picked that last option and got a game-breaking bug: “startup line 466: increasing indent not allowed, expected 9 was 12”

The letter laying* in the arm’s* of one of my old plushies at my parent’s home.
*lying, *arms

Your daughter* had cracked a joke about you finally getting accepted into Hogwarts before you* could.
*[child and child’s pronoun, right?]


fixed the pronoun hiccups and typos (i hope I did the latter at least). Some choices still have messy punctations, but I’ll get to that.

EDIT: Fixed most of the punctation in choices and removed the gender display all together.

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“But you hadn’t. You stretch and get to your feet, fishing your luggage from overhead, while your daughter bounces out of the train onto the platform. You can’t help but smile as you see him this eager”

I chose a trans son and right before picking that option, I got this misgender, “daughter”

Ah damn. Missed that one. Not on my comp atm, but will fix it asap

“It’s mid-morning and aside from you and your daughter there’s hardly anyone around. Then again, you had expected to not find a single person at the station”

One more time, “daughter”.

“Your daughter had cracked a joke about you finally getting accepted into Hogwarts before you could.”

The same mistake Fiogan has found is present w/ the t-son as well.

Aside that stuff, I like this mini demo ^^ I’m loving to have so many options of background.

Huh… could you try clearing the cage? Im certain i set a those to the correct variable :confused: (most at least it seems)
If that doesnt fix it, i messed up elsewhere in the text… Major sorry

I found it hilarious that you can go by “sir” or “lord”, even if that would be really problematic in real life. Unless of course you actually are one.


Fixed it now.
Again, major apologies for the unintended anti-trans shite.

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awwwww so perfect!!! Thx, this is so beautiful.


If you choose the “packed the bags and kid” option instead of the messy divorce, are you still technically married to your bastard spouse?

:smiley: Happy to hear.
Next update adds an option for genderfluid and enby folks with pronouns that aren’t they/them to declare if they use is/was or are/were, for both parent and child.

Technicall yes. And this can later on play a part in what’s going on.


Updated the demo.
You can now meet two potential ROs (one for the parent, one for the kid)

Ask and speculate, it’s all very welcome.


I got these misgenders:

  • Your heart slowly slowing down again, you join her.
    for a nonbinary child.

  • “So, what do you think, Mom? What’s in the box?”
    for a dad

I also felt rather confused about whether we could actually choose to know about superpowers beforehand, or it was meant as a joke.

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Will fix the errors asap (not on my comp atm).

And you mean the bit where you can say you had heroes in your hometown? Thats a serious question (due to CoCi’s nature as a town).

Cornucopia is a city that exists between realities. This will come up several times and play a part in the overall story. So if you want to play a character from somewhere where superpowers are a thing, there you go. That bit will also play part once your kid gets some powers.


I picked the parent got along with his husband and that he died so the ex thing doesn’t really fit here.

Thank you. I’ll fix it asap. (I know which variable i forgot there. Hell’s bells)

I can confirm that this

also happens to for a cis son.

As for the hometown with/without superpowers thing, can we have an option to be from a world where superpowers exist but aren’t as commonplace as the first option? Even with Starlight’s fight being our first legit encounter, at least the MC is open to the possibility of superpowers. Just a suggestion, ignore this if it might just create unnecessary work for you, @MeltingPenguins :sweat_smile:

Can Starlight convert other forms of energy to her own undefined type? Seems like she has plenty of potential.

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