Jumping on the Criticisms Bandwagon

I am not looking forward to this terrorist part at all, it sounds absolutely awful and tone-deaf

especially considering that ani-powered are an allegory for actual groups of people

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Yeah. Worse yet, to me, is to underlying ableism. Cause the voiceless can easily be read as being a stand-in for various disabilities, PTSD, etc. Yet they are definitely the bad guys… unless of course the get cured and become beneficial to the MC

That irked me about the ending to RS, the voiceless are damaged, but they’re also mass murderers who kill ani-powered for being ani-powered, yet we’re supposed to be sympathetic to them almost, like no matter how disembodied or whatever they are, that doesn’t excuse murder

Agreed. But then OS came around and now you have to work with Culic and the narrative even acknowledges what a horribly bad not good idea letting him reach his goals is… yet it pushes you to agree with him and stuff. as talked about far further up. Why?

OS sounds like it needs a content patch that adds a path that lets you not be a terrorist, or at least adds motivation to work with them, like a reveal that they’re not actually terrorists and that’s just media and government manipulation and shapeshifters or something

I think I threw in my musings about how it could have went somewhere faaaar up. And I stand with that idea. I think it could have worked.

Ughhhh there’s just so much potential, but for some god-forsaken reason Zach won’t listen to criticism and doesn’t seem to understand not all his readers are sycophants or radical terrorists

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I can, again, only go from by my own experience as a writer, but I have acted and reacted like him in the past. (i still occasionally do that, but I’m working on it) It’s a state that is hard to grow out of. It’s easy to listen to praise and it makes one feel good, hands down.
But it’s hindering.

I hope he’ll grow.

I think his issue is that he has a headcanon and he doesn’t like to entertain ideas that are different to it

Likely. It’s been like that with me and quite a number of writers I know, so it might be similar/the same here.

Offtopic, but have you published a CoG or Hosted Game before? Or if not which one are you working on?

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I’m working on a massive update for that atm (see a recent post on that in the thread)

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Why’d the other thread get closed?

too many community flags. the platform does that automatically to give the mods time to look at it and clean up if necessary

Community flags? As in someone was flagging comments for… something?

And lbh: things were going in circles, and I apologise for getting a little gnasty.

It’s the political aspect. Without it, the HR/THP games would just be your average CoG/HG game that could have used a few extra branches and some re-working on the mechanics but was otherwise fine.

Politics is a difficult beast to leave alone for many. I honestly feel the political aspect should be left alone now irrespective of where people stand on them.

If people were mature enough to discuss the game topics alone and not the posters then it would be both an acceptable topic within games and a topic that would be enlightening for the game being discussed.

This community has proven time and again that a political analysis rarely stays focused on the topic and not the poster.

For this reason, politics as a topic is one that should be tightly moderated.